Orange Color Palette Design Shopping Guide

orange design color palette pantone

All of these wonderful finds in orange swag design, are from the Etsy shops below!

1. Vintage books...A set of five hard-to-find coral, orange, tangerine and salmon vintage hardback linen/leather/canvas (hardcover) books great for a photoshoot, wedding decor or as bookshelf fillers. Cool vintage design. Dress up that interior. $27 at EmmelineChic on Etsy!

2. Vintage 60s Orange Mod Mini Dress…Textured Polyester Knit A-Line Short Sleeve Go-Go dress fits Women’s Size Small Medium $45 at Skella on Etsy.

3. Wallet … Laminated & handmade.  Artwork and paint chip swatches between layers of clear vinyl.  $16 from Tinymeat on Etsy.

4. Owl Garden Stake… Polymer Clay handmade Ornament, Table Decorations for Birthday or Shower this cute owl would look great anywhere. $16 Arzu Musa on Etsy.

5. Starfish Earrings… in Orange Swarovski Crystal come with a Necklace Combo / Copper $45 (combo) at Catju Handmade Jewelry on Etsy.

6. Pillow Cover …16″ x 16″ in tangelo orange and white on 100% cotton duck in the Embrace print, $16 at ThePillowPeople on Etsy.

Incorporate some orange into your life today!