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BookPrint Paris

I love Paris Print on Old Book Page  is only $12 found here



Today we find inspiring wall art made from old books at SherriDPrint.  Decorate your interiors with something unique. These prints are done on backgrounds of book pages.  Keeping it real and handmade no two are alike as no two book pages are alike!  They come from REALLY old books, like encyclopedias and antique books that would normally be collecting dust somewhere. Instead, they are nw super swaggy design for your walls!

Sherri D Print on Etsy

Staff Favorite:  Artist Dog Print, adorable. $12 .

The shop is run on Etsy, by Shahin Damghani in California. Prints include quotes, funny animals and various art forms. Each print is custom made and has a one to two week delivery frame, which is how you know you are getting something handmade.   They are affordable, much more so in comparison of some shops we’ve seen . We found out that Shahin’s passion is art, but the shop has a unique story and decided to share it.

Book Print from Etsy

Super Artsy Print with Boy and Balloons $12

Design-Swag: What prompted you to open up a shop on Etsy? What are your favorite items (aside from these book prints?)

Shahin : Art is my passion. I simply love books–old books to be exact.  My other favorite items are  Jewelry.

Design-Swag:  What is the story behind your shop? 

Shahin:  I think the great story of my shop is its purpose : helping a friend. In 2012 I started to sell vintage prints to help a long time friend as her husband was battling cancer. Some proceeds went to help her. 

Design-Swag:   how wonderful! Which prints are your favorite? 

Shahin: I love all my prints but I will be very happy when others also like them.

With that said, please go check them out:

SherriDPrint on Etsy 



Industrial Shelving Design Trends Interior Love

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Industrial Wooden ShelfEtsy Shop: MikeZittel handmakes this industrial design shelf.

Etsy shop Mike Zittel has a great handmade item –this vintage industrial shelf!  Handmade with oak wood, it comes in pieces and requires some assembly. It’s this shelf, that reminds me of something I saw in Grandpa’s garage years ago.  Industrial for sure, but vintage inspired. This could be holding unique and eclectic collectibles and antiques, perhaps even wooden items one has collected over the years. I would just love to put some of my old Bliss wood toys on it.  The shelf measures about 3′ long making it perfect for holding books and knick-knacks.The retail is $249.95 although it you want it shipped assembled you will be paying a bit more.

Design Shelf Industrial Etsy

Shelf from Mike Zittel, handmade in the USA only $249.95

So many ideas, from man-cave to antique lover, this shelf is for you!

Design Worthy History of Kee-Lox Typewriter Ribbon Tin

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Kee Lox Brand Rochester Design Typwriter Ribbon Box

Photo Credit: This great typewriter tin is available at and photographed by CanemahStudios on Etsy.

The gorgeous typewriter tin is available at CanemahStudios on Etsy just $11.99. This tin is not only great in design, but probably has real gold used in the paint used on the tin.  Gorgeous typography and good fancy design prove there was an industrial time where pride was taken in everything manufactured in the USA.

Kee-Lox Manufacturing Company History – Industrial USA

I was intrigued by this company and did a little research. The Kee-Lox Manufacturing company was originally formed by James T. Miller (holding the most shares) and two Pembroke’s (W.B. and Charles J.) to make carbon papers, typewriters ribbons and various inks, (most likely typewriter inks). Early records dating back to 1905 show the company was booming–according to a Virginia Law Register, the company’s stock went from $10,000 to $500,000 in the sales year 1905 which is  huge amount of beans back then.   Articles I found from 1910 show them selling cases of ribbons. Back in 1920 you could order a dozen black Royal J Ivorv brand ribbons for only $3.35 wholesale.  I assume they were distributing to stores who were selling typewriters and were pretty much the go to guys in the USA.

Kee Lox Vintage Ad New York City

Circa Oct 1910 ad from Old Survey Magazine Smart Marketing of Kee-Lox

See the ad above from 1910–their marketing department used a rather unusual approach to get the typewriter tins into the businesses. I suppose it worked. They were also doing worldwide sales, as the company was featured in an “Americana” book in 1934 which stated that the Kee-Lox brand was worldwide distributed, partially due to the fact Charles J. Pembroke had handled his own sales department.   Just goes to show when an owner is directly involved the business thrives.  I lost track of them in the 1950’s, but it was the early history I was interested in.

Design worthy and quality go hand and hand with yesterday’s industrialism. It was not uncommon for some of East Coast’s business men to form partnerships or corporations when living in different states. There are many tales of Baltimore – Virginia or Virginia – New York partners. Railroads and big cities were thriving back then.  If you have ever been to Rochester New York or visited their antique malls like I have you will see some of the East Coast’s best industrial relics.  Gold gilding is everywhere. Perhaps this wee typewriter tin is a reminder that there was prosperity here.

Post by: Ira Mency



Mid Century Modern Decors and Interior Design

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mid century modern interior design

Image Courtesy of : Populuxe on Etsy

When I think of Mid Century Modern I think of all the wonderful designers who made the fabulous interiors and I also think of great plastic. This book on Mid Century Modern design is chock full of gorgeous interior shots. You can get some ideas to do up your pad right based on yesterday’s trends and styles. The book is available for $99 at Populuxe but the design will last a lifetime.

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