The Red Booth Show Fashionista Kimberly Quiqley

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The Red Booth Show

Is it our eyes or does she (Kimberly Quigley) look like Marilyn Monroe?  Here with Mark Holzum. Courtesy:  TheRedBoothShow

Oh My Marilyn!

Today on Design-Swag we are highlighting a forgotten culture  brought back to life by Season Four  of The Red Booth Show.  This would not be possible of course for the hard work of Kimberly Quigley, an English born actress, producer, director and host of the California late night show.  Her Marilynesque  style fits right in with the giant retro red booth out of the bygone era. In some shots, you see James Dean props in the background, like Marilyn and Jimmy below.


The Red Booth Show

Hello, she’s bringing sexy back in a classy way! She promotes Pinup Girl Clothing, more on that later. 

Kudos to Kim For the Content and Achievements

The basis, (unscripted) is that Kim interviews and talks with actors, singers, bands, actresses — anyone hot, up and coming, or who may be someone soon may just appear here.  What is amazing is that she created this idea herself, with the help of minimal sponsors and crowdfunding—wow. A little bird told us Kim originally had episodes shot in her garage, but by Season Three, had moved to a real soundstage. Imagine an indie show making it four seasons (and counting.) The show is aired throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura on KVMD every Saturday night @ Midnight, but you can tune in to the Red Booth YouTube Channel below if you don’t get that broadcast.  Kim dubbs the show, “The show that exists without permission.”  So this diva took on Hollywood herself, and won. She’s on the air! You go girl!

Jone Zen and The Red Booth Show

Above: JoneZen & Kim on a recent episode. Read more here. 

Now, the trending folks are not just featured on the show, they succumb to Kim and bare all. In our opinion, it reminds you that these stars are people just like us. Some episodes tug your heart strings. Recently, an interview with rapper ,JoneZen, opened up to Kim about his past battle with substance abuse. That episode discussed how he originally started in rap (now under record label touring with with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.) Is it her Marilyn-like style, or do they just feel comfortable in that big cushy booth? 


We will be doing a follow up interview with Kim on her advice for “GETTING THE LOOK” of this vintage fashion diva style. Look for that in an upcoming post.

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Upcycled Designs at Peachy Beam

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Typewriter Key Necklace

This lovely typewriter key necklace is $24.20 in USD, but other letters are available

Etsy’s boutique Peachy Beam has the best vintage and upcycled accessories, gifts and housewares . From the UK with love, they offer shipping to the US, and most of the designs are from the mid-century era, or retro inspired. Here are some of our top picks!

adorable key holder

Pick your plate and get a cute key holder, $19.36 USD

What’s your favorite state, Idaho or New Hampsire? Not to worry several are in stock, Peachy Beam has made these adorable key holders from genuine vintage bicycle license plates that were given away in cereal packets in yesteryears!  Wee embossed metal with the raised letters painted, these were bike-size plates for kids back in the day. What a cute little upcycling idea and it makes for a cute gift.    Since everything in the shop is upcycled, vintage inspired or truly vintage one of the great buys is the set of three yester-year photographs of old toys that come donned in white wooden frames and are only $24.20 , which would make a great addition to kids’ rooms while reminding parents of long days past. (See them here).  The best pick we have?  Upcycled candles.

handmade scented candles

Handmade scented candles are so adorable, in original vintage tins!

This shop is owned by Liz, who tells us “ We’ve been doing vintage fairs here in our home city (London, UK) for a couple of years but just gone online recently… its an eclectic mix at the moment but our favourite stuff is anything with a 1950s / rockabilly twist..  The retro recipe books are often sourced from their original owners who have had them for decades and baked many delicious treats –(sometimes I have even found old family recipes on bits of paper within the pages! “

When asked what items she would want to keep, she responds in tune with Design-Swag, “One thing I’d secretly like to keep for myself is the Prilect Travel Iron vintage tin scented candle, it would go great with the midcentury decor in my living room.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Prilect candle tin

Most candle tins are $24.20 and a great gift idea. After the wax burns out, you still have the great tin.

.Catch up with Peachy Beam: 


@PeachyBeams on Twitter


Lamplight Design Company Brighten Your Interior

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Lamplight Design Company

Marquee Sign from Lamplight Design Company 

Well look what we’ve found. Lovely lights that look like yesteryear, from Lamplight Design Company on Etsy.  From the UK with love, shop owner James Brighouse creates them to look like something you would see in an old general store.   So his shop offers these fine quality vintage look signs at reasonable prices using Etsy as their vessel! To the USA, shipping is inexpensive. For instance, the light below runs less than $100, but shipped to your door runs around $150 USD.  Not bad for something so lovely and so iconic.

Lamplight Design Co

Light $96.68 with $56 shipping to East Coast is a steal for a sign/light of this nature!

 The lights are made with distressed/reclaimed wood, adorned with LED energy efficient lights and trimmed in the coolest metal.  For use at home, in your bar, man cave, antique shop, kitchen, or business, these are a great design-swaggy idea.  the lights are made in Uttoxeter — a market town in Staffordshire, England.

Lamplight design company

Uttoxeter made, how’s that for a sign!  Courtesy: Lamplightdesignco  Facebook page 

They have shapes like hearts and stars, (and anchors – oh my!) Soon added will be monogram boxes, a totally awesome addition to your room. We can’t get enough of their arrows. In fact, we had a hard time deciding what category to put this in, so we loved it so much we listed it in all! What the Funk , Industrial Swag and Interiors. Not to mention reclamation of wood would be eco friendly, wow. We love these guys…

Love Sign

What’s better than LOVE in lights?

