Designer Paper Quilled Birthday Cards

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Rita Bose Of Things Pretty

Designer Rita Bose knows what is pretty!

Leave it to an Etsian to come up with the best designed greeting cards ever, each unique and handmade with colorful paper designs. The paper is rolled and quilled together to make these 3-D cards. Affordable and unique, these will have your betrothed’s eyes popping out. Nothing like giving a fancy design but paying a dime.  The art of paper quilling goes back some time to the 16th and 17th century.   Popular in France and Italy, one may forget just how lovely these designs can be. The art is also often called paper scrolling, rolling, or filigree mosaic. More often than not, simply just “quilling.” 

Rita Bose paper quilled cards on Etsy

 The Art of Paper Quilling according to Rita Bose

These are the works of Rita Bose, an artist from India.  Average price range about $8 and her shop has everything from Bridal to Christmas. You can even have custom work done. Find her at OfThingsPretty on Etsy.   Her work is also here,

Pick of the Month of April:   Easter Card:

Etsy shop designer Rita Bose OF THINGS PRETTY paper quilled flowers

 Find this Easter card set here $24/3.






Elegant Mid Century Modern Design on Italian Versace Floor Lamp

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Versace Floor Lamp

Photo Credit: Versace Home Collection Released 2012

Versace’s usual over the top designs are subdued in this sleek series of floor lamps. The one above, they call “Maria.”  It shows a sleek mid century modern design mixed with colors silver and black to make a great quiet but swaggy addition to your decor.  The lamp is closely related to it’s cousin Sophia. as you can see from their catalog below.

design swag lamps by versace

Versace can play design both ways. Their usual gold-lion-classic fancy Italian designs in the catalogue still exist. These are sleek but simple modern design but good luck finding them.  These lamps are in boutiques in Italy and Switerland but finding them in the states may be a bit more difficult. There are ten Versace stores in the US, a list of them are here.  These items aren’t in their online store catalog, but you can find out more on their  Versace website.  

Mid Century Modern Decors and Interior Design

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mid century modern interior design

Image Courtesy of : Populuxe on Etsy

When I think of Mid Century Modern I think of all the wonderful designers who made the fabulous interiors and I also think of great plastic. This book on Mid Century Modern design is chock full of gorgeous interior shots. You can get some ideas to do up your pad right based on yesterday’s trends and styles. The book is available for $99 at Populuxe but the design will last a lifetime.

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