Cute Wedding Cake Toppers: Hot New Design Trend

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Lia Dia Designs Wedding Toppers

Wedding Toppers, Custom for your Cake, Found at Lia Dia Designs on Etsy

It’s time to ditch the old plastic cliche’ wedding cake toppers and think outside the box. You can now add cutting edge custom design to your wedding cake. Out with the old and in with the new, we say, with these personalized adorable creations from Etsy at Lia Dia Designs.  A bride-groom will run you  $120.00 and sending a photo is best.  Lia Dia will customize the lucky couple to look just like the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.!

Adorable Bride and Groom Dolls

Cute doesn’t say enough about these bride and groom dolls from Etsy!

If you are wondering who the mastermind is behind these tres’ cute creations, it’s Nadia from Milton, Ontario, Canada.  When we asked about her passion for creating, here’s what she had to say.   “I’m a graphic designer by profession and a mom of three little ones. My love of arts and crafts were discovered at very young age, so every spare moment was filled with drawing, painting, typography, cake decorating, event planning, and anything else that allowed me to create beautiful things.”

Beautiful they are.  The small Kokeshi style dolls have a unique look to them, they stand 3.5″ tall, are made of solid wood and are artistically handpainted with embellishments..  She says, “My store line is also always expanding to include other items that celebrate some of the greatest moments in our lives; love, weddings and babies! It’s incredibly relaxing to create items that come from the heart, and not primarily for a client’s marketing purposes. I’m enjoying every minute :)”

So are we.

Kokeshi doll style wedding toppers handmade on etsy

A Must Have new wedding trend, found on Etsy!

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Simplistic Design Stone Jewelry Little Gems By Luisa

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Little Gems by Luisa

Brooch by Luisa, believe it or not only $9.23 for this gem!

Simplistic Design Worthy

I found these interesting brooches on Etsy.  Not only are they tiny little assembles of gemstones, pearls, rocks and stones, but each is perfectly curated. Then I found necklaces and pendants, oh, how lovely. Simple design jewelry is so smart when trying to dress up or dress down and outfit.  I had to find out more. Meet Luisa , she sells semi precious jewelry on Etsy,  in shop LittleGemsbyLuisa.

How did you start, why and when?

I started making jewelry one day because I could not find a bracelet that fit me. I have unusually small wrists. So one day I asked someone to teach me how to end the clasps and bought some beads. Over ten years later here I am on Etsy. I started selling jewelry at my workplace. The ladies would ask me where I purchased a piece and when I told them I made it they wanted some too. Soon I sold in fairs and particularly for the United Way to donate some of my funds.
I also managed to pay for some of my wedding.

Necklase Simplistic Design found on Etsy at Little Gems by Luisa

This necklace is design worthy, simplistic and unique. Find it here for $26.78


So you have been designing for over ten years?

A few years down the road, two children later and I am at home designing again but for the love of it. I also hope that people love it too.

Tell us about your design components.

I use semi precious stones, shell, pearls, wood beads and crystals. I use vintage and unique gemstones. In some cases I have been collecting for years so the beads are no longer available in the market.
Design Swag Highlights Litlte Gems by Luisa

She also offers necklaces to go with those brooches! This one, $32.29

All of her creations are carefully put together, yet designed simplistically and would compliment most sweaters, business outfits or blouses just perfectly.  Dress it up or down. Each has an array of various stones, for instance, the necklace above has crystals, pearls, abalone, shell, amazonite,  and turquoise.

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Canvas Wall Art Interior Design Ideas

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Designer Canvas Wall Art This Gorgeous Pictures is actually  Canvas Art  , a hot interior design trend!

Black and White Design Ideas : Just Add Color

We’ve found a Canvas Wall Art Gallery whose merchandise is manufactured (printed/framed) here in the United States of America. features artists from different US states, with both original work and classic designs, printed on canvas and ready to make the best designer statement in your home.  You can decide on how you want the items to look, for instance above, a beautiful rainbow photo looks unique when split into three and adds the right amount of color to a black and white room. It transforms ordinary into extraordinary.

Choices: One, Two or Three, What Do You Want You Wall to Say?

Let’s say you want to keep the black and white theme, and you may love this wonderful modern meets classic wall art from Pablo Picasso. The hard part is choosing from a one,  two or three piece panel of artwork .They are all stunning.  Let us show you the difference, and you can imagine how great these would look in your room, depending on your space and interior design needs, and the statement you want to make.

Picasso Wall Art Canvas Wall Art from

Classics like this Picasso is $49 for a one panel, and would look great above a couch.

The one  piece says “Look here, I like this piece of artwork” and can provide a bold decorative item centered above a long couch, or add length to a room if added above a small chair. It will be a focal point, and for the price, you can’t beat it.

canvas wall art is made in the usa

However unique, the two panel for $75 could be separated slightly to set off a chair against a small wall.

The two piece wall art draws your eye and says, “Look here, and there.” It makes the eyes wander to inspect the entire piece of artwork.  In some cases this would be great for a small room that has once piece of furniture, or lack of wall space. By spreading them out ever so slightly, you are creating a sense of balance in any room on any wall.  Some may choose to separate them altogether, for a total conversation piece, although we think there’s more depth when keeping the together, only separated by a few inches. .

Wall Art in Canvas Best Price

Our favorite however, is the three piece Picasso, found here for $109.

The three piece is no doubt in our opinion the best value and look of all. It says, “I have depth and dimension”, and will set off any room, no matter what look or design you choose. From wine glasses to Picasso, you won’t be sorry!

Four and Five Piece Sets

If that wasn’t enough to choose from, select art work comes in a five piece set. Thistropic dream canvas wall art  has been separated into five pieces, the more the merrier on your wall.  You can order this in any option, from one to five pieces.

They say, “All our art is made in the USA made, produced and frame. We typically ship within 24 hours.”

Check them out at

Periodic Table T-Shirts Hot New Geek Design Trend

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Shirt for Geeks Periodic Tables

Unisex T-Shirt: What’s the Equivalent of Smart? Get this shirt here.

Here’s something hot  in fashion from Periodic Table Shop.   This “I Wear This Shirt Periodically T-shirt” is something Sheldon Cooper’s character should be wearing because others are already making it hip and trendy.   You may not really know the atomic number of beryllium or the molecular weight of barium, but you can sure start some conversations with this shirt.

For guys, this is a real attention grabber and girls love a smarty pants. For girls, you will not only look smart, but get a lot of conversation starters with the periodic table across your chest.  For a unisex shirt, we think it’s fabulous. The only thing better? It comes in four different colors, although our favorites are the classic black and white.  If you arent into t-shifts don’t worry, this periodic table comes in fashionista hoodies, shower curtains, mugs and more, check out the full site for more.

i-wear-this-shirt-periodically-black-500x500No pun intended.

Update 3.1.15 original amazon links were removed because the shirt had been removed or sold out. We found it on Tee Shirt Palace so we linked it for you.