See more at:

Etsy:  LamplightDesignCo

Or on Facebook  Like them on Facebook

Wedding Flowers and Every Day Floral Needs

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Camilia Bouquet

Pic: Winter Flower Bouquet from


Selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding  can be a lot of work without doing the proper research. We’ve featured faux bouquets here on Design-Swag as a savvy alternative to droopy real floral arrangements.  We’ve done our homework and have a few pointers for bridal bouquets, arrangements, or  your every day floral needs should you wish to go with real flowers in full blooom.

According to local wedding planner Rene’ Fauntleroy, here are the best tips.

“I tell all my customers to shop local for the freshest flowers.  Let’s be honest — once you finalize your wedding month it’s important to do a check with what flowers are in bloom for the month. Sure, you can have a flower that’s not specific to your region, but you are getting it special-shipped in and hoping that the florists on both ends (and the air arrangements) are handling them properly and keeping them fresh. Why worry about all that when you can find the best freshest flowers grown near you, and specific to your month?”

Fauntleroy suggests visiting local florists and working with them to obtain the perfect, freshest bouquets or arrangement. It is also suggest to do ample research before contacting a florist  to ensure they have been in business for several years and have good online reviews.  “A common misconception is that these florists deal local. Many get flowers shipped in daily, which is great, but if the region-specific flower has experienced a drought, your flowers may end up short-lived and not as vibrant as they should. I’ve seen where the (requested) flowers weren’t available so the florist substituted blue flowers for purple hoping the bride wouldn’t notice. Let’s just say that is very noticeable.”

Pic: from

Fauntleroy’s tips include:

  • If you live in a specific region, you may wish to check regionally to see what the freshest flowers  in your wedding month would be.  For instance, Maryland has tulips blooming in April and May, and in April Virginia is loaded with Daffodils yet local roses are not yet in bloom.
  • Going with flowers out of your region may mean that the flowers get shipped from elsewhere, and somewhere during the handling process may not arrive as fresh and fluffy as they should and in this case you should have a “back up flower” . For instance, if a flower you want is a specific color and coming out of a region that just got hit with a hurricane or big drought, it is extremely likely you will want a back up substitute or one will be selected for you.
  • When dealing with local florists, ask questions as to what flowers they would obtain their flowers locally in the month of your wedding.
  • Don’t be scared to ask to meet and talk to the owner.
  • Special order flowers should be done from reputable sources.

Having a winter wedding? Click here to see the suggested flower choices for a winter wedding. 


Vintage Fashion and Handmade from Denver’s Rakun Shop

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Rakun Shop Vintage Dress

This vintage dress is circa 1960 and only $35 . 

Awww, Rakun!

When we think of Denver we often think of the Mile High City, with it’s eco-thinking ways and fresh air.  Somewhere, nestled in a tiny artsy district (on  Santa Fe’ Drive to be exact) stands the little brick and mortar store home to the Rakun cooperative.  The small but quaint cottage is loaded with local work from over 50 crafty artisans, fashion designers, and vintage discoveries.  Curator and owner Meghan Throckmorton enjoys displaying the work of the locals and housing some of her very own!

Rakun Shop Denver

Pic Courtesy of: Becky’s Buttons, find more great pictures of the insides here. 

For an online storefront, Meghan has went with Etsy, and integrated her very own handmade items and vintage fashion finds, a small glimpse of what you may find in the shop. With a touch of eco-love, you may find everything from handmade beauty products to vintage must haves. She lives behind the shop and loves to farm on the land. From strawberries and produce, she’s out working in the gardens if you don’t see her inside–but we’ve solved the travel issue for you by simply visiting Etsy to find her best wares.  Isn’t it lovely that if you can get to Denver, the wonderful world of Etsy brings Rakun to your fingertips?  Here’s some of our favorite items.

Eco Friendly Lipstick at Rakun Shop

$5.00 for chemical free lip color, inspired by Clara Bow ! Shades of red here. 

Using chemical free components your lips will feel luscious yet don a vibrant color from Rakun’s selection of handmade beauty products. Using only the finest ingredients these shades or red pop and are vibrant. The line is called Clara Bow, inspired by the pouty pretty face of the vintage screen star. Priced low per tube, coming from the green city we think this a fashionista must have.

Vintage skirt Pendleton

Vintage Pendleton Wool Skirt $35 in Rakun Shop .

The vintage cloths are carefully picked for quality and authenticity, most having been never worn or gently loved, with original tags to prove their age.  Nothing like buying an almost-new vintage garment and knowing you can get your wear out of it.  Much clothing from yester years is not only well made, but has inspired today’s fashion trends and knock-offs. We say the fashion section is worth a look see.

Swing Skirt

Enjoy swing skirts, styles for anyone to rock at Rakun Shop.

Adding in the element of handmade, we see these retro inspired swing skirts. Complete in a retro mod print with an elastic waist. Many clothes, found and made can be found here in the Rakun shop.. 

Wooden Ring

Handmade wood sliced rings for $15 are our favorite.

The jewelry, you can be sure to stand out in a crowd.  From tiny shrinky-dink made earrings to this very saavy maple sliced wooden ring. Yes, a real piece of wood has become the tiny pallete for onto which the artist has used as a canvas – painting you an eco friendly design to adorn your finger.  Super bling or suptle, you can request what you desire, on an adjustable silver or goldtone base.  We think the jewelry is adorable, and oh so cute.

Catch up with Rakun: 

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On Facebook 

Good news!   We’ve seen enough and for December, awarded Rakun shop the Design-Swag Montly Award for best designs and fashion trends–specifically, their dedication to highlighting the culture of the city. They had us at “maple slice ring” hello. In fact, in light of our 1 year solid anniversary, we’re awarding them a year of free advertising!  We think the Mile High City should be proud of this little shop leaving a big imprint on it’s eco-friendly ways.  

Update 1/21/15 Rakun Shop is relocating from Denver, to Kansas!

Rakun Shop!