Crochet Bikini Dress CrochetBaeUSA

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Crochet Bikini Dress

Crochet Bae USA on Etsy, this dress $200 here .

Bikini Dresses Crocheted with Love……..

Winter is hitting the East Coast with a surge in winter temps.  Vacations to warmer places, or life in Florida or California may sound fine.  Imagine laying out by the pool in this crochet bikini dress. That’s right, I said crocheted.   Crochet isn’t just for scarves, toys or blanket anymore, but for stylish beachwear. These deisgns are crafted with love by Crochet Bae USA in San Diego, California.

Crochet Beach Wear Cover Purple and White from CrochetBaeUSA, Etsy.

Crochet Purple Dress from CrochetBaeUSA

Most dresses will “stretch” to accommodate but different sizes are available.  What lovely gifts for the special gal on your list.  What I seem to like the most, is the fact they are making crochet hip and trendy again.

great knit bikini dress Crochet Bae on Etsy

Grey and White Crocheted Swimwear Dress 

 Find this and more at CrochetBaeUSA.

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Swarovski Crystal Gingko Leaf Earrings Catju Handmade Jewelry

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Swarovski Crystal Jet Glacier Blue Gingko Leaf Earrings Etsy

Catju Handmade Jewelry , Catju Designs Gingko Leaf Earrings $30 here

Catju Handmade Jewelry aka Catju Designs has these lovely ginkgo leaf earrings. They are made with high quality German silver earwires!  These are over an inch long (including earwires) and are crystals in cool glacier blue.  Flashy bling is just what you need for the holiday season.

Catju’s shop is curated by jewelry designer Kathy Redding, out of Port Charlotte Florida.  Her creations incorporate Swarovski but as for these earrings she explains, “In 2009, Swarovski partnered with renowned French designer Andree Putman, who created an exclusive collection called Fantastic Flowers, including a gingko leaf, lily, orchid, lotus, zinnia, and dragonfly pendants.  Gingko leaves are thought to signify strength, longevity, hope and peace.  The ginkgo tree is the oldest surviving species of tree known to exist, with a botanical history spanning more than 200 million years.”

Catju Designs Handmade Jewelry Green Earrings

These earrings are $21 and have a gorgeous blue green color, Find them here. 

Above  Emerald green Glacier Swarovski crystals in a silver plated crown setting, with tiny rhinestone silver plated earwires give off a green blue hue.    These would be perfect for holiday events.  Below, you can dress your wedding party bridesmaids in matching earrings. Buy sets of three and save in bulk!

Blue Swarovski Earrings, Sparkly Vintage Strass Octagon Swarovski Bermuda Blue Earrings, Three Pair for Bridesmaids, Bridal, Wedding

Simply lovely, this group for $75 here.

Find out more at



Wrap it Up Boutique Bracelets For Everyone

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Wrap It Up Boutique Copper Goldstone Gemstone Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

Horse Trilayer Wrap Bracelet Features Turquoise and Goldstone here, $42.99


WrapitupBoutique   on Etsy offers handcrafted jewelry from Royal Oak, Michigan, Shop owner Nancy Cromie explains, “I have always been an artist at heart. I love to create! Painting and drawing has always been a passion of mine but lately I have learned that making jewelry is a wonderful creative outlet. It is so much fun to find that perfect button or those beautiful beads and feel the creativity start to flow. I hope you like what you see, I certainly love what I make.”
Tree of Life Bracelet from WrapItUpBoutique

Tree of Life Bracelet, here, $13.99

Tree of Life bracelet is a colorful yoga mala bracelet showing a classical spiritual tree of Life.  For $13.99 it’s a bargain!

Lucky Elephant Gemstone Bracelet at Wrap It Up Boutique On Etsy

Lucky Elephant Bracelet $34.99 here

Wrap it Up, We’ll Take It 

Bracelets are one of a kind and unique, so gift giving is made easy. Anyone you know who has a spiritual, earthy, natural, bohemian or yoga style  would appreciate this style jewelry. Natural and neutral tones can be had as well as vibrant colors.  Prices are inexpensive and shipping is more than fair. Find out more on Etsy:  Wrap It Up Boutique.

yoga bracelet wrapitupboutique $12.99

$12.99 gets you this awesome adjustable Yoga Bracelet


Lovable Leftovers Found Art Objects

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LovableLeftovers  Found Art Objects

LovableLeftovers Found Art Object: Miss Muffet $50 on Etsy here

Etsy, the place known for handmade is also the place known for one of a kind gift ideas. That proves true with Connie Grier’s shop Lovable Leftovers.  Connie is an assemblage artist using found objects and fashioning them into art.   These cute and quirky sculptures would look great in your home or on your desk at work.

