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Herb and Bumble

Stephanie from Polk City, Iowa is the owner of Herb and Bumble, where you find all the natural skin care products without harsh ingredients or chemicals.  When asked about her reason for creating such great items, here’s what she had to say.

Herb and Bumble Blood Moon Soap

Blood Moon Soap: Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil  $6.00 here

Stephanie explains, “I’ve always suffered from dry, irritated and eczema prone skin. I’ve taken numerous medications over the years and even tried expensive soaps and creams. It was a frustrating battle that I just couldn’t seem to win! That all changed when my husband bought me a glycerin melt and pour soap kit and my journey into healthy skin began! ”


Pumpkin Bath Fizzies

Adorable Pumpkin Bath Fizzies,  Clever Way for Kids to Enjoy Bathtime. Find them here $2.25.

So why did Stephanie takes her soaps to Etsy?  She says, “After years of making soaps for family and friends, I’m finally ready to share my creations with the world. I am passionate about bringing you beauty products that will truly transform your skin. My products are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic detergents and filled with good for you ingredients. Soap making is a work of art that truly allows my soul to sing. You’ll notice my soaps are often colorful, swirling and twirling with rich oils and butters. I love interpreting the soothing aroma of essential oils into a palette of colors and patterns. ”

Green Tea Ginger Soap

Looks Scrumptious: Green tea Ginger Pear Artisan Soap $5.00 here

jasmine Peach soap

Jasmine, Peach, Cherry Blossom and Orange make for a “Love Spell Soap” $5.75 here

The above soap takes 30 days to cure and soothes your skin with natural Shea Butter.  It’s scented with several natural products and dubbed “Love Spell” since you will surely fall in love with it.  She also creates all these from her small town of Polk City, Iowa (less than 3500 people according to the last census) . What does Stephanie do when not creating these delicious beauty products?

She says, “When I’m not making soap, you’ll find me scrapbooking, reading, cooking, gardening and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I find peace in nature and enjoy a morning stroll through my garden or in the woods. I’ve shared 21 years of marriage with my amazing husband and we have three sons together.  Our oldest son was married last June so I am happy to say I finally have that daughter to love and cherish! We live in the beautiful state of Iowa and love the vibe and sincerity of the Midwest. My favorite part of living in Iowa is what they call, “Iowa Nice!” The people are giving, loving and always have a smile on their faces.”

Herb and Bumble’s soaps and bath fizzes make for great all natural gift giving ideas or stocking stuffers. Find out more here:


Hip and Trending Baby Gear For Moms

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Etsy shop AeroTees has this cute shirt

AeroTees Shirt, $19.95 on Etsy


Back in the day maternity gear was as fashionable as draping a tablecloth across your abdomen, but today, having a baby is a wonderful experience.  Now moms can do so in style. Everything is chic and fashionable. Here’s some of our top finds and some hip and trendy gear that’s quickly making a buzz.  Above, a cute tshirt proudly announces your little one’s news….only $19.95 at AeroTees. Quite the hip and trendy style don’t you think?

Pregnancy top from WrapTop

Etsy shop WrapTop has comfy sleveless tops for moms.

WrapTop on Etsy has tops that are wrapped around you, providing style, comfort and fashion chic design. This one, without sleeves is $83, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The shop is loaded with other designs, including long sleeves. The idea of a wrap helps hold your tummy in place and the comfort is second to none.



Mommybellywrap hip and trendy for new moms from Etsy

Etsy shop Mommy Belly Wrap has these great wraps only $38.99

Speaking of wrap, the idea of wrapping cloth around your abdomen dates back to ancient civilizations and decades old belief that tight cloth around the muscles would heal them faster. Taking off quickly is Etsy shop MommyBellyWrap, who offers organic cotton wraps for only $38.99 to help heal and tone the new mom’s abdominal area back into shape. Unlike other wraps that “stick on” and are unsustainable, this is a green and eco solution for the new mom!



Ring Sling on Etsy

This ring sling carrier on Etsy allows you to strap your little one in place, check it out at BabyEtte on Etsy

Five thousand people so far and counting are loving the fact you can strap your little one in place, and carry them around. It’s a hip and trendy fashionable design from BabyEtte on Etsy. The theory itself dates back hundreds of years! Above we have a RING SLING, which is special made to order and costs you about $68 in Batik fabric. They have a wide range of items available , sizes, color and fabrics. Imagine toting your little one around this way at a fair or festival. It’s much less stress on the back….