Vintage Purse Purses for the Fashion Diva

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Raffia Purse from Yellow Bee Vintage on Etsy

Hummingbird Straw Purse and  found here at YellowBeeVintage on Etsy


A true fashionsta would appreciate these great handbag finds. Sure, someone may have your high fashion outfit, and if you think they can wear it better, think again.  You can blow away the competition with an antique or vintage purse. Who would be strutting that stuff? Only you!

Hummingbird puse

This Purse shows so much detail, at $25 a real steal.

We say, be super design-swag and set yourself apart from the competition.  Straight out of the 50′s – 60′s era and when things were sewn by hand comes this raffia bag, that’s been hand appliqued with a great hummingbird design. Probably a gift from granny’s trip to the Philippines, it measures a sweet 14″x7″ to accommodate your cell phone, make up and wallet.

Vintage Purse at Yellow Bee Vintage

Our favorite is this cool blue purse, only $18 snatch it now.

Nothing says hello like this adorable little blue purse. It’s only $18 and we are surprised it’s still available.  With it’s hot pink stitching and a kiss-lock  opening, it’s tres’ cute.  The retro styling had us at hello. Yeah, you can fit some stuff in here…

Vintage Blue Purse

Found: Yellow Bee Vintage on Etsy

If the whole 50′s – 60′s theme isn’t grabbing you, why not go evening bag style? This black evening bag (below) looks like a cross between the 60′s chic met the 80′s beading club.  We love it because it’s blingy and flashy in today’s times.  Show off that dress girl…

Vintage Purse on Etsy

Cool Vintage Bling Beaded Purse, $15

Yellow Bee Vintage has other items not just purses. From scarves to earrings to housewares, this chic shop is run by Nicci from Glendale Arizona.  She work in the renewable energy industry by day, but spends her weekends finding the best vintage items to offer in her Etsy shop.  She says, “My tastes are a bit eclectic!  I enjoy reusing vintage items and feel it’s a simple way to contribute to a better planet. ”

We couldn’t agree more.  Connect with YellowBeeVintage on Etsy.

70′s Kitchen Redo on a Dime NCLVintage

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1970s Mugs

Retro coffee mugs keep you warm in the winter at NCLVintage!  Cost: $14.16

70′s Kitchen Redo on a Dime NCLVintage

Modern kitchens are getting a wayback fix, by adorning them with vintage kitchen objects that are cute, functional and won’t break the bank. This “on a dime” budget if you will means looking for the best deals so you can afford more items for less. We’ve found the perfect shop on Etsy NCLVintage that has a wide array of retro items for your kitchen and your home.  Now you can get the same type kitchen gadgets you saw on “That 70′s Show!”  Items are affordable and shipping is fair!  Here are some of our favorite things, courtesy of shop owner  Nicole Rohloff from Gaithersburg, Maryland, who we had a conversation with….

Us:   When did you start selling vintage?

Nicole:  In 2014!

Above, we have the funky retro ceramic coffee mugs that Moms used to put soups in, hot chocolate and Spaghettios. Yes, less is more.  Having a smaller cup cuts your portions down and taking your time to eat will fill you up.

Vintage Tumblers Glastic Texas Ware

Gorgeous Flower “GLASTIC” glasses are plastic, this set $16.36

Above,  those frosted plastic glasses you won’t be scared to drop, as they are GLASTIC, plastic that looks like glass. Quite possibly made by TexasWare or another manufacturer late in the 70′s to gussy up your kitchen.  Although the majority of Texas Ware was made circa 1950-1960, and mostly melmac , the company went until the 80′s making both consumer and restaurant plastics.  These type of glasses you’ll still find them at all you can eat restaurants today, (made by Carlisle plastics) but not as pretty as these with the retro flowers.

Us: What your favorite vintage items are or what you collect?

Nicole: I am obsessed with mid-century coffee mugs and old books.

Lucite Napkin Holder

We love this lucite napkin holder for only $14.63!

Above: This adorable vintage Lucite Napkin holder will survive for years and is in a retro sunflower motif, great for holding your napkins in the kitchen and giving you a sunshiney smile!

Us:  What is the one thing your shop tries to convey to people?

Nicole:  Want to help the environment? Buy vintage! This is another reason I love selling vintage items; it’s one less thing that will end up in a land fill somewhere.

Below: Must have Corelle pieces in your kitchen!  This “shatterproof” dinnerware was in everyone’s home. It survived the microwave, stove top and oven. Just what is that made of? They won’t tell…

Corelle Petit Pan

Corelle is stocked in the store, and a big staple of the 70′s. This pan is only $6.09 due to minor imperfection.

Below: One must also have trivets.  Yes, cast iron trivets have been a long time retro housewife’s dream.  Some were made in the USA but most were made in Japan !  No secret the Japanese are technologically smart, they are also design-saavy. For they came up with the idea to just switch out the center tile and change with the times. How cool is that?

