Chalkboard Decals Hot Trend in Interior Design

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Chalboard Calander at Wilsongraphics

Photo Credit: Chalkboard Decal in Calendar Style – WilsonGraphics on Etsy can be removed if need be, this $23 but save more with discount below!

Chalkboard Decals are Hip and Trendy : So Why Should They Be Permanent?

Paul David Wilson of Wilson Graphics is the largest decal seller on Etsy.  His shop has a large selection of chalkboard decals  These are one of the hottest trends in interior design right now are (fake) chalkboards.

Chalkboard Decals Wilson Graphics

Photo Credit:  24×36 Chalkboard Decals at Wilson Graphics were $32 before special discount below!

While some designers are using chalkboard paints to make these interactive creative spaces (which are permanent) some have discovered the secret.. says Wilson Graphics, “Make them removable.”  Chalkboard decals are faster, cleaner and can be removed when you’re ready for a change.

Wilson Graphics Wall Decals in Chalkboard

Photo Credit: Wilson Graphics, Five round chalkboard decals for your kitchen or home $42 but wait, save more with discount below

Find them here in at Wilson Graphics  Not only that but right now they’re offering a special to Design-Swag readers. Use coupon code “20OFFCHALK” to save 20% off your entire chalkboard decal order.


Purple Pillows Floral and Abstract Designs For your Home

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I just adore simple designs with a touch of purple or lavender.  They would look great on any bed, couch, or chair in your living area.

the pillow people PURPLE PILLOWS

Abstract can be a great addition to plain pillows. Add some of these in between two plain pillows to make your couch “pop”. These are a bit larger, and measure 20″x20″, pick a design for $18 from ThePillowPeople. Some people are scared to go with bold designs, but you would be surprised how they can change the look of your bed, couch, or  accent your favorite chair!

purple pillows on etsy

Photo Credit: eastandnest shop on Etsy

If you are looking for a lighter, cottage style design and not as dark and bold, try these great damask design lilac printed pillows that throw off a French Country Shabby look.  These are from eastandnest on Etsy, and measure 18″x18″ – you get two for $32.00.  They even suggest what to use them for – pillows aren’t just pillows anymore–according to Britt you can use them for slip covers for cushions, throw pillows, euro pillows and more!

Lucky Number 8 Pillow in Sack Style Snow Little Shop

Photo Credit: SnowLittleShop  on Etsy : Lucky Number 8

Need a chance in luck and want to be the hipster on the block? How about The Lucky Number 8 pillow cover from SnowLittleShop. These are 20″x12″ linen with hidden zip closure, a value for $12. As you can imagine, you can pretty much get any “lucky number” you want in various colors to fit your decor.  I simply think this is the best design I’ve seen all month, and I’m adding it to the design awards!

This post was updated on 10/24/16 and old content removed, as thepillowloftshop has been reported as close don Etsy.


Mid Century Modern Eames Inspired Office Chair Red

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Advanced Interior Eames Chair

Photo Credit: Advanced Interior Designs 

Update: As of March 2015 the Red Chair has sold out due to it’s popularity. What about Silver? 

If it looks like Eames, and rolls like Eames, but is not priced likes Eames design, then it’s probably Eames inspired. This modern day Aluminum Management Chair counterpart sure looks a lot like the mid century modern Eames chairs. It’s got a high tech hollow steel frame and rolling base, is adjustable and complete with comfy leather PU seating and back. At this price $219 (regularly $395, if you buy four and get 10% off) it’s worth a spot in your office. What’s better than being design worthy? Being available in NINE fashion colors from Pistachio to Silver.  Find it here.

A disclaimer on their sites says, “Advanced Interior Designs products are not manufactured by or affiliated with B&B Italia, Cassina, Charles and Ray Eames, Classicon, Fritz Hansen, Herman Miller,  Isamu Noguchi Foundation, Knoll, or Le Corbusier.”  So those are some of the “styles” of items you will see.  Companies like this have been producing high quality design replicas for years, and unless they are copying styles exact,  or calling them true “Eames” preventing them from doing so may prove difficult.  You get what you pay for, and a real vintage Eames chair in great condition in this style may be hard to find. The price would surely start at ten times the asking price of the value replica.

Editors’ Note: Original links in this article had expired and have been updated on 3/1/15 due to RED color of the chair selling out.

