Vintage Industrial Shabby Chic Decor

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Bakelite Corn Holders from Etsy

Bakelite Corn Holders $48



We’ve found some great vintage relics on Etsy at Shop CallMeCleverVintage that would be great for decorating up your home.  Shabby & chic, nautical, retro vintage antiques just waiting to be had.  Here’s a few of our favorites. Above: As preserved and waiting to be had are butterscotch corn holders. Over time some bakelite has been known to discolor and crack, but these look as pretty as they came off the assembly line! What a great chic item to put at your summer cookouts! Below, snag a vintage Olivetti Typewriter for $140.

Olivetti Typewriter Vintage

Olivetti Typewriter on Etsy CallmeCleverVintage $140


Vintage lovlies in the home make for eye catching displays. Curious objects of yesteryear will keep your decor looking different than cookie cutter.  Below: An old vintage door latch makes for unusual display. See the entire item here.

Vintage Door Latch CallMeCleverVintage on Etsy

Vintage Door Latch CallMeCleverVintage on Etsy

Vintage Objects for Kitchen from Etsy

Vintage Object Lot: Great for your Kitchen $39


All of these items were found at CallMeCleverVintage on Etsy, who sponsored this post.  The shop is run by Shawn Underwood in Seahurst, Washinton!  We love the fact you can use vintage or recycled objects in your home and keep them out of the landfill!

Schmucktruhe Bridal Hair Accessories and Jewelry

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Pretty Jewelry from Schmucktruhe on Etsy

Gorgeous pin from Etsy $28.83 Cameo with Elves

Schmucktruhe offers the prettiest jewelry and hair accessories, many just perfect for bridal needs!  Brides to be will find lovely hair clips and combs adorned with jewels which would look stunning on your wedding day. Much of the shop is handcrafted unique jewellery and cases.  Add a unique look to your veil with a handmade hair accessory!

Wedding Hair Accessory from Etsy

White Rose Hair Clip is perfect for bridal wear! $32.15

he shop is run by Martina Willms from Aurich, Germany who offers a flat rate shipping cost no matter how many items you buy. Martina says she is an artist– she paints pastels, including beautiful landscapes, baroque buildings, and flowers.  Just a few years back she started doing more crafts and dappled in jewelry design and the rest is history.

Green Floral Pattern Hair Comb from Etsy

Green Floral Hair Comb with Real Pearl $26.61

Finding her passion for creating hair accessories and incorporating handmade clay, polymer or decoupage techniques into her work, she makes them look retro when in fact they new!  She incorporates high quality materials with a flair of  vintage style. This gives the items an antique touch.

Owl Comb from Schmucktruhe

Owl Comb is $26.61

Many of the items look as if they were from Victorian era but all are new and handmade with love. You can find out more by visiting :

Schmucktruhe on Etsy

 Twitter @rosentraum


This is a sponsored post but the selection and views are our own!

Designer Dog Purse Rayn Boutique Apparel

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Highland Terrier Purse $38.95

Well if you love your dog and love being casual with your purse, you will love these fantabulous designer doggie bags.  Almost sling messenger style they are lovingly created at Rayn Boutique Apparel, a mom and pop company from Colorado Springs.  They have these great purses embellished with terriers, chow-chows , hounds, and other adorable pooches.


Chow Chow Purse from Etsy Shop

Chow Chow Purse $12.99 Heat Transfer on Cotton Sling here.


Basset Hound Purse on Etsy

Basset Hound Purse so cute from this Etsy shop $38.95

Their items have natural cotton fibers mixed with quirky retro style designs of your favorite furry friend, making for old school meets practicality.  Prices are affordable and fair.  Yet also they carry apparel, so make sure you check out this store for the dog lover in you.  All of these are heat pressed silkscreen transfers on great designs!


Rayn Boutique Apparel


Threads on the Shore

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Etsy Necklage


Oil Diffuser Necklace : Handmade in MN $22

ThreadsOnTheShore  is a  Grand Marais, MN based shop who lives to create nature inspired goods. Their mission statement is  “Create, Collaborate, and Connect” as communal support is important to them.  The shop is loaded with anything and everything from creative artists, from tiny teacup incense burners to wonderful essential oil diffusing necklaces.

Tiny Incense Burner Teacups

Tiny teacups for Incense $10.

They are located in a  revamped space  where there is a a place for artists and artisans to collaborate and make the things they love which helps provide supplemental income to their community.  Their creativity is amazing, making a wide selection and useful products. Grand Marais is a city in Cook County, Minnesota, and in 2010 census, the population was only 1,351 . It is also the county seat of Cook County. Yet for a relatively small place, art thrives here.

Little Teacups

These tiny teacups are our favorite. Find them here.

The shop is partnering with local artists and people who make wonderful things which allows them to share their creativity with the world. The Shopkeeper says, “The North Shore and Lake Superior drive our creativity.”  Perhaps it’s those natural elements that are reflected in the work of the artists if you look closely…..


Bird Mobile Gift Idea

Interesting artists creative interesting things.

Bird Mobile

Bird Mobile is $10

The best part from a collective shop of artists is the variety of what you will find. You’ll see handmade clay, sculptures, jewelry, hand sewn items, upcycled items and vintage to name a few. Since you never know what you’ll find it’s best to bookmark this shop.  Some of our favorite things are tablet cases and magnets, and the items you see here.

Dragonfly Sculpture

The Dragonfly Sculpture is interesting and whimsical at only $25


Threads on the Shore Sponsored this post but the ideas are our own.

See more here. 

MuseValley Young Creators Promotion Milan Design Week 2015

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Muse Valley is the Place for Artists and Designers to Join for Free Exposure, Contests and Getting Noticed!

We just saw this article about Muse Valley  launching it’s  Young Creators Promotion’ project at Milan Design Week 2015!  It appears this year, as a part of MuseValley extensive activity in the field of design and digital, the Company under direction of CEO and Founder Oz Goren has embarked volunteering activity to encourage and empower young designers and creators, by promoting their work. It’s no doubt an opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime.Muse Valley

Aluminum Sliders Cars: One of the Design Projects We Found on Musevalley by Shayash6

This kind of activity provides new artists with a jump-start into the world of art and design… and provides them with a FREE Online Promotion For Two Years!  It says that designers can now sign up for a meeting or leave a message for a call back.


Why to Join:  Free Exposure & Contests Galore.

You can enter contests posted by others, who may just buy your work!  Or you can post contests yourself if you are looking for a unique item. The concept is very alluring and interesting to the prospective designer.    In the past so many artists and independent designers have joined sites like Etsy hoping to get “found and discovered” yet with so many items it’s easy to get lost in the sauce. In our opinion, Muse-Valley makes it easy to get noticed by joining contents and showcasing your work. We checked it out ourselves, and making an account is easy, you can connect via social networking sites like Facebook and create a user name and password. There you can showcase your designs with the world!

contests muse valley


At any given time there are numerous contests to enter on Muse Valley.


For more information go to

Refer to this article : Muse Valley Young Creators Promotion

Twitter @musevalley


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