Decorate on a Dime from Estate Sales

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Swaggy lamp for sale at an estate sale FOUND:

Decorate on a Dime

Interior decorating on a dime has never been easier, if you know the right rummage sales to shop in.   Flea markets, thrift boutiques and estate sales are a great way to shop.  Take for instance the vintage lamp above, comes from an Estate Sale coming up in Falls Church, Virginia. It’s a retro 60’s mod looking light, that you may pick up for a few bucks, wheres these type on Etsy or in antique stores may cost you upwards of $120-$200.

antique head VASESThese found at EstateSale.Company were featured in an upcoming estate sale!

Trinkets and novelty items, such as these head vases are also a rare find. Expect to pay a nominal amount at an estate sale in comparison to antique booths which may charge you a pretty steep price.  These  above are mainly from the 30’s to 50’s when having little vases full of fresh flowers was the norm.

Finding Estate Sales Near You

Why pay boutique prices when you can browse an estate sale and come home with a trunkload of merchandise for less?   If you need to find an estate sale in your area, you can check your local paper listings or view a new website called EstateSale.Company. Their listings pull from a variety of sources, and some even allow you to browse photographs to see featured auctions!

Happy Decorating!




Sauls Creative Vintage Signs Cottage Style

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Vintage Sign by Sauls Creative Design Worthy

Sauls Creative on Etsy , this sign $49 is nice size!

Cottage Style & Lake House Decor!

Today we find this great Etsy shop called Sauls Creative, home to artisan Dean Sauls. These vintage and retro style distressed signs are perfect for any interior decorating.  Home, office or man-cave you will find something for everyone here, made with Saul’s own unique twist on graphics meets upcycled wood. These come in various sizes and have the look and feel of what the past is made of.  Most are under $50 making them a unique gift idea.

Lake Sign Interior Design Worthy Sauls Creative

This comes in many sizes, starts at only $19.

About Sauls Creative
Dean Sauls is hooked on design, as he puts it. Contributing to his graphic-style art are the things that fascinate him outside of the art world, including pop culture, music, technology, the intelligence, and the entire art-making process. Besides Sauls’ vintage sign-making he is also a mobile and web designer. Creativity has always been an important part of who Sauls is and where he is headed.

Pier Sign Vintage

Our favorite, $69 measures a whopping two foot by four foot. Lovely.

When asked more he says, “I have always thought of myself as an artist, the creative urge has always been with me since I was 6 years young. Painting has been my way of communicating something about all the good in the world and helped me see the world from many perspectives.”

Connect with Sauls Creative on Etsy. 

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Rosies and Rockers Rock Star Trendy T-Shirts

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Rosie and Rockers Fashion Clothing

Trend Setting Top : Fashionista Chic meets Rock Star  ” Choose Fate Scoop $29

A new fashion boutique in Washington, DC is trend setting rock star meets fashionista hipster design.  Rosies and Rockers said the idea behind them is to “ditch the cookie cutter mass produced clothing” and find something with a edge.  Their “rockstar chic” line of clothing will keep you coming back.

Bombs Away Rosie and Rockers DC Boutique

Bombs Away:  A 40’s style meets new design on sale for $22


Their eco friendly styles also incorporate soybean into their process.  We think they are just fabulous. You will find many different original designs on comfy tees and clothing with the “bad girl” or “bad boy” twist at reasonable prices .

Rosies and RockersFor him? Find them all here.

Today we selected our favorite t-shirts, but this store has tops, bottoms, outerwear and gorgeous dresses.

Find out more at Rosies and