Hip to be Square Silver Stackable Rings Design Worthy

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Silver Stakable Ring

Courtesy: Etsy shop ElenaVJewels

Who thought a square ring would fit so nicely on a round finger? Well, Etsy shop owner Elena of ElenaVJewels did!  From Greece, she handmakes all these rings for sale in her Etsy shop. As a contemporary jewelry artisan working with metal, she pushes the limits of modern design.  You will find a huge selection of handmade square rings. Some are sterling silver with copper or bronze, and all are stackable to create a unique design on your finger. Prices are per ring, $20 and up. Each is unique, to create your favorite look!

Etsy shop ElenaVJewels

Pic: Etsy shop Elena V Jewels

Find them here.


Mannequin Heads , Recycled Art by Ira Mency

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Mannequin Display Head by Ira Mency

Artist Ira Mency has a knack for making mannequin heads.

Found, on Etsy, old Styrofoam mannequins given new life with vintage newspapers and ephemera. This one at RetroChalet on Etsy.  Average price $38.  Find it here.


Kitchen Lighting Interior Design Trends

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Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting, Design Trends. Courtesy of Pintrest

Illuminate Your Kitchen with the Right Lighting

Lighting up your kitchen is not as simple as it might sound. While practical lighting is essential for food preparation and cooking, kitchen lighting should also be utilised to create mood, atmosphere and impact. This gives you the flexibility to transform your kitchen from a practical cooking area to an ambient filled social space at the flick of a switch.

According to House to Home, “One of the first things you’ll need to consider when planning your new kitchen is the lighting, as electrics and fittings have to be installed at the start of the project, before plastering, decorating and the fitting. It’s an integral part of any scheme and this is your one chance to get it right.”

In this blog post, we take a look at the different types to help guide you through the process.

Practical Lighting

Effective task lighting is absolutely essential for all kitchens, regardless of the size, style or cost. Chefs need to be able to see what they are doing, for safety reasons if nothing else!

Under mounted fixtures are perfect for above worktops and sinks while hob areas are conventionally fitted with halogen lights set into the extractor. Pendant lamps are a great way to highlight island benches and shine light directly towards the preparation area. For technology lovers, sensor-operated lights are becoming rapidly popular in contemporary kitchens. The touch free sensors are ideal for wet hands and preparing messy foods. Draws and cabinets can also be installed with sensors, making it easier than ever to locate that pesky can opener hidden in the back of the cupboard.

Dining Lighting

Hanging individual or a series of overhead pendant lamps above the dining table is a great way to create a comfortable and laid back dinnertime atmosphere. Adding a dimmer function is a popular incorporation to dining lighting schemes, offering a quick and easy way to soften the mood and stimulate relaxed after dinner conversation. Keep in mind LED’s should always be warm white to avoid the lighting becoming too sterile and harsh.

Mood Lighting

Creating a relaxed atmosphere is a key part of making your kitchen lighting plan a success. This is of particular importance when your kitchen is open plan and used as a multipurpose space. It should be possible to adjust the mood of the lighting accordingly! Dimmer lights are an easy way to create ambiance while plinth lighting set around islands or breakfast bars makes for an impressive and alluring scene. If your house boasts unique period features try using accent lighting to highlight them and draw the eye to particular areas.

Feature lighting

Flickering lights and dancing colours are a great way to give your kitchen the wow factor! Lighting can be controlled remotely, placing the option of different mood settings at your fingertips. Colour change lighting can also be used to illuminate glass splashbacks and light strips beneath islands and bench tops.

The key to an effective kitchen lighting scheme is to layer all four elements and give yourself the power to control each one individually. At the end of the day there is no point in having a stunning feature splashback if it is outshone by the harsh overhead practical lighting. Use your creativity, give yourself control and find a combination that suits your lifestyle – follow these steps and we guarantee your kitchen will be shining light of your home.

Guest Post Written by Ian Holbrook – owner of Premier Lampshades, the home of bespoke made to measure lamp shades and repair services. If you’re looking for a lampshade to illuminate your kitchen – come and say hello.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

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vintage lace wedding dress with sleeves from ieiebridal

Modest Vintage Lace Wedding Dress With Sleeves in Champagne Lace Courtesy ieieBridal

IeIeBridal offers the best vintage lace wedding dresses with sleeves !  These have a hint of Neo-Victorian for that retro classical wedding. The trending thing is to have a scenic wedding in a historic location with a dapper groom and beautiful romantic bride! What says romance, lace and whispy memories? These dresses do.  Above and below, for spring or summer we have the short sleeve version, moments, you can opt for very short sleeves and is actually a “tea length wedding dress” in your choice of sizes only $399.95.

vintage lace wedding dress short sleeves

Modest Vintage Lace Wedding Dress with Sleeves from ieieBridal Boutique

Having a fall or winter wedding, and want to look more classic? Then a 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve vintage lace wedding dress is for you!  Might we suggest (below) this lovely Avina model with Jewel neck and long sleeves for $439.94?  You can get it in ivory or ivory and champagne!

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress Long Sleeves

 Jewel Neck Long Sleeved Wedding Dress in White Antique Lace, from ieie’s Dress Boutique

Find these and more at ieiebridal.com



Editors Note:  Update 3.1.15 Links had to be updated.


eLMNOP Swaying Hammer Lamp by Eitan Rieger

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Lamp from Tools on etsy Hello, what’s this design worthy item?

Today we find this:  eLMNOP a swaying hammer lamp , from Etsy.  (Yes, that’s right, like the letters in the alphabet).  At first glance we thought this was something mid century modern crossed with industrial. Could this be perhaps from IKEA?

TowardsANewDesign on Etsy Swinging Hammer Lamp

Instead of swinging a hammer it’s a swaying hammer lamp, what?

No truth be told, it’s handmade and totally created authentically by independent product designer Eitan Rieger,  from TowardsAnewDesign. He is inspired by his light, colors and cats  He also likes recycling, upcycling or finding different means for the obvious. He says, “I like it when object are are used to see in a certain way are used in a whole different one.”

Etsy Swinging Hammer Lamp eLMNOPIt looks so chic and modern!

So we asked him a few questions.

Q:  How did you come up with the idea for this lamp ?

A: In general, I love to deal the way we look at everyday objects. The difference between what they really are and the way we see them in a context we are programmed to. In the case of eLMNOP, I wanted to use a cast iron hammer head not as the tool, but as a basis, because of its weight.

Q: What is the swaying for?

A: This feature was discovered completely by a chance. After designing the first lamp which was a floor lamp, I accidentally bumped by hand into it. For my surprise, the lamp started to “fall” sideways and stopped in a completely new position. This new and exciting feature encouraged me to continue its development.

Funky Modern Designed Lamps
eLMNOP comes in three styles!

Q: What type of lamps are available?

A: Right now, There are 3 types of lamps. The desktop lamp, a medium size floor lamp and a king size floor lamp which is over 2 meters high. All of them use the same concept.

You can find the lamps at TowardsAnewDesign on Etsy, for $249.

You can connect with Eitan on Facebook or on his website TowardsANewDesign.com

eLMNOPYeah, we love this.