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Disclaimer & Content Policy: 

Sometimes Design-Swag accepts payments for sponsored posts, or sponsors links within the post.  Content here is all written and approved by our Editor, and we have strict guidelines on what we post or link.  Very rare will you see a “Guest Post”.  That being said, not all advertisers are approved; and all the content you read is our own unless it specifies otherwise.

Therefore, some of the content you are reading may be sponsored content, and that means we have received payment for advertising it.

Broken Link Policy

We have a strict broken link policy in order to keep our website in good standing and clean, we remove all detected broken links within 7 days. Sometimes we understand that sites go down, or links can be broken, but if a sponsor has vanished, so will their link.  If you see broken links, please report them to us.



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Advertising on the sidebar or getting your product in a post can be easy.

About :  Design-Swag is a tenured niche (PR3 USA before Google disabled page rank) WordPress powered site with reputable content. We features Wedding, DIY, Vintage, Chic, Artisan Designed Items, Fashion, Clothing.  We feature a lot of Etsy items and have good Google exposure. All content is monitored.


Here our are rates as of 11/21/16.  

By purchase of any of these packages you have read the terms and conditions below: 

  • Must be G rated. No unworthy adult entertainment, gambling or cigars/cigarettes etc.
  • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE DEAD LINKS WITHOUT A REFUND.  If the links go dead, our spam checker removes them, no ifs ands or butts. Broken links are bad for any website and can affect our ranking. Chances are if your links go dead , you are no longer in business and you won’t care. But if let’s say you have a hosting company crash,  or change your URL’s please make sure that you notify us immediately. If you for instance used to sell on Etsy and now you are on Shopify and using different URL’s this can impact your ad or links in a feature and they will be removed without notice.

Here’s how you purchase easy as 1-2-3. 

1.  Use the appropriate Buy it Now feature below via Paypal.

2.  Email your avatar or text link information to If you have purchased a full feature, we need a blurb about your product, company or item and up to three links.  This can be your website, your twitter, or facebook or you may choose to have us work three item links in, or three page links in, totally up to you.

3. After you’ve chosen your plan / plans or packages text or call 410-908-9241 (Cindy) to alert her you have done so to expedite your order as our Editor travels often.  Business inquiries only.  Leave a detailed message if you do not get her.


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