Military Fashionista Vintage Canvas Messenger Bags Missiouri Artist

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hand Painted military bag high fashion design from Etsy

Military Hand Painted Canvas Messenger Bag Says Bad Ass Meets Good Design, CLPStudio on Etsy

Military Canvas Messenger Bags , wow!  We’re in love with the fact that Cindy, a designer on Etsy,  has acquired a slew of vintage military style bags.  You will see some from the USA, maybe some Swiss, French, or Czechoslovakian.  She hand paints (that’s right no screen printing here) snazzy designs on each from her studio in Lake Ozark, Missouri.  It’s getting harder to find such great weathered vintage bags whose straps are usable and condition is worthy. Among her finds are canvas messenger bags which we love.  You can find just about any design in her shop, from chic to vintage, to shabby, but  you can also custom order and get her to hand paint anything you want on your favorite style of bag.

Design Worthy from CLPStudio on Etsy Dont Mess With Texas

Cindy’s “Don’t Mess With Texas” is $69 and so design worthy

Rest assured that no one, and we repeat, “NO ONE” will have the same bag as you due to the fact each one is unique.  We think these bags are high class chick fashionista and have a hint of military bad ass and we are green with envy!  (Oh yeah, it’s true, we just said the word bad ass, three times in this post.   Supporting local artisans like Cindy is the right thing to do, since she is proudly painting them here in the USA.  The bags are vintage and prove to be an eco friendly addition to your purse, handbag or tote collection due to the fact they are not NEW and therefore, being recycled.


This vintage military bag fits your ipad. Made at CLPStudio on Etsy

This one can fit your IPad or small tablet. It’s $53 at CLPStudio on Etsy.

Funny, a teacher once said you can remember spelling Missouri with the phrase “We Miss Our Ink”.  There’s no lack of paint or ink on these bad boys.  We can’t say enough.  See them here at CLPStudio on Etsy.

 hand painted military bag by CLP STUDIO on ETsy

This is called “Mix Tape” by CLP STUDIO on Etsy


We  should tell you were were NOT  paid for this post. We just love the bags!



Ditch the Wedding Planner: Get the App and DIY

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This App helps plan your wedding super great design

Bye Bye Overpriced Wedding Planners, There’s an App for That!

We’ve been talking wedding lately, and there’s only one thing we love more than Apple products or devices, and that’s super swaggy apps to put on them.  Yes, that’s right, we told you to ditch the overpriced in-person Wedding Planner,  and “grab the app for that”from MyDocHub on the Apple iTunes store.

The Big Day Wedding Planner

Design-worthy app from Brandon Hendricks works on your iPhone or iPad where you can keep track of your budget, expenses, etc.  Why not plan the perfect wedding yourself, and have everything at your fingertips all the time rather than an over priced third party? Makes sense to us.  Sorry overpriced wedding planners, this DIY- take control app may leave you lonely considering it’s probably less than one millionth of your cost.  Ouch!

This app is listed under Productivity in the iTunes store and has gotten favorable reviews.

Find it here The Big Day Wedding Planner App


Perfect Wedding Ring

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Wedding Bands : Victorian Vintage Style in Rose gold

Victorian Rose Gold Wedding Band from Apples of Gold


After the excitement of becoming engaged, the next big thrill for the soon-to-be-married couple is finding the perfect wedding ring. The wedding ring is a symbol of enduring love and mutual commitment, and it is the most meaningful piece of jewelry a woman will ever wear. Often it is the only piece of jewelry worn by some men. A wedding ring needs to reflect the personality of the wearer and have an appeal that will last for decades. Fortunately, there are as many wedding ring designs as there are individual tastes – from clean, classic bands to highly ornate, jeweled mountings.

Wedding Bands What is the meaning of the perfect wedding ring...

Wedding Bands, Pic: Apples of Gold

Wedding Bands

The classic wedding bands are popular with both men and women. They can be a great option for price conscious couples.  Bands have a low surface profile, which makes them durable and good for active people. Often paired with engagement rings, wedding bands are usually made from precious metals such as platinum, 14k and 18k white or yellow gold, rose (pink) gold, and sterling silver. 24K gold is considered too soft for daily use.

