Pet Urn Ultra Stylish and Expensive

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Custom Porcelain Pet Urn from etsy

Etsy shop Rae Dunn makes these pet urns, custom in porcelain for $525

We don’t want to think of the day we have to say goodbye to our little friends.  When we do, we sometimes feel they deserve better than a standard wooden box given to us by the pet crematory. Shopping for something upscale may land you into the Etsy shop of Rae Dunn, whose porcelain creations are second to none. There is everything in this shop but today we focused on the pet urn. Custom made for your pet, at a pricey $525 we think this is indeed the Cadillac of pet urns, leaving your loved one encases upscale glory.  We do love it.

Rae Dunn pet Urn on Etsy

Lovely. By Rae Dunn on Etsy.


RIP Birdie Girl.

Witch Wizard Wonders Party Theme

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Witches and Wizards party Prinables Collection on Etsy

Witches and Wizards party Printable collection can be yours for $49.50 on Etsy from shop FlairDesigneryLLC

Yes, that’s right we said a witch and wizard party theme!  We’re not sure what the appeal with witchcraft is these days…well, not unless you count the tons of Harry Potter books and movies, Hobbits with tiny gnome homes who want the magic rings and Wizards who are played by gay activist Sir Ian McKellen. Perhaps now we’ve revised our Charmed days and our elder’s old reruns of Bewitched, and have somehow fast forwarded to fashionable witchery.

It seems this is trending for birthday parties and everything is hip if you are a witch wanna be, there’s even blogs to tell you Witch Way to go.  Take all that into consideration and it’s time for a huge witch and wizard party.  Yayyyyy!  Which creates a need for the theme, and what’s better than party printables.   For our little lovely munchkins you can get this whole collection of printable download decorations $49.50 at Flair Deisgnery LLC on Etsy. You will be ready to throw the best witches’ ball (or 5th birthday party) for your little minion. Have fun Gandalf.  Better hurry, before you know it Halloween will be right around the corner…….


Jump Back Jack Retro Fashion Colors

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Fashion Color Collection Polyvore


In all the wonderful colors of the retro 60s and 70s, these mod oranges, browns and yellows will have you looking retro in no time. This collection from Polyvore. Click on an item to find out where it came from!