Tundrada Arctic Gifts Reindeer Antlers Moss Baskets

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Tundrada Natural tree Moss Basket on Etsy

Tundrada Natural Tree Moss Basket on Etsy, here .

If you are looking for a different decor realm, why not try something from Finland’s arctic? We’re talking about Tundrada, the eclectic Etsy shop where shopkeeper  Eline Niemi collects items from local forests in Enontekiö, Finland .  This area encompasses the outermost tip of Finland and is home to only 1900 residents.  The local industry is known for tourism and reindeer. (Yes, we said reindeer.)

Reindeer Horns

Reindeer Antlers make a Great Coat Rack, find them here. 

These items are both eco friendly and green; leaving a smaller footprint comes handmade manufacturing using leftovers from nature.    Ir’s true Eline spends time in the local forest foraging for leftovers. Antlers, moss and natural leaves are just some components she turns into decor for your life with useful and practical items.

Reindeer Antlers

Reindeer Coat Rack

Shipping to the US is no problem, check the store out here.  TUNDRADA

Home Office Computer Lab Swag

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How To Build Your Own Computer Lab at Home

Today, more and more businesses are bringing their office into their home. If you have decided to join in the bandwagon and you are currently organizing or designing your computer lab at home, here are some things that you must keep in mind:

Step One:  Plan your layout properly.

Having too many computers in one room may seem impossible but this can be achieved. All you have to do is to plan a great layout of your computer racks. In order to achieve the perfect layout for your home computer lab, you have to consider some factors. First of all, you have to take a look at the space of your room. How many computers can it accommodate? Once you have established the number of computers that it can accommodate, the next thing that you should think about how to arrange the computer racks in the most efficient way possible. There are many layouts that you can try. First off, try putting all the computers in the middle area to create a great pathway. Another popular layout is putting computers in an L shape layout. You can use trial and error method so you can discover which layout would work best for you.

Step Two: Get updated with the latest technology.

As we all know, technology is being improved on a regular basis. If you wish ti maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and comfort of your computer lab, then you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends in technology today. More than the layout, you have to find a way to make your computers run as fast and efficient as possible and doing so will involve the use of standard power strips, rack mount power strips, three-phase technology and a whole lot more. The technology you will employ will be dependent upon the following factors: space of the room, amount of outlets needed, the requirement of each plug and many more.

Step Three:  Establish a great cooling strategy.

Each and every computer emits a certain amount of heat. When you have too many of these units in one room, you will not be able to tolerate the heat that these units may emit. Additionally, too much heat may promote fast degradation of your computer. Because of this, you must also prioritize the cooling method or strategy that you must employ for your computer lab. There are different types of cooling methods out there today. Be sure to choose one which is both cost effective and budget friendly.

Step Four:  Equip it with reliable furniture.

After ensuring the efficiency of your computers, the next best thing that you must focus on is the comfort of your employees. This can be done by choosing the right furniture. Typing for 8 hours a day can lead to back pains. The best thing that you can do for your people is to choose reliable yet comfortable computer lab furniture. These include buying office chairs that are ergonomic and convenient to sit on. Of course, you will also have to think about the computer racks.

Keep these tips in mind and you can be able to build a great computer lab in your home. 


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Design Worthy Wedding Car Decals MarkedCo Etsy Shop

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Cute Wedding Design Decal

Wedding Day Decals :  $35 from MarkedCo on Etsy.


MarkedCo has been subject of much publicity lately. We found them on this hot Christmas gift list :  Twenty Etsy Gifts for under $20 so we browsed their shop.  We couldn’t resist the cute designs they have for newlyweds and just married brides and grooms. Today’s wedding swag is simply that, swaggy chic decals for your back window to tell the world you’ve just been married.

MarkedCo Wedding Decals

Sailor’s Tattoo Wedding Day Banner $38 at Etsy Shop MarkedCo

Karen Simpson runs this shop from Seattle.  What’s better than a handmade decal for your car on your wedding day? Or, having something custom made for you? Certainly only one thing.  Picking a cool color name like GUM AIN’T DUMB or EASTER BUNNY.


Marked co Colors


Only in Seattle at MarkedCo.

For the colors alone we awarded them the Design-Swag award for November!

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Romance Your Interior with Silk Floral Arrangements

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Fake Floral Arrangement at Fine Orchid Creations

Romance Your Interior!  This Lavender Rose & Hydrangea in Vase ready to go for $110

Are you longing for the appearance of romance in your home or cottage? We’ve got the answers for you.  Fresh flowers seem to be seasonal anymore, based on weather patterns and insects, and often leave us frustrated when trying to make a focal point in our room. Now you can rest assured with faux floral arrangements that look just like the real deal! What’s better, no water or special care required at Fine Orchid Creations on Etsy!

English Rose Faux Arrangement

We love this, English Rose in Water, on sale for $75, see it here

Each assortment is lovingly crafted using silk flowers (that’s right, they are fake) and special resins to create the appearance of “water” in the bottom of a vase.  They create a great shabby chic looking setting for your home, or cottage. They are also great photo props, if you have an online store, you can use them in your background.   If you don’t like the “water look” then you can opt for something just in a vase….might we suggest this one below?

Fake Floral Arrangement with Vase at Fine Orchid Creations

Stunning for any interior, owl and English Roses $55

Find out more here, on Etsy at Fine Orchid Creations.  The shop is run by Yvonne, from Kendall, Florida.  She says, ” love helping people decorate and add beauty to their homes. My passion became my hobby, which then quickly became my career. I am so blessed to have my own business and to be able to share my creations with the world.”

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Plastic Fantastic

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Plastic Fantastic


Plastic Fantastic, just about everything we touch is made of plastic.  Good design is everywhere.  Recently old melmac and melamine became increasingly collectible, yet mass produced from the 1950’s to 1970’s with billions of pieces floating around. One can only wonder what will be valuable fifty years from now? Will it be that nifty orange stapler, or that rainbow plastic Ice watch? What exactly will be the next “hit” among collectors.  One of these things above or below?