Vintage Kitchen Design Youngstown Steel Cabinets

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Youngstown Kitchen

From Etsy shop RetroChalet

Youngstown Kitchens (the retro style comprised of steel cabinetry)  was huge in the 40’s and 50’s. Enter 1952, during the peak of the Mullins Manufacturing Company’s sales, door to door salesman and would-be-kitchen designers were taking their suitcase of goodies to every housewife. Unknowing husbands would find themselves arriving home from work and being baited into upgrading the kitchen.

Cabinets Youngstown Kitchen

It appears now anyone  can play designer with a vintage Youngstown Kitchen salesman sample kit like the one shown above. The tiny plastic miniatures, no larger than small dollhouse furniture end up becoming one’s passion for creating the dream kitchen. The set recently sold on Etsy at RetroChalet for $395.00. Check your dollhouses, this stuff is worth money.

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Purple Sweater Makes Wearing Crochet Cool Again

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Etsy Find: Purple Sweater by MariaHera

MariaHera on Etsy uses her own design to make you this crocheted sweater.

Maria Hera. Two words to say to your Grandmother. There’s a notion of crocheted sweaters being ugly, or only worn at Ugly Sweater Christmas parties, but Maria Hera has made sure this is not going to be the case. She has taken her own pattern and lovingly crafted a hot, trendy, hip and swaggy non-granny style sweater. The neckline accentuates all the right places and teh shiny purple screams “wear me, I’m a cool sweater.” You can get your own by ordering this custom sweater from her at her Maria Hera Etsy shop. It will cost you $303.49.

Ha! Laugh at your grandma now…after all, she tried to teach you…….