Vintage Trivet

This trivet is a staple of vintage kitchens! Holds your hot pots or messy spoons! Only $10.47!

Now in order to have the best vintage kitchen, you also have to play the part.  Below: Remember that most people took their lunches to school and work, so below you have the best vintage thermos set to start your special someone’s day with hot coffee or soup!


vintage thermos set

Vintage Thermos Set, jump back to the 70′s for only $19.94

Us:  Anything currently in your shop with a great story?

Nicole: Last year at a vintage sale, I found an amazing Vintage Decoupage Collage Wine Bottle that’s truly unique. I’ve never seen anything like it so it’s a really special piece.

Of course she’s talking about this wine bottle as shown Below! (Nothing like some 70′s handicraft to decorate up your kitchen!  )  Talk about outsider art….

Decoupage Outsider Art

70′s Homemade Decoupage Wine Bottle Nicole says it’s OOAK and that we must agree. Cost: $23.34.

Us: What item will you hate to see go and why?

Nicole: My favorite item is this retro whale mug that I picked up at a thrift shop. I will be sad to let it go but I can’t keep up with all the coffee mugs I own.

We’re happy to tell you you can apply the 50′s 60′s or any theme to your kitchen in Nicole’s shop because she has a wide array of housewares and vintage goodies.

Catch up with NCLVintage on Etsy.

“Like” her on Facebook at NCLVintage.

Scarfo Clock Table Industrial Furniture

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Scarfo Clock Table


This clock table is so design-worthy, and  screams industrial furniture.   Today’s feature is this Scarfo vintage style clock table, made with a toughened glass table top, made from solid mango timber with cast iron frame.  The face replicating old gears and an old clock, is just too design-swag.

Coffee Table Clock


The item can be purchased at Smither’s of Stamford, who offers a wide range of rustic, industrial, reclaimed, retro, and vintage furniture.  This particular item is £ 437.00, which equates currently to about $720.45.  The shop Smithers of Stamford features lots of industrial and contemporary furniture.

Hint: If you are shopping this site, you can easily convert British Pounds to Dollars, by clicking the “currency” tab on the top.

Find out more at Smithers of Stamford

Update: As of 11.19.14, and after being featured on Design-Swag, the Scarfo clock table has sold, might we suggest more here on the tables page?


Grilling For Dummies

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Grilling For Dummies

We always thought grilling takes some form of fashion, from red hot heels to bright red grill, now you can be in style with your fashionista chic little cow cutting board. This board is inspired by news of a recent “Grilling Museum and Factory Tour” being given to barbecue gurus by Big Fat Daddy’s Pitmaster Wayne Schafer. Now you can send your loved one to a tour of the Pitmaster’s Playground, and obtain a small mini educational tour on the history of meats, meat packing, dry rubs and more. Not bad for something to do, huh.  When of course, you’re not shopping.

You can read more on the tours on Etsy shop, Big Fat Daddy’s, or click here:

Grilling Museum

Sunshine Printables Designer Invitations & Announcements

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Sunshine Printables on Etsy Designer Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements and Kid’s Birthday Party Invites

Here’s looking at you, kid.  Sunshine Printables shop on Etsy specializes in all sorts of announcements and invitations that implement some form of DIY fun!   We think they are high design for low prices and super design-swaggy. Take for instance these adorable onsie baby announcements above, for only $15.00. You choose a design, customize them ,  work with the shop, and they are DIY printable!  It’s that easy, one, two, three!

Designer Adult Birthday Party Invites

Adult Birthday Parties and Anniversaries

Finding the best design worthy adult birthday party or anniversary invite was never easier, Sunshine Printables has a huge array of different looks, themes and some with vintage classic appeal. From boot scooting’ country themes to the shabby cottage hydrangea’s above, you can easily choose something worthy of your special day!  Above – the gorgeous blue hydrangea birthday milestone invitations are inspired by seed packets, and retail for $15, but you can customize to any color for $18.

Wedding Thank You Notes at Sunshine Printables

Wedding Thank You’s and Bridal Invites

Finding the best bridal shower invite, wedding invitation, or thank you (like the super swaggy wedding photo thank you card above) was never easier. Sunshine Printables has a huge selection of pick your own, and in our opinion there is nothing better than using your professional photo to say thank you to all your family members! Give them the gift they will remember, above, for $15.

Holiday Printables at Sunshine Printables

Holiday, Party, Wall Art and More

You can print just about everything at Sunshine Printables.  Above we love the holiday cards $15, which feature your custom photo.  There’s also party /cookout / event invitations and wall art.

Just about everything you can imagine can be customized.  If you don’t know how to print them out, no worries, you can buy an optional print service where they can take care of everything for you.

Find out more:

Stay in touch :  On Facebook