Swarovski Crystal Gingko Leaf Earrings Catju Handmade Jewelry

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Swarovski Crystal Jet Glacier Blue Gingko Leaf Earrings Etsy

Catju Handmade Jewelry , Catju Designs Gingko Leaf Earrings $30 here

Catju Handmade Jewelry aka Catju Designs has these lovely ginkgo leaf earrings. They are made with high quality German silver earwires!  These are over an inch long (including earwires) and are crystals in cool glacier blue.  Flashy bling is just what you need for the holiday season.

Catju’s shop is curated by jewelry designer Kathy Redding, out of Port Charlotte Florida.  Her creations incorporate Swarovski but as for these earrings she explains, “In 2009, Swarovski partnered with renowned French designer Andree Putman, who created an exclusive collection called Fantastic Flowers, including a gingko leaf, lily, orchid, lotus, zinnia, and dragonfly pendants.  Gingko leaves are thought to signify strength, longevity, hope and peace.  The ginkgo tree is the oldest surviving species of tree known to exist, with a botanical history spanning more than 200 million years.”

Catju Designs Handmade Jewelry Green Earrings

These earrings are $21 and have a gorgeous blue green color, Find them here. 

Above  Emerald green Glacier Swarovski crystals in a silver plated crown setting, with tiny rhinestone silver plated earwires give off a green blue hue.    These would be perfect for holiday events.  Below, you can dress your wedding party bridesmaids in matching earrings. Buy sets of three and save in bulk!

Blue Swarovski Earrings, Sparkly Vintage Strass Octagon Swarovski Bermuda Blue Earrings, Three Pair for Bridesmaids, Bridal, Wedding

Simply lovely, this group for $75 here.

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Green With Envy Design Trends Shopping Guide

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green designs

Here are some great designs and fashion trends in hues of green that make us green with envy! See below where to get them.  We just love this collection and right before St. Patty’s day makes for perfect timing!

Etsy vintage disco dress

Etsy Find!

1. Vintage Pucci Like Dress comes from BuzzingBeesVintage on Etsy.  This is labeled as a 70’s retro DISCO retro dress and is $65.55 USD. So Pucci like and so lovely in greens. Great for the fashionista diva in you.

etsy necklace green good design

Etsy Find!

2. Upcycled TShirt Necklace in Green from Etsy shop Creations by Terra  $12.99 for this tie dyed lovely!

3. Esprit has made this wonderful rug in their “Esprit Home Soft Glamour Line” found on Heine website.  Currently is retailing at 154.99 EUROS which equates to about $204.42 USD. Not bad for an area rug.  **As of 4/12/13, this item was sold out on Heine.de website

4. Diesel Watch in unisex made with silicone green strap great gift idea and so lovely $100.00 at Macy’s.

5.  Sagaform Green Funky Juicy Glasses in funky green, $16.99-$19.99 in a four piece set at Target.

6.  At the time of this article, you used to be able to make your own Converse, DC Comics dollar signs and customized for about $75.00.  In 2003 Nike bought them out. You can still customize some designs here. Alternatively, you can find something similar via an Etsy sellers who can customize designs here. 

etsy green necklace catju

Etsy Find!

7. Lemon Chrysoprase Gemstone Necklace Earring Combo, Smoked Topaz Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Earring Set, $48,00m CatjuHandmadeJewelry on Etsy

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