Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Made in USA

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PillsNMoreThings on Etsy

This Slipcover fits a 16×16 pillow, only $20 here  on Etsy

Pillows, Pillows and More Pillows…… This great Etsy shop called Pillowsnmorethings features decorative throw pillow covers featuring African fabric, as well as children and teen decor items. All items are Made in USA by Fatou, shop owner from Bellevue, Washington.

For Fatou, it’s a family affair.  Her teenage daughter, Alyssia is her Etsy photographer!

Polka Dot Pillow

Only $15 for this slipcover!

Learning to sew at age 11, Fatou  had many adventures in sewing for friends and family members. This included designing children’s clothes or making gifts.

Having grown up in West Africa, surrounded by colors and textures gave her the inspiration for her wonderful pillow covers. Authentic West African fabrics are used on some of the pillows.  These are vibrant and rich fabrics that will make your room burst with color.

These would look absolutely wonderful making a dull sofa “pop” and spice up any lonely chair!  Use on a kid’s bed or chaise lounge!

Fatou says she loves all things colorful and textured.  She explains, “It’s so much fun to turn a beautiful textured and/or colorful fabric into a live home décor piece that will make someone happy. ”

Some of our favorite selections are highlighted in this post. You can go to her Etsy shop and find them all at PillowsNMoreThings.

Colorful Pillow Covers on Etsy

This pillow cover is $25 buy it here , and our favorite, with a mid century modern flair .


Decorate on a Dime from Estate Sales

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Swaggy lamp for sale at an estate sale FOUND:

Decorate on a Dime

Interior decorating on a dime has never been easier, if you know the right rummage sales to shop in.   Flea markets, thrift boutiques and estate sales are a great way to shop.  Take for instance the vintage lamp above, comes from an Estate Sale coming up in Falls Church, Virginia. It’s a retro 60’s mod looking light, that you may pick up for a few bucks, wheres these type on Etsy or in antique stores may cost you upwards of $120-$200.

antique head VASESThese found at EstateSale.Company were featured in an upcoming estate sale!

Trinkets and novelty items, such as these head vases are also a rare find. Expect to pay a nominal amount at an estate sale in comparison to antique booths which may charge you a pretty steep price.  These  above are mainly from the 30’s to 50’s when having little vases full of fresh flowers was the norm.

Finding Estate Sales Near You

Why pay boutique prices when you can browse an estate sale and come home with a trunkload of merchandise for less?   If you need to find an estate sale in your area, you can check your local paper listings or view a new website called EstateSale.Company. Their listings pull from a variety of sources, and some even allow you to browse photographs to see featured auctions!

Happy Decorating!




Build a Mid Century Modern Couch Interior Design Just Got Easy

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Mid Century Modern Sofa

This mid century modern sofa is $1799, delivered to your door, and the color is Klein Wheatgrass.

Ordering your own home furnishings never was easy, but now it can be. Sit behind your computer and click a color at Thrive Home Furnishings, website The sofa above, in mid century modern styling comes in various colors which you can pick from the comfort of your computer. Not convinced? You can even order color sample swatches if you aren’t certain. There’s a 365 return time. No tax or shipping. Production times average about a month, and each piece is custom made to suit your needs. I think they are super swaggy.

red modern sofa

Same sofa in Klein Atomic Red.

Kennedy Sofa Lucky Turquoise

Same mid century sofa in Lucky Turquoise

Find the Kennedy Sofa here.

Rowan Chase Lighting at Lumigado Mid Century Modern

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Rowan Chase Lighting

Photo: Lumigado – Rowan Chase Lighting in Citrus

Far be it for me to tell you where to buy your lamps, but Lumigado is carrying California artist Rowan Chase’ handmade creations. Each lamp is handmade to order in gorgeous new designs with mid century modern vibes.   They are made with authentic Rowan Chase Artwork on 100% Cotton Velvet Watercolor paper, porcelains fixture and oh, they come assembled and ready for installation.

Photo: Lumigado – Rowan Chase Lighting in Cypress Cove Design – Simply Lovely

Each lamp will come with a free led bulb and lead times is about 1-2 weeks. Know you are getting something authentically made in the USA! What I love most is knowing I’m getting a real piece of art on a lamp–this makes art functional and a true conversation piece.  Most lamps range around $99 which is more than affordable!

Photo: Lumigado – Rowan Chase  Large Citrus Light

Elegant Mid Century Modern Design on Italian Versace Floor Lamp

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Versace Floor Lamp

Photo Credit: Versace Home Collection Released 2012

Versace’s usual over the top designs are subdued in this sleek series of floor lamps. The one above, they call “Maria.”  It shows a sleek mid century modern design mixed with colors silver and black to make a great quiet but swaggy addition to your decor.  The lamp is closely related to it’s cousin Sophia. as you can see from their catalog below.

design swag lamps by versace

Versace can play design both ways. Their usual gold-lion-classic fancy Italian designs in the catalogue still exist. These are sleek but simple modern design but good luck finding them.  These lamps are in boutiques in Italy and Switerland but finding them in the states may be a bit more difficult. There are ten Versace stores in the US, a list of them are here.  These items aren’t in their online store catalog, but you can find out more on their  Versace website.