Dyson Vacuum Your Pet Dog Grooming Tool

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Dyson Dog Grooming Tool Sleek design

Photo: Dyson Dog Grooming Attachment, here at HSN

Dyson never ceases to amaze me in their design and quality of vacuums. The DC50s are here and imagine they started on the DC01 in 1993.  I really have to tell you I’ve been a Dyson user since they first came out. As a longtime multi-pet owner, I have to say I used to go through some vacuums. I Instead of buying a $79 or $99 model each year, I splurged on a Dyson DC07 Animal paying top dollar back then.  After all, not just any vacuum can survive pet hair, chewed up dog toys, shredded socks and cat litter. Ironically, the DC07’s have really held their value.



Photo Credit: Amazon

My earliest Dyson Animal 07 is still working great believe it or not.  All these years I’ve never had to buy a new vacuum, so how if the vacuums are so good, is Dyson making money? That’s because once you are a Dyson believer, you are going to convert everyone you know.  Since Dyson keeps upgrading to sleek new and efficient designs, I’ve been forced to buy reconditioned models of DC07 to gift to my mother-in-law and my brother since I raved about mine so much.  We are also using one in our company workshop in place of a shop vac believe it or not (it can’t suck up water but does a wonder on dust and dirt).   Dyson refurbished models are littered all over Ebay, and often come with standard one year warranties.  If you choose to trade in or up at Dyson’s official site, they give you a 20%  trade in savings.

Dyson DC 50

Photo Courtesy: Dyson.co.uk DC50

I recently splurged on the DC50 for when I want to clean fast and it’s very lightweight.  I splurged on the pet grooming tool from HSN and have two of my dogs as takers. The third is still trying to get over the sound of the vacuum itself.  For those of you who feel Dyson is too complicated or overwhelming, AskDyson on Youtube gives you the advantage of showing you how to use and assemble versus their user guides which seem to be very Ikea-like in style.

For me, I’m a believer.  I am wondering if my Dyson will outlive even me someday. Thanks James Dyson. You rock.

Editor Update: As of 10/24/16 I am still using my Animal, but the roller mechanism for carpet kept getting stuck. I found a video on Youtube to help clean it and voila works again!

Black and White Nails Rock and Roll Design

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Black and White Nails

Credit: Poonpo

nail design from modern salon

Photo: Article on Modern Salon  original photo credit to I Scream Nails

Black and White Nails : A Diva Design Must Have

Can you believe the many designs of black and white nails? Imagine the fact your small fingernail can be a design palette. This modern looking object is a fingernail? Black and white rock and roll nails they call them, and they are for any fashionista who wants to go though this four step process to get them. It looks a lot easier than it is, considering you have only a one inch palette to work on, if you are lucky.

Rowan Chase Lighting at Lumigado Mid Century Modern

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Rowan Chase Lighting

Photo: Lumigado – Rowan Chase Lighting in Citrus

Far be it for me to tell you where to buy your lamps, but Lumigado is carrying California artist Rowan Chase’ handmade creations. Each lamp is handmade to order in gorgeous new designs with mid century modern vibes.   They are made with authentic Rowan Chase Artwork on 100% Cotton Velvet Watercolor paper, porcelains fixture and oh, they come assembled and ready for installation.

Photo: Lumigado – Rowan Chase Lighting in Cypress Cove Design – Simply Lovely

Each lamp will come with a free led bulb and lead times is about 1-2 weeks. Know you are getting something authentically made in the USA! What I love most is knowing I’m getting a real piece of art on a lamp–this makes art functional and a true conversation piece.  Most lamps range around $99 which is more than affordable!

Photo: Lumigado – Rowan Chase  Large Citrus Light

Design Your Own Diamond Bling Jewelry Juciest Deals

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diamondere rings design your own

Juciest Deals talked about some rings will have you playing with colors all day long! Help! I can’t decide!

JuciestDeals, a site that announces giveaways and savings for women had recently given special coupon codes to use on Diamondere jewelry.   These are the new design trends in jewelry for any diva fashionista.  Leave it up to Juciest Deals to bring you the best in fashion trends. see what’s new and hot NOW by visiting them. www.juiciestdeals.com


Home Decorators TV Stands Shabby But New Design Trends

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Home Decorators TV Stand

Photo: Home Decorators “Allman” TV Cabinet $599

From the Home Decorators Collection:  The above TV Cabinet looks more like an old library or apothecary cabinet if you ask me. It features 2 shelves and 15 small storage cubbies perfect for games, dvd’s or Cd’s. Hide your clutter and your living room will look neat, forever.  My favorite however is the more distressed look of the one below: The Holbrook!

Reclaimed TV Stand

Photo: Home Decorators “The Holbrook” $599

ECO ALERT:  The Holbrook is an eco friendly alternative. It doesn’t just look old, it is old. According to the website, it’s “made of reclaimed and recycled materials.. ”  With its weathered, rustic look, you don’t have to try to find a vintage piece of furniture to fit in — you have one.

Which is your favorite?