Timeless Design Fiesta Homer Laughlin

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Fiesta by Homer Laughlin

Perhaps we’re old fashioned but we like the simplistic design of Fiesta’s Homer Laughlin China. This ceramic ringware is produced in the USA and can be microwaved or put in the oven.  Fiesta was something my great grandmother used, and therefore I am the fourth generation using it.  I still have some of her original pieces!

Fiesta is durable and well made.  I use it daily in my kitchen and unless I full on drop it from high up, it lasts.  As for price, it appears to be more expensive than other lines but you can get great deals shopping during sales and  you’re paying for something to last that you won’t have to replace therefore making it actually more cost effective. Although the casseroles may seem pricey, they are worth it as they don’t stick and clean up easy if something should build up on the edge.

Homer Laughlin company  was smart in marketing to keep retiring old colors (making them collectible) and introducing new colors.   The Rainbow of colors suck us in.

For 2015, new colors include Sage and Slate and retired include Chocolate. Ironically, collectors will tell you that some colors are only a hue of difference, but this makes for great rainbows of fun in the kitchen.

Fiesta retails to you direct, and in stores like Macy’s and Kohl’s.  If you are lucky enough to visit the Factory Outlet, you may get some scratch and dent items for much less than sales in department stores.  I visited once in 2000 and found some rejects of customer work which I happily added to my collection. Also quality control is very important in the factory as humans still run the assembly lines and check everything. Dripped, sloppy or pocs in glaze are often added to the bargain basement bin.

Suffice to say there’s almost too much Fiesta to go around.  One will have to carefully mix and match their favorite colors or just add examples of everything to a line. Fiesta has made it perfectly okay to use mismatched china in one table setting.

Simply put, the colors added to the quality of products possibly were responsible for keeping them going strong all these years.  Happy to see a Made in USA business thriving as it should be.

You can find a list of retired items here on their website.  They also do custom orders.

Below, look how stunning chicken soup with dumplings looks in a Peacock colored Fiesta soup bowl.  Makes for an attractive display and design worthy for sure.

Find the original Chicken Soup recipe here. 

Chicken Soup in Fiesta

Market Linen Custom Designer Bedding

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Market Linen

Market Linen – Top Notch Bed Linens at Mid Range Prices

West Side Design District’s Best Linen Finds

Market Linen arrives on Etsy!  Started by an interior designer named Dan, everything is custom made to order from his Atlanta studio in the West Side Design District.  Essentially, you are receiving custom made bedding at wonderful prices.

MarketLinen.com explains the flow chart of products purchased from their Etsy Shop.

It Takes a Designer to Understand Good Design

Dan, who daily collaborates with seamstresses and upholsterers has applied what he’s learned to build and launch Market Linen.  He says, “I started this business to provide bedding that bridged the gap between low quality big box store options and extremely high priced designer bedding. We believe that in customers value high quality products! We also deliver excellent customer service.  We want you to be thrilled with each item we make for you. ”

In a nutshell, he describes it as “classy and stylish but still durable.”


Market Linen etsy

Soft and Lovely, explore the styles at Market Linen, made in the USA with Pride!


Soft, so Soft As Linens Should Be

When shopping for bedding and blankets, comfort is key. Softness counts.  Dan explains, “At Market Linen I have developed a process to soften linen in small batches and have also developed designs for bedding and other items. Before I begin a project, I usually plan for days or sometimes weeks to be sure I create useful and well designed pieces. Currently I make each item by hand in my studio. The linen is soft and can be washed at home and everything is made with USA pride!”