Two Fish Prints Animal Nursery Baby Prints Illustrations Galore

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owl baby room print pink great design

Photo Credit: Owl print uses typography styles and religious verse. This in pink,  $20 at TwoFishPrints on Etsy

Design Worthy Framed Owl Print from Two Fish Prints on Etsy

Photo Credit:   Owl print from Two Fish Prints on Ety looks simply adorable on the wall.

Look no further for Animal Nursery Prints!

Two Fish Prints shop is home to interior designer Ashley McKinney from Birmingham, AL area. This Etsy shop specializes in prints for babies & children. Inside you will find children’s birthday invitations, an assortment of birth announcements, gift bag stickers, calling cards, stickers for presents, bible verse wall art, baby shower invitations, sprinkle invitations, reveal party invitations and much more!

two fish prints design prints on etsy pink elephant

Photo Credit: Two Fish Prints Personalized Wall Art, Customizable, $18 on Etsy.

They can customize any order if you do not see what you are looking for.  Here’s a code – use the code “MARCH” to receive 10% off your entire purchase in March 2013. Ashley says “My love for Jesus, children, design & paper brought about my idea for my business,  Twofishprints. It’s a Christian based company, giving a portion of all proceeds to Global Effect Ministry, an organization that is dear to my heart.”

Ashley is married to the love of her life, husband Andrew, and they go on missions together. He is currently in law school.

Giraffe Nursery Print Two Fish Prints Etsy

Photo Credit:  This Giraffe print is available in a variety of colors and is $20 at Two Fish Prints on Etsy.

Find Two Fish Prints at Etsy.

Connect with them on Flickr,   Facebook, or Pinterest.

Ashley also  has a keen eye for design you can follow her on Pinterest here.

Cigar Box Purses DIY Fashion Chic

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Cigar Box Purse dstefanTreasures Etsy Shop

Photo: DstefanTreasures on Etsy, Cigar Box Purse $22.50

The Chic Fashion Statement

Cigar box purses go back to the 40’s, maybe way earlier. Who knows who first decided to decorate a cigar box and add a handle? They were often handcrafted as souvenirs in travel destinations like Hawaii. They were an inexpensive craft project then, and still are today.


Making your own Cigar box purse is easy.  Essentially you will need the box, a closure, a handle (which you can make out of wire and beads) and a drill to make holes to attach the handle. Some may decide to use a hot glue gun and attach fabric to the inside, others may paint the inside or leave it original. You can also apply old cigar box labels inside if there are none, and a coat of felt on the bottom like the one below. There are many tutorials on it, here’s a good one.

ItzVintageDarling Etsy Shop Cigar Box Purses

Photo Credit: ItzVintageDarling $28 note the originality has been saved.

Get Creative & Be Unique

Decorating the cigar box is the best part. You can decide if you want to paint it, or decoupage it, or simply let it be as is, maybe just put a coat of shellac on it. If it’s a really neat box with great lettering, why not let it be original?  Your purse should be original, and reflect what you like. Decorating and decoupaging with vintage fashionistas may look tres’ chic when you are done.  If you do this, just remember, no one out there will have the same purse as you.

Black Lagoon Cigar Box Purse

Cigar Box Purse Shows a Classic Film, This one $50 from Sacchetto on Etsy.


The big thing you must remember when crafting is to find a good closure clamp, so that your contents don’t open up and fall out all over the place.  Steer clear of cheapie thin metal clamps that are so thin tin they will bend with the weight of your cosmetics.  It is also advisable if you can make a tight close, to add some velcro as a back up, in case your clamp breaks. I found a lot of closures and handles here at Unix.

At, you can get just about any empty cigar box you want, they have a huge selection!

Where to get the Cigar Boxes? sells quality, empty cigar boxes for crafts, hobbies, projects, storage, instrument creation and more.  This way you don’t have to search high and low for vintage boxes where you may pay arm and a leg to acquire.

That’s right, old boxes are collectible. I prefer using a newer box for the purse, that way, in case you don’t like the look, you can buy a few and experiment.

Eco Friendly Craft Idea

Using old cigar boxes and turning them into purses is a great eco friendly craft idea.  Nothing like using old things and making them the best they can be.

Things to Remember

There is no right or wrong. It’s what you like that matters. Always wanted to be daring? Do it. No one can stop you. This is your fashion statement. Wear it loud and wear it proud. Today, you are the diva fashionista.

Leave a link to your cigar box creation and I may just feature it in a future post!