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Mouthwatering Foodie Pics Make For Great Web Design

Doesn’t much matter what he’s blogging about but Wayne Schafer owner of Big Fat Daddy’s has been strong in social media since 2008.  Originally hitting My Space when it first came out then switching over to Blogger, he not has websites all over dot orgs and dot coms, but what keeps people interested? The foodie pictures.   Even ads that he makes feature his mouth watering food and make you want to click.


Schafer says, “It doesn’t matter what template or design you have, it’s about the content. If the content is yummy then people will want to read.”  Over the years he’s gained lots of visitors and subscribers who may not get to catch up with him at the fairs or festivals, but will indeed catch a whiff of his food from the blog design.  A true foodie at best. Can’t you smell it cooking now?

Even the most natural light photos still look tasty:

Big Fat Daddys

Update 3.1.15  Schafer has launched yet another company, BigFatDaddys.Marketing, where he offers food and drink marketing. Check it out below: