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Design-Swag has been around since 2013, and we pride ourselves on good content and interesting articles that we share to the web.  If any of the content on the websites goes broken (as products often sell, or websites may be removed) then so are the links in the relevant articles. We like to keep good quality content and that means removing junk files.

Now, we would like to talk to you about the FTC guidelines concerning blogs and our sponsorship policy. For one, we are to disclose certain things to the reader which we do if you notice the symbols on the bottom of our pages.    First and foremost,  Design-Swag is proud to say we control 100% content being written on our own blog.

  • We don’t get paid to write reviews.
  • Even if a company approaches us if we don’t feel it’s a good fit for our blog, we won’t feature them.
  • We only feature products or services we’d use ourselves.
  • We honestly research a topic and write about it unless otherwise indicated.

Now, some things you should know:

  • We do feature shops or companies if we feel they would be a good fit. In these cases we write the content ourselves and will get paid for a sponsored post.
  • These small payments help keep up the hosting account that is required to run Design-Swag.
  • We do sell links, within an article, if a company wishes to buy a backlink, but we will let the reader know!

Read more about this, and please see what these symbols mean:

#SL  = SPONSORED LINK This is where we are getting paid to put a link in the post.  The article is generally centered in the same niche field as the post.  For instance, we’re writing about computers and we link in a computer desk.  Simple as that.  Why do companies want links?   Good links help create more authority to their sites, backlinks are good and it helps their placement in Google.

#SP = SPONSORED POST  This is where the company paid for the feature or to be talked about, but remember we write the content ourselves and we aren’t getting paid to write about our favorite items in that shop or in that store.

#GP= GUEST POST  This is where we received compensation and allow someone to guest post. This is content written by someone else .  Often times companies like to guest post and write about their topic because they know it better than we do. Often times this contains a link to their site, which helps them build credibility.

Compensation may be in the form of products, freebies, coupons, trade articles, trade links, or actual monetary equivalent. 

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New, as of 2018, Design Swag is owned by RetroChalet.


Broken Link Policy

We have a strict broken link policy in order to keep our website in good standing and clean, we remove all detected broken links within 7 days. Sometimes we understand that sites go down, or links can be broken, but if a sponsor has vanished, so will their link.  If you see broken links, please report them to us.


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