Octopurse Vintage Design Fashionista Clutch Purse from Belgium With Love

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Retro Rotary Pouch
Image Courtesy: Octopurse Etsy Shop , Be a Vintage Fashionista!

Hello? What’s this? Octopurse on Etsy has so many wonderful creations. The shop is run by Belgium designer Daphne, who describes herself as a fabric addict. Well, her addictions include making these lovely little retro design pouches, purses, clutches, or whatever you will call them. Great vintage retro design with hand crafted love.  This one donned with a rotary phone,  $32.40 USD  and shipped inexpensively. Measures about 6″x5″x2″ and is truly a gem.  My next favorite are the ones with vintage typewriters on them. Oh yes. Check them out at Octopurse.  So Swaggy…

Rocking Horse Victorian Handcrafted Design by Stevenson Brothers United Kingdom

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Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horse

Image Courtesy of: Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses : Best in Upscale Design 

I’m not sure how I found these guys, but I’ve never seen anything so beautiful when it comes to rocking horses. These are hand crafted out of the UK with eco friendly woods, made to modern design but with Victorian charm. These are the creation of two brothers (twins actually),  aka the Stevenson Brothers .  They started becoming serious about business in 1982 and over the years their success took off.  It’s no wonder why.  Just look at them.  They have everything from dapples to chestnuts, and even a zebra.  What’s amazing is that they carried on a family tradition– as their Uncle James made rocking horses.  Did I mention they have miniatures too?  Check them out on their Rocking Horse website, and make sure to click on the History and About pages so you read more about how they started and see images of the workshop. I so love handmade things that reflect the beauty of the work that goes into them.

have the look of Victorian rocking horses but are so beautiful and tr http://www.rockinghorses.uk.net/

Typography Design Swag When Owl U Need Is Love Texas Style Etsy Love That Is

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Typography good design from etsy

Image Courtesy of: OwlUNeedisLove Etsy Shop

Imagine my shock and surprise when Kayla Meyer from Austin Texas had this great typography design print in her Etsy shop, OwlUNeedIsLove!  Not only is this super swaggy but for only $12.95 for an 8×10 it would look great in any modern diva’s decor.  This is pure love, Austin Style. Now Kayla’s shop is full of great swaggy posters and prints, as she is a graphic designer and many have the cutest little owls on them. This however I just had to give attention to since it’s so swag, we love it.  If you are on Etsy, make sure to visit her shop.  Most of her 8×10’s run only $12.95 and make great gifts.

More about Kayla here.

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Another Design and Decor Blog, What?

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Welcome to Design Swag.  I know, I know, no one needs yet another Design blog. There’s already the wonderful Design Sponge, Design Milk, Design This and Design That, Design Time , Design Design, Design,  but Design Swag is going to be different. I think each Design blog deserves it’s day so let’s see what happens.

My view for Design Swag is to offer a bit of unfading swagger to the home.   I want to focus on more retro , shabby, and industrial design.

Categories will include:

Industrial Swag

This section is all about good grungy industrial design. Rusty rocking and retro. I think of metal, steel and strong when I think of industrialism. New or old, you’ll find something to appreciate here.

Mid Century Modern Swag

Ahhhh the designs of yesterday in the mid century modern vibe. Or new things with modern vibes.  Decor, things or furnishings you will find some  here.

Farmhouse Chic Swag 

It’s that shabby stuff but with a farmhouse barn loving cottage edge to it.

Fashionista Swag 

This kind of swag design is for the upscale modern diva. Who wants some retro? I do!  Vintage love and chock full of handmade lovelies. It’s all in here.

What the Funk Swag

These items are the totally funky design that really turns your head.  Gadgets, tech, and hardcore what the funk?

Typography Swag

This encompasses all things typography that are calling out to me. I just love old fonts and handmade creations that are modern styled.

Animal Swag

Obviously this is anything to do with animals. From rocking horses to mutt clothes, you will find it here. Hey, animals need love too!

I’m even considering a SO NOT SWAG, Art Swag, and maybe an Everything Else Swag but we’ll see.








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