Wedding Rings , Tis the Season

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Tungsten Wedding Rings

Simplistic stylish Tungesten rings range from $100 to $200 have a lifetime guarantee. Tungsten men’s wedding rings ofter unique durability. They are scratch and dent resistant, and are the best option for women who perform a lot of heavy work on a daily basis.

‘Tis the season for the hustle and bustle of shopping; long lines and arm to arm chaos.  Not for the smart ones.  They choose to do their shopping from their home computer, table or iPad or smart phone cozied up in their home, dog at their feet and cup of hot cocoa next to them.  Shopping is done in one day, at their leisure.

Browse, click, checkout, repeat.  Today as we stumble up on a huge selection of women’s wedding rings we take note  that this online retailer is having a surge in mail order wedding rings.  From scratch resistant Tungsten, to gold, white gold and silver, there is a huge selection!   This could be due to free online shipping, great prices, or the fact their rings are “guaranteed for life.”  Did we mention there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee?


Tri Color Wedding Ring

Tri Color Twist takes the cake, the wedding cake that is. For only $227 this is made by twisting 14K yellow, rose and white gold together into this lovingly simplistic design worthy ring!

If you know the desired size, you can shop hundreds of selections and styles. If you don’t want to go “inexpensive” don’t worry, they have a high end selection also.   This website could quite possibly be putting jewelry shops out of business!   What a great idea for a holiday gift, for your loved one, a wedding ring tied to a bag of coal.  Joking? Maybe not. Something tells me shot gun weddings for the holidays are in.

Find out more at


Note: Updated 11.19.14 due to broken links as shop has redone their links.

Leather Boots Unleash The Gypsy GipsyDharma

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Gorgeous Plum Nubuck Lace up Boots at GipsyDharma are L$160 GBP

Gipsy Dharma offers high fashion handmade leather lace up boots in a variety of great bold colors. Our pick today is the plum, with croco-design as they are simply stunning.

The soft nubuck allows your skin to breathe naturally while the lace can be easily adjusted to comfort fit your calves.  They have many colors, from natural ginger to the prettiest of pinks, but the purple  just says “plum wild.”

They are available in a variety of Euro sizes which are easily converted to US here on this easy to read sizing chart.  The plum range at £160.00 GBP, which change in accordance to daily conversion rates, but on a good day will cost around $215 USD plus shipping.  Processing times are up to 3 days, and shipping on average to the states is about 14 days to your door, unless the parcel gets held up in customs.   Even with a small two to three week wait, these boots are the cat’s meow.

GipsyDharma Gypsy Boots Leather

Colors range and an easy to use sizing chart will help find your perfect boots.

They also have giveaways, which have been quite successful. People will share the posts to increase awareness of their brand and enter to win a pair of boots.  The website,  has also launched a great Youtube and Facebook campaign.

It’s no secret  these boots are quickly becoming the rage of the clubs in Europe.  For the price, they are well made, have couture  looks and are high fashion styled yet made affordable for the masses.

Reaching the states via social networking, they appear to already be popular already in trendy Los Angeles and New York night clubs.  Females everywhere are  “unleashing the inner gypsy wild” .    Great not just for clubbing or hot dates, but for the ever growing love for cosplay, renaissance, and Fairie Festivals too!

Will we see Beyonce, Madonna, Shakira or Rihanna wearing them first?  All have been known to wear knee-high boots.  Perhaps they will go for the over-the-knee leather boots also available at Gipsy Dharma, who knows?

Don’t take our word for it, look at their advertising campaign!

Plastic Fantastic

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Plastic Fantastic


Plastic Fantastic, just about everything we touch is made of plastic.  Good design is everywhere.  Recently old melmac and melamine became increasingly collectible, yet mass produced from the 1950’s to 1970’s with billions of pieces floating around. One can only wonder what will be valuable fifty years from now? Will it be that nifty orange stapler, or that rainbow plastic Ice watch? What exactly will be the next “hit” among collectors.  One of these things above or below?

Pac-Man Ghost Table Geekery Furniture Pac Man

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Pac Man Coffee Table

Odd yet wonderful handmade Pac Man Ghost Coffee Table Masters of Fate on Etsy

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday in your home. A bright red Pac-Man ghost coffee table, made in Texas by Masters of Fate, an Etsy shop from Texas.  The price tag is only $495 which , if you are into odd and shocking the neighbors, thsi is for you.  Don’t like Ghost, don’t worry, they take custom orders for other tables too. They will build you:

Red (Blinky)
-Pink (Pinky)
-Teal Blue (Inky)
-Orange (Clyde)
-White/ghost in transition (white background + red eyes), or

Well, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

Pac-Man Tables

Pac-Man Tables from Etsy seller Masters of fate

.I’m old enough to remember when Pac-Man first came out.  This table really gets me.

Smarten Up Your Home Design Trends Vintage Books

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Vintage Books from etsy

From Decades of Vintage on Etsy, to your Home

Nancy from New Jersey loves old books. She also loves to make the best mini collections of color themed vintage books to adorn any home and sells them on Etsy in her Decades of Vintage shop. Her idea has taken off . Her selections and ways of saving these old books, is very design worthy. Perhaps what makes it so special is that she’s selecting you the perfect books that compliment each other, and for ranges between $30 and $45 USD, which or a handful of vintage books is a good deal in itself.


Vintage Books from Etsy

Makes me want to read. Or simply stash them all over the house. Nancy from Decades of Vintage on Etsy has the props for your home!

You may read them one day, or simply adore them as they are in an instant collection. Either way, kudos to Nancy for upcycling the past and we like that.

Visit this shop here.