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  • Filters


    Our range of membrane, syringe, and capsule filters represent the industry’s highest quality manufacturing standards, product performance, and application support for laboratory-scale filtration. Reduce process times, increase analytical efficiency and produce consistent, measurable results today with our filtration devices.

  • Filter Holders
    Filter Holders

    Filter Holders

    Sterlitech's vacuum pressure and filtration process filter holders and devices are designed to maximize flow rates and minimize holder resistance. We offer filter holders in a variety of configurations, so that you can find the filter holder that has the appropriate size and chemical compatibility for your application.

  • Membrane/Process Development
    Membrane/Process Development

    Membrane/Process Development

    The Membrane and Process Development Product line at Sterlitech includes a wide range of commercially available polymeric flat sheet membranes, as well as ceramic membranes, bench-scale cross/tangential flow test cells, and filtration equipment. Sterlitech also offers Custom Designed Skid Mount Membrane Filtration Systems.

  • Laboratory Equipment
    Laboratory Equipment

    Laboratory Equipment

    Choose from Sterlitech's selection of lab supplies for small research and analytical laboratories; vacuum pumps, fluid transfer/storage systems, hotplates/stirrers, and more. You can count on the value and quality of Sterlitech's laboratory-scale products for all of your microbiology and biotechnology applications.

Not sure which filter is right for your application?

Customize Your Own Membrane Filter Sample Pack Mix and match your own pack of 10 membrane disc filters to try out.

Featured Products

SterliTECH Tips: Prolonging The Life of Your Microfilters

Answering the question “How long will my filter last?” isn’t as simple as you would think. Download our guide and get expert-approved filter selection strategies and additional tips for extending the service life of you filters.

Shop for Filtration Equipment and Supplies by Application

Our expanding line of specialty equipment and devices for water/wastewater analysis and microbiology/life science both complements our industry-leading filtration product line and offers comprehensive support for your laboratory's diverse needs and applications.

Cannabis Extraction

We Provide Comprehensive Support For Your Cannabis Lab's Diverse Needs and Applications. Sterlitech contributes high-quality solutions for use in various cannabis extraction and filtration methods. Our specialization in microfiltration ...

Diagnostic Test Kits

Diagnostic test kits for evaluating the presence of diseases causing parasites and microbial organisms from endemic regions around the world.  The test kits are designed for use ...

Environmental Testing

Sterlitech offers a line of specialty devices for environmental and water analysis to complement our highly-effective glass fiber filters and sterile MCE membranes; these products include both ...

Life Science

Sterlitech now offers an expanding line of microbiology and life science equipment; our centrifuges, hotplates, stirrers, mixers, rockers, and more are selected with the same emphasis on ...

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Fast courteous service with good follow-up communication.
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