Connie Grier Sculpture

Pig Assemblage , $30

The best thing about assemblage art is many components are used – vintage items that would otherwise be overlooked in such a way, or broken discarded treasures of days gone by. Connie enjoys taking these lost objects and making them found again, just waiting for their new home. Most sculptures average prices range $30-$60, very reasonably.

Wafers Dog Sculpture from Etsy

Wafers Dog Sculpture, $60

Connie reuses goods and receives some supplies from her sister who is a scavenger of thrift boutiques. Behold, once the items are given to Connie they are transformed into something else.  Woodrow, below, consists of an old Naco Cadet Whisk – early brooms and brushes used for cleaning clothes or shoes.  Something like this may not be in use anymore, yet surely has a story to tell.

Woodrow: Editor’s Pick at $30 is fashioned from an old wood whisk and stories to tell. 

Check out Connie’s Shop Lovable Leftovers here.

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Nature Inspired Decor Items Design Worthy

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Fox Hill Llamas Natural Vase

Fox Hill Llamas Fibre Vase $39.19

Natural Decor Trends

Going au’ natural leaves a lot to be desired. Simplistic artful objects to decorate your home are easy design focal points and making interesting topics of conversation.  Decorating or gift giving never was easier with the addition of unique and authentic items.

A Touch of Fur

Try to bring the warmth of a real llama into your living quarters with the vases above and below. provided by Fox Hill Llamas, a they are made from llama fibre that is felted with a wet felting method. You can also add essential oil or perfume to the item to fragrance the home.  

Above:  Llamas ‘Shadow and Tango’ have provided the fibre for this item.  The vase contains a removable glass insert so you can put a tea light candle inside.      Below: Assortment of vases from their farm in Crossman, WA, Australia . Get one for $33.91 gift boxed here. Items are handmade and curated by shop owner Nichelle Scholz.

Using fibre from the llamas creates these beautiful felted vases. Great gift ideas. FoxHillLlamas

Sands of Time

Sand is simplistic and plentiful on beaches,  yet we often don’t see it much in decorating.  Explosion Luck offers all kinds of knick knicks and decorative items for the home. This includes sand art pictures. We truly adore this one made to look like an antique porthole.

Captain Haddock antique style porthole is a moving sand art picture $250.00!

Conversation Starters and Story Tellers

If anything both the vases and sand art above are true conversation pieces.  We also love to keep people guessing when items are repurposed for use in decorating.  The below finds all will keep your customers asking you, where did it come from?

Reclaimed Wood Shelves , Etsy shop JPCreations

Reclaimed Wood Shelves , Etsy shop JPCreations1 $35.00

Reclaimed wood is a big broad topic and we adore the fact that old wood can find a new home rather than being burned in a fire pile or discarded. What a wonderful way to adorn your home and have one of a kind decor that no one can match even if they tried! Dare to be different and unique with these finds.

Above: Reclaimed wood possible old pallets make for interesting shelving. Below: A pit of pipe and wood never looked so fabulous.

Industrial Shelving off Etsy Shop IndustrialEnvy

Industrial Shelving, $3298 from Industrial Envy made from reclaimed components.

Insects with a Twist

If we saw the giant bug below crawling around we would be scared, yet the artist has made a huge sculpture of reclaimed metal.. Interesting bug with natural finish  would look great hanging around the home and be a welcome addition to the household.

Scrap Metal Bug find it here at Green Hand Sculpture. $402.84

Pulley Light West Ninth Vintage on Etsy

Editor Pick: Pulley Light brings old things back to life at West Ninth Vintage on Etsy.

We would like to remind you that buying handmade and items with natural components help keep it real. Some of the artists featured in this post were sponsored, yet the thoughts and selections are our own.