Children Helping Animals in Need London Dilorio’s Cause to End Animal Abuse

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Children Helping Animals In Need demonstrates compassion towards animals Credit: Getty Images 

One Small Girl:  One Huge Cause….

This may just be the swaggiest things we’ve seen lately Children Helping Animals in Need.  We heard from proud mom , an animal lover, who shared with us how her daughter London is out to make big changes in the world.  It seems at an early age London has always had a love and compassion for animals–and is now empowering others to do the same.


London Dilorio CHAIN Children Helping Animals In Need

This picture is worth a thousand words!  London Dilorio’s message is seen here.  Credit: C.H.A.I.N

London’s goal is to teach others to cherish their pets and not to abuse or discard them.  What a wonderful conquest. Imagine that one child could be a role model to other children early on potentially ending he cycle of abuse in great numbers. The benefits are simply astounding.  London may very well touch children who may see animal abuse happening in their neighborhoods and not know what to do about it.  By potentially deterring animal abuse now, and teaching children to grow up having a much different outlook on how to treat animals.   Many of them may be more susceptible to adopting and properly caring for  pets later in life – therefore one small girl could just change the world one pet at a time!

London Dilorio has a Website for Helping End Animal Abuse

London Dilorio has a Website for Helping End Animal Abuse here.


What will make London successful is that she’s real, like writing her own blog post on the C.H.A.I.N. blog, like this excerpt from Why Should People Have Pets?  She writes, “A pet can make you healthier.  It can help your muscles by walking, running or jogging with your dog. Even cats can help too! They can cut your heart attack risk by one-third! Pet owners sometimes, after they have surgery have recovered faster than people who don’t own pets.”   

London is almost eleven years old – what a smart little girl and we love her.

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Naughty Treasures Sinful Pleasures 2016 Guide to Happiness

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