For the fashion forward customer, wedding band designs are being crafted using new materials such as titanium, tungsten, ceramic, and cobalt chrome. Band designs are not always only solid metal. They can be set with diamonds, other gemstones, or inlaid with truly novel materials such as exotic woods.

Simplistic Braided Wedding Band

Simple in design, this braided wedding band is 14K at Apples of Gold.



Bands and mountings come in a variety of finishes. Finishes can be highly polished (shiny), matte (non-reflective), satin (a soft sheen), shiny or matte hammered finishes (made by using a small ball-peen hammer to create a textured surface), and brushed (a texture which looks like light brush marks).


The most popular mounting is the classic “Tiffany” setting with its slender band set with a solitary prong-set diamond. Antique style rings with delicate filigree are delicate and feminine. For the woman who prefers contemporary styles, there are designs with bold, dynamic forms. For those wanting something that is one-of-a-kind, jewelers can modify existing designs or create completely custom rings.

A popular choice is the use of additional gemstones to enhance the center stone. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are the most popular accent gems. Sapphires are desirable because they are almost as hard and durable as diamonds. Emeralds are the softest of precious gemstones and require special care.


  • Traditional 4 or 6 prong setting
  • Bezel set gems where the metal flows over the top edges of the gems
  • Pavéd settings where many very small diamonds are intricately set closely together to give the appearance of a solid band of diamonds. None of the band metal shows.
  • Channel set with small diamonds mounted beside each other in rows.
  • Tension set gems is held in place between two open metal ends. This setting gives the appearance of the gemstone floating in space.
Wedding Ring Set from Apples of Gold

Lovely Wedding Ring Set 1/2 Ct Diamond from Apples of Gold.



Diamonds are selected based on the four Cs – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight, but the first thing most people notice is the cut.

  • Round Brilliant cut – This is the favorite diamond cut because of its ability to reflect light, thereby creating the providing the most sparkle.
  • Marquise cut – an elongated oval shape, coming to a point at each end.
  • Oval shape – considered an elegant, old-fashioned cut. This cut can be set lengthwise or sideways.
  • Emerald cut – the most elegant of all diamond cuts in a rectangular shape and with fewer facets. This cut provides a view to the very bottom of the stone and requires a diamond with excellent clarity. Some say it is like looking into a beautiful pool of water).
  • Asscher cut – like the emerald cut, but square shaped.
  • Princess cut – this is the second most popular cut and can vary between a rectangular or square shape. Its uniquely faceted cut makes it reflect light almost as well as the round, brilliant cut. This is a relatively newly created cut compared to other shapes.
  • Pear shape – Because of its versatility in setting options, this tear shaped cut is very popular. This cut can also give the appearance of lengthening the ring finger.
  • Heart shape – the heart shaped diamond cut is a beautiful symbol of romance and passion.
  • Triangle shape – Used in contemporary designs as the center gem or side diamonds.

When it comes to selecting wedding rings, there are an endless variety of choices. Engaged couples are sure to find the perfect ring to for him and for her.


Ieie Dress Boutique Bridal Gowns Wedding Couture

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Bridal Dresses from Ieie Bridal Boutique

Bridal dresses at Ieie Bridal are gorgeous yet inexpensive.

Today , a bit of romance with some wedding swag! Glorious gowns for the romantic fashionista. We found shop on Etsy called Ieie, who specialize in making beautiful bridal gowns.   They have vintage style for the retro girl, upscale modest styles, fancy glam styles,  A-line styles, tea length or even mermaid styles.  They do any size, and even offer plus sizing.  The key here they are affordable to where a bride can save money on their dress and spend more on their decorations, venue, and / or honeymoon!   As an example, the beautiful white gown on the top left is called  Empire Spaghetti Dress. This designs could easily go for thousands as this design is chic and trendy, spaghetti straps are offered by some top designers to the stars!   On the Ieie Bridal Website, it’s only $399.95! That is truly unbelievable for something so gorgeous and design worthy!

Mermaid Wedding Dress The Satin Strapless Mermaid Wedding Gown is on Etsy for only $414.95

The history of this company is wonderful, it started as a mother and daughter dress boutique!  They are based in the USA, and obviously due to their great prices and wonderful customer service they grew and expanded. They now employ a talented group dress makers and designers who come up with affordable creations and do custom designs for the brides to be.

