Two Ways To Change a Room in One Step Decorating Tips

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Changing a room is easy as point, click, hang.  Here are two ways you can create an entirely new look to your interior.

Photo : Live from the Moon

1. Tapestries

Hang a tapestry, and change a room, what a great idea. Is anyone using tapestries anymore? Of course they are. Taking a bleak and basic wall whether it be in your dining area or living room area, and adding a tapestry is easy as finding one you like online and ordering it.  Some will come with free rods, so that the only thing you must do is install minimal hardware onto the wall.  Most  European Wall Tapestries  are in demand. Hot design trends include tapestries that look like oriental rugs hanging on your wall, animal prints or baskets of country flowers, and shabby French inspired tapestries.  Our pick of the day is this shabby French tapestry, which is $485, you can click on the icon below to view it.  Make a note that most high quality tapestries will cost you $250-$500 which is  much cheaper than redecorating a while room.

Click on it to see this Tapestry

2. Decals and Vinyl Wall Art

Another idea for redecorating a room is applying decals to your wall also known as instant vinyl wall artl. We’ve discussed this before and although it’s not quite as difficult as hanging hardware to support a tapestry, it will require some skill, precision and patience. If applied wrong vinyl wall art may get bubbles in it, and you will be forced to smooth it as you go. For about $25 you can turn a living room into a view of Paris.

Vinyl Wall Art from Etsy

The Paris Skyline $25 at DanaDecals on Etsy

With any design idea, there are Pros and Cons of both. Which will work best for you, for ease of use and your budget?



Many designs and styles to choose from

Can change easily

Minimal hardware required.

The Rod is interchangeable. If you get tired of a design, you will already have the hardware and rod mounting so that you may simply buy a new tapestry and change it out.


Most quality tapestries are expensive

May need to be professional cleaned.

Decals and Vinyl Wall Art


Many designs and styles to choose from

Eesy to install if you are patient.

Basic colors are inexpensive.


Rushed installation or less quality vinyl may rip or break during installation

Some users report removal of  chippy paint on older houses, once decal is removed. This may leaving your wall in need of a repaint.




Industrial Shelving Design Trends Interior Love

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Industrial Wooden ShelfEtsy Shop: MikeZittel handmakes this industrial design shelf.

Etsy shop Mike Zittel has a great handmade item –this vintage industrial shelf!  Handmade with oak wood, it comes in pieces and requires some assembly. It’s this shelf, that reminds me of something I saw in Grandpa’s garage years ago.  Industrial for sure, but vintage inspired. This could be holding unique and eclectic collectibles and antiques, perhaps even wooden items one has collected over the years. I would just love to put some of my old Bliss wood toys on it.  The shelf measures about 3′ long making it perfect for holding books and knick-knacks.The retail is $249.95 although it you want it shipped assembled you will be paying a bit more.

Design Shelf Industrial Etsy

Shelf from Mike Zittel, handmade in the USA only $249.95

So many ideas, from man-cave to antique lover, this shelf is for you!

Decorate on a Dime Interiors Adding One Item With Color

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Coudh Design Decorating Walls Vibrant Color This basic couch was against a white wall, but add a splash of color (Nature & Natuicals Nature Prints) and the look is totally different.

Decorating with Color…

If your usual minimalist room is turning you into boring, maybe you need some color added to stop snoring.  Did you know that something small and divine in color can be a great focal point on a wall and change the look of your entire home?  Here below, we have a classic shot from Country Living, and pillows $25 each from NestAHome, which are simply divine, but add a splotch of color from NatureandNauticals, and look what happens!

Decorating Walls with one Vibrant Color Focal Point

So the classic style we all love and know (left) has now been revamped by the addition of one small nature print (Wooden Wall Hangings, Nature and Nauticals range $12-$38 on average.) This tiny splash of nature color draws your eye away, but reinforces the natural hues of the room. You can apply this theory not just on your walls, but on a hutch or shelf as well.  Believe it or not, adding a tiny splash of color will change the whole outlook of your room!

Enhance your Existing Decor, Interior Design Tips Find the country hutch here. Not sure what to put on it, how about some color!

Essentially a $20 item can change the look of a whole room, so before you decide to redo everything perhaps you should try to make a small change on a shoestring budget!

Vintage Clothing Phoenix – Boutique

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Vintage Clothing Phoenix

Listen up Phoenix, here’s some Vintage Clothing!

Road Trip!

New on Design-Swag are great boutiques and destinations that you must visit, like this new chic boutique with the best Vintage Clothing, Phoenix!  If you are out and about in Phoenix Arizona, this is a must stop destination.

Vintage Clothing Phoenix

The most glam Vintage Clothing boutique in Phoenix!

The inspiration for the shop comes from Mitch, who has been in the modern interior design and fashion scene for some time. With a unique unique eye for retro style and glam diva savvy ,these pictures show this is a must stop boutique for anyone who likes vintage dresses,  pants, blazers, vests, shirts, shoes, handbags, jewelry and even vintage glam scarves!

Vintage Clothing Phoenix

Arizona’s new trendy boutique, Vintage Clothing, Phoenix can be found at


Thomas, our source  in Phoenix says, “Mitch is selling a little bohemian . She’s ran with the term glam vintage for the type of pieces she sells. The boutique mostly represents fashion of 60’s to 80’s, and is worth a road trip.”  With the looks of these photos, we can’t agree more.

Name: Rare Scarf Vintage

What: Phoenix’s Best Vintage Clothing!

Location:  1428 N Cave Creek Rd Phoenix, AZ 85020

Hours/Info:  (602) 870-6678

Google Plus:  Vintage Clothing Phoenix

  • Phoenix weather: Valley of the Sun lives up to its name

Wearable Art Jewelry Statement Necklace by Carla Fox Design

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Handmade Bib Necklace by Carla Fox Design

Carla Fox Design Wearable Bib Necklace : Perfect for the Bride, on Etsy.

Statement Necklaces!  Not just ordinary, but extraordinary. Adorn yourself! .

The body is a beautiful thing, and should be accentuated as an art form by art.   One designer allows you to turn a regular old dress into something spectacular with a piece of wearable art called a bib necklace.  The one above is perfect for a wedding swag bride and made from 1900’s jewelry parts, such as the old Rhinestone bow brooch. Simply lovely in choice of design, color and texture.  This wearable art form would look great in a Victorian wedding or gala.

Design Worthy Att Necklace from Carla Fox Design on Etsy

Queen of Hearts Textile Statement Necklace from Carla Fox

That’s not all from Carla Fox. Her shop, Carla Fox Design on Etsy features art adornments for your hair, neck, wrist, and ears. Each creation is carefully made from a series of fabric, ribbons, vintage parts, jewelry pieces, and her imagination.  We especially love the necklaces.   Rest assured you will get tons of compliments because no two designs are alike, therefore no one will have the very same necklace as you.

Design from CarlaFoxDesign on Etsy

This Green Goddess Necklace is sour very favorite! Designer: Carla Fox

Carla S. Fox is a designer from Oregon. She explains, “I seek out the unusual, the discarded, the overlooked. I see beauty where it may not currently exist, but I’ll coax it out and give it new life.” Her background in interior design has given her the eye for the perfect complimentary textures, colors and designs which she has used as mantr in her work.  Not to mention her designs are eco friendly, as she’s upcycling fabric swatches and scraps she gets from her day job! Our top pick is the Green Goddess Necklace, because Carla says, “For this one, along with green velvet leaves, green freshwater pearls, and green vintage buttons there are feathers.”  This lightweight necklace has extraordinarily stunning design.

Catch up with her creations for any design worthy fashionista:

Etsy CarlaFoxDesign