Swag of the Month Design Awards

We are highlighting a great design each month, one of the finds we just loved. In addition, starting in 2014 for our anniversary, we select one site/find/shop per year for outstanding award, and give them 6 months free advertising!

Yearly Winners

2015 2 Year Anniversary Rakun Shop

2014 1 Year Anniversary Hummingbird Bay

Monthly Winners


Rakun Shop's Maple Sliced Ring December 2014 – Rakun Shop in Denver, won also the Free Advertising Award

Wedding Decals Marked CoNovember 2014 – Cool Wedding Decals from Marked Co

BigFatDaddys Museum October 2014 Grilling Museum by Big Fat Daddy’s 

September 2014  Saul’s Creative Cottage Signs

August 2014  Coming Soon The Jury Is Out

July 2014  Hair Clip Organizers from Two Sparrows Studio **

June 2014  Coming Soon The Jury is Out

May 2014  Coming Soon the Jury is Out

April 2014 Cubist Modern Patio Furniture

March 2014 – eLMNOP Swaying Hammer Lamp

designswag wedding topper design pick of the month from etsy February 2014 – Cupcake Wedding Toppers

January 2014  – Mike Zittel’s Industrial Handmade Shelf

Best Design December 2013 – Creations of Manny Maiers

November 2013 –Gipsy Dharma Leather Boots

October 2013 – Maria Hera Purple Crocheted Sweater

September 2013 – waiting on voting

August 2013  Rae Dunn Pet Urn

July 2013  – waiting on voting.

Bicycle BookendsJune 2013 – Bicycle Bookends

May 2013  – Blue Stained Glass Window

April 2013 – Rowan Chase Lighting at Lumigado

Lucky 8 Pillow from Etsy - Snow Little Shop March 2013 – Lucky 8 Pillow in Purple in Purple Pillow Designs

February 2013  –  Rechargeable BoomCase Vintage Upcycled Suitcase

January  2013 –  Stevenson Brothers Handmade Rocking Horses

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