Bridal Veil

Find this for $75.95 at IeieBridal here in wedding veils.

We really think it’s super fabulous that you could do a vintage style wedding and get a new dress, and accessories such as bridal veils to look like something out of another era. They have a large selection of the veils, as well as sashes, garment bags and brooches.    If you know someone planning a wedding, tell your favorite bride they specialize in tailor made wedding gowns at affordable and amazing prices.

Find them :

On Etsy :  Ieie

On Their Website

Office Design Workspace Ideas Office Desks Cubicles and Compacts

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design workspace for employees office furniture desks

Interior Concepts proves that office furniture can be both functional and design-worthy. We love this bright office space!


I always wondered why some offices look so design-worthy,  yet others seem to spend a fortune on furniture that just doesn’t work. Some employees will tell me that their office space is great, and functional, and that’s why they love to come to work . Others complain about the design, as it may be “designer furniture” but they often feeling trapped into a cubicle and have a lack of workstation space. Coincidentally, these companies’ emloyees seem to be less productive. So therein goes the theory that with the right interior office design compiled with the functionality of the office space comes a boost in employee morale and hence, better productivity.   Interior Concepts gave me lots of information.  When trying to select the right office desks and layouts, there are so many styles and choices for all types of workplaces.

Top Types of Office Desks For All Kinds of Offices

The choice of office desks will play a very important role in the performance of your employees. It is best that you opt for a type of office desk which will work well with the type of work flow that the employees have. When choosing an office desk, there are actually lots of different types out there. Choosing the best one would require the knowledge about these types and how these differ from one another.

With that in mind, here are some of the different types of office desks that you will encounter during your hunt:


Interior Concepts Compact Office Cubicles

Compact workstations and cubicles with low lying walls create a sense of harmony among employees.  Pic:

 Compact office desks

If your office only have limited amount of space, then your office desk should be compact. This would also come in handy if the nature of the employees’ job does not require too much paperwork.  This is why compact office desks are suitable for office cubicles. For a compact desk, there will be adequate space for just the laptop, a screen, a keyboard and a telephone. You can also try customizing a compact office desk by adding drawers where your employees can store their important documents. For best results, opt for a compact office desk that does not have too much shelving and an adjustable height. That will do the trick!


L Shape Office Desk Design Worthy

Example of good design L – Shaped office workstation, courtesy

L-shaped or radial work stations

If the job of employees features different types of administration tasks, this will require more of a radial work station or an L-shaped office desk. With this, you will be giving your employees an access to plenty of office supplies and accessories each and every day. Another idea for the  L-shapes would be a duo work station features two office desks at the right angle with each other. In one desk, the employee can place all his computers, laptop and phone. On the other, they can place all the documents and supplies they needs to get work done efficiently.  ( This type of work station is equipped with shelving cabinets and units designed to store all important documents.).

L-shapes can also be customized for “units” or teams. The pod above incorporates several L-shapes into a team design. Integrating and forcing them to work efficiently together yet a large workspace and storage options.

Office Pod Design Worthy Desk Decor with L Shaped Desks

With the “pod” design, employees must integrate ideas and work together on a project aka “central hub” , says Interior Concepts.

 Executive Desk Design Trends

This is the best Executive Desk Office Workspace I’ve seen, open air design yet prestigious. Pic: InteriorConcepts


Executive desks

This one features an air of authority. These come in sensible yet corporate designs. This will also have three side panels, making the desk look very solid. This also offer larger desk surface and will have adequate space for computers and for filing documents.


Customized Intrior Workspace for Employees

Design-Swag’s pick of favorite workstation ideas….designer worthy office space built to suit by Interior Concepts. LOVE IT!


Customized office desks

Another option that has been trending recently is the fully customized desk. For this, you will be starting from scratch. You can then design the office desk to suit your daily office needs and the specific style on how you do your work. You can choose from having one or two desk tops. You can also opt to place the shelving unit below or above the desk. You can also choose if you want a radial design or you wish to have an elongated format. The options that you have are endless. The best thing about this is you can easily find commercial furniture makers who can carry out all your wishes for you.

More ideas and pictures to re-design your workspace at