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too many design blogs ….     what ? …  another design blog ?  …no, this is more about the craft of design going into an item, e know, we know, sigh….so many out there right?

but this one is different and made  with ♥  ….we know you will like it if you give it a look see you will find what you like either by color   red orange green yellow blue purple and black and white or you can browse by section … most of our features are about etsy …   why ?  because we loveeee etsy

who are we?  a bunch of bloggers who love cool stuff.


Andrea  guest

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Cynmarie  Editor

—————what to read?———-

Industrial Swag

This section is all about good grungy industrial design. Rusty rocking and retro. I think of metal, steel and strong when I think of industrialism. New or old, you’ll find something to appreciate here.

Mid Century Modern Swag

Ahhhh the designs of yesterday in the mid century modern vibe. Or new things with modern vibes.  Decor, things or furnishings you will find some  here.

Farmhouse Chic Swag 

It’s that shabby stuff but with a farmhouse barn loving cottage edge to it.

Fashionista Swag 

This kind of swag design is for the upscale modern diva. Who wants some retro? I do!  Vintage love and chock full of handmade lovelies. It’s all in here.

What the Funk Swag

These items are the totally funky design that really turns your head.  Gadgets, tech, and hardcore what the funk?

Typography Swag

This encompasses all things typography that are calling out to me. I just love old fonts and handmade creations that are modern styled.

Animal Swag

Obviously this is anything to do with animals. From rocking horses to mutt clothes, you will find it here. Hey, animals need love too!

Interior Design Swag

Interior design ideas, love, templates, and great finds from across the web! Can you have a design blog without it?

Wedding Swag

Weddings, time of bliss, and great bride , groom and wedding party swag!



so yes this blog is full of swag vintage retro industrial mid century modern decor and finds for the fashionista

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