Website: www.marketlinen.com

Etsy:  www.Etsy.com/shop/MarketLinen



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Kate Spade Designer iPhone 6 Cases Tech

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kate spade iphone cases

Left: web exclusive is $40 , Right: $45 w Bling Crystals on KateSpade.com

When we think of Kate Spade New York,  we often think of le Pavilion polka dots and chic designer handbags. After all, Kate started selling her handbags first in 1993 prior to any actual storefront (which came three years later).  It’s no secret over the years (Kate & Andy) have designed plenty of clothing and fashion jewelry, even later adding a home section (our favorite is the le Pavillion signature dot insulated cups).  Yet little thought is given to the tiny tech savvy designs of the iPhone cases, namely found in the tech department of the website.  iPhone cases for the 6 and 6 Plus are featured, and are made of resin and are imported.  They are also super cute, especially the signature dots.

iPhone Case by Kate Spade

Le Pavillion iPhone 6 Plus $45 at KateSpade.com

Kate Spade (nee Brosnahan)  has always been known for cool chic purses and organizers.  We’re glad to see Kate Spade is into the tech craze, even if it’s only a small part of the flagship website.  More styles are sold at major department stores like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor of course.  Did we mention they have cases for your iPad too?

Kate Spade iPad Case

Kate Spade iPad Case : Eat Cake for Breakfast $85

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Exquisite Jewelry Marla Bee Designs

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Marla Bee Designs Jewelry

Editor Pick: Scarab Set from Portfolio Here

Exquisite Jewelry from Marla Bee Designs

Marla Bee Designs’ shop is curated and made by Marlaina Beers;  who calls herself a “gemologist in training and a history buff.”  Hailing from Stratford, Connecticut she’s attending a fashion design school, to further her Jewelry Design.  This artisan relishes in the stunning beauty of creating handmade original jewelry designs and pairing them with stunning gemstones.

Peruvian Opal by Marla Bee Designs

Peruvian Opal Necklace, (October Birthstone)  Stunning in Design see it here.

Her website and gallery of work showcases her love for stones and crystals. Designs you will find range from simplistically beautiful to amazingly creative.   Furthermore, she offers  “meaning cards” which will explain further in detail the history of the rocks or gemstones used, what a great idea to send as a gift to your loved one in with your selection!

DragonFly Brooch from Marla Bee Designs

Dragonfly Brooch is interestingly made with crystals!  Find it here.

Marla has done her homework and spent time researching the history of the stones, and there’s one page on her site dedicated to a brief meaning. Her designs are indicative of pairing the prettiest rocks she’s got with the swaggiest of designs and we love them!  Whether you are dressing up or down, you can rest assured your design is unique and eye catching.

Ruby and Pink Beryl Necklace Set

Staff Pick: Ruby and Pink Beryl Necklace Set

Catch up with Marla Bee Designs: 



This was a sponsored post by Marla to feature one item, yet we loved her shop so much we featured the whole post about her and her designs. We can see Marla going places in the future! You heard it first here on Design-Swag!

Update: 9.3.15 the StoreEnvy links went broken, so we have redirected everything to MarlaBeeDesigns.com

Black and White Minimalist Office Decor Ideas

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Office Wall Decal from MarkedCo

Office Wall Decal from MarkedCo $19.00 here

The black and white office is classic and timeless and often looks “more modern” than traditional wood. Here’s some office design ideas to kick start your day. A crisp, clean, contrasting office design can give you more oomph in your work day and possible even make you more productive!

Marked Co Decal $19

As you can see by MarkedCo’s own website, showing a simplistic office space in black and white to show off their wall decal is key.  What a great office space, no clutter, very clean and chic.   Great for home or office.

Ikea Galant Desk

The A-Leg Desk is $79.99 from Ikea

Alternatively, you may choose the T leg for $99.99 from Ikea.com

The simple desk from Ikea takes it’s inspiration from more pricey modern design desks.  Available in A leg or T leg to fit your office space. Simple, elegant, and great for your laptop and small work area.  Pair a simple white desk with a simple black stool and you have got this elegant look !

Black Office Stool from Ikea

This small black stool is only $4.99 at Ikea

Cosco Stool from Etsy

Be different, go to ModernLogic for this vintage Cosco Stool, $55

Office space in the home can be overwhelming when you are trying to balance a work and home life. So the question is, how to keep your desk area neat and clean when you’re at home doing home things and not work related ?  The question would be , where to put all the clutter from your desk? We’ll show you cabinet solutions in the next post. Often cabinets or a credenza behind you can house your paperwork when not working.  Stay tuned.