Warren Lynn Abstract Art Office Decor

Warren Lynn Artwork

Veridycus.com houses Warren Lynn’s works of art


Warren Lynn is an artist and engineer from the Los Angeles area. He is working to create unique abstract works of art that are inspired by the world around him .  These works are stunningly visual images creating wonder to the eye – some in shapes recognizable such as this prehistoric fish.

warren lynn artwork
Warren Lynn’s stunning visual creation of “Prehistoric Fish”

Others, are wonderfully colorful works of abstract art that would look great in an office building or on display at a mall.   Warren says , “My art is digitally created on an Apple iMac computer using Photoshop to deliver a stimulating viewing experience through distinctive layers, colors, shapes, and shading. All my artwork is created under the influence of a gluten-free diet.”

Warren Lynn Artwork

Warren Lynn’s Abstract Artwork 

Imagine such wonderful works of art coming off an Apple computer……the artwork can be used for many things, but Warren creates the artwork digitally in high resolution for wall art up-to 40″ X 60″ that works well in workplaces, businesses, doctors offices, etc.

Warren Lynn Abstract Art

His old website is warrenswork.com, but we found him on veridycus.com.    This video shows some of the Warrens Work creations, we found on youtube: