Metal and Wood Elements for Interior Design Sweat and Steel

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interior design design swag Image Courtesy: SweatandSteel


Hello, what’s this? A great mixture of wood and metal and you thought it couldn’t be so. Look at the natural raw materials used here and how lovely this would look in the modern dining area or kitchen.  Designer Blake Ryan Towsley out of Texas, with his design company Sweat and Steel makes these great tables to order. Did I mention that the steel is  cut and ground to your desired finish, or the fact that Blake uses upcycled wood recovered from Texas Farms and Ranches?  Yeah, super swaggy and eco friendly all in one.  This dining room table is available currently on Etsy, for just $600.00


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Mid Century Modern Decors and Interior Design

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mid century modern interior design

Image Courtesy of : Populuxe on Etsy

When I think of Mid Century Modern I think of all the wonderful designers who made the fabulous interiors and I also think of great plastic. This book on Mid Century Modern design is chock full of gorgeous interior shots. You can get some ideas to do up your pad right based on yesterday’s trends and styles. The book is available for $99 at Populuxe but the design will last a lifetime.

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