Mexican Talavera Pottery at RusticaGift

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Spice up a monotone home with the addition of colorful pottery!  RusticaGift and Pottery offers old world style Mexican Talavera Pottery and Mayolica Pottery (coming from two different studios) . The earthenwares are created using old world traditions which date back hundreds of years.  Originally created by the monks of  La Reyna de la Talavera, Spain,  hence the name.

The website,, offers handcrafted artisan goods: talavera and majolica pottery from Mexico, hand-finished pewter and other gift items. Rustica delivers social impact in two critical ways: they help support the centuries-old craft of these authentic artisans, and they donate a portion of proceeds to a children’s shelter program in the artisan community:  This helps put the money back into the community where it belongs.

Flores Mayolica Set $129.95 at

Flores Mayolica Set $129.95 at

The pottery is functional and pretty, vibrantly hand painted and no two pieces alike. What makes it even better is it’s dishwasher friendly and can be used to really spice up a table for that special dinner with loved ones.  No more monotone home!   When you visit the site, you’ll see plenty of drop-downs in the About section that introduces you to the artisans, the handcrafting process, the non-profits they represent – it’s great to feature it here today!

Hummingbird Mexican Pottery Hand Crafted

Hummingbird Mexican Pottery Hand Crafted called olibri Mayolica pattern collection $129.95

Find out more:

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TransylvanyArt Secret Compartment Jewelry Boxes Puzzle Box Treasure Chest

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TransylvanyArtEtsy shop TransylvanyArt

Etsy shop TransylvanyArt  : Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes From Romania

Artists Zsuzsanna and Istvan Bondi,  from Banffyhunyad, Romaniia have opened an Etsy shop that caters to handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes in old world traditions!   Their town is  actually part of Transylvania (Dracula’s country!)  What’s better than a lovely wooden treasure box with a secret compartment that anyone would be privileged to own? The prices are wonderful and shipping is not as bad as you may think, free over $100!  Above, adorable trinket jewelry box above, on sale for around $30, plus shipping charges.   You can order them in different colors, from red to blue and green! However, even some come with carved wording or lettering to give an extra special touch.  These are simply stunning, the moving parts make them one of a kind and unique!

red jewslry box from Translylvania

These are regularly $38 but often on sale, click here to see current pricing.

Custom inscriptions are available.

Check with them for inscriptions.

Puzzle Boxes  by TransylvanyArt

Often called ” puzzle boxes”, these boxes are fun to tinker with and will store your treasure, games, or special stash!  What’s puzzling about this box is it takes seven steps to unlock/access/re-lock as shown in this video here in their Etsy about section. It’s simply stunning, you have to remove secret panels to get to the key and keyhole, and then slide the panels on the box a certain way. This is definitely something from another place, another time and simply cool to own or buy for your loved one. These remind me of something I would see in an ancient movie, the old ways brought back to life thanks to Etsy connecting sellers from all over the world. Simply amazing!

Hungarian Puzzle Box , Secret Compartment Box

The puzzle boxes come in a range of sizes.  Free Shipping over $100.  

Editors’s Pick: The Book Box


Secret Handcrafted Book Safe , Book Box , Secret Hiding Box from TransylvanyArt

The Book Box is only $29 TransylvanyArt

The brain teaser book box is my favorite. Great for hiding money or jewelry, you can sneak your secrets inside, and have fun opening it.   It takes a few flips and turns to open it, and it will keep your guests guessing! Only $29 in your choice of colors make a great gift idea!

A puzzle indeed , a book safe (box) from TransylvanyArt

You can also connect with them on: Facebook ,  Twitter, and Instagram


DIY Vintage Look Wall Clock Regular or Paris Style with Artistic Stencils

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Artistic Stencil Designs

Artistic Stencil Designs : Clock face @ArtisticStencils on Etsy or

Now making your own wall clock is simply and easy , and we will show you how.

What you will need: 

  • Old piece of wood or planks cut in square size for clock backboard –  see step 1 below for sizing.
  • Sandpaper
  • 2-3 Colors Paint, one black for the clock face, the other for the backboard and one for shabby background effects. For this project you can stick to white and black, and mix some light grey from the two colors.
  • Artistic Stencils Clock Face – follow your measurements above for sizing.
  • Set of clock hands clock movement Mechanism – sizing requirements below.
  • Tools as needed to cut the plank board, and drill a hole for the clock face.
  • Clock Battery as specified by Clock Mechanism.


  1. Deciding on the space in your home decide if you want a large square from plywood which you can shabby up, or perhaps you can find a really great piece of old vintage wood tossed out. Part of an old cabinet door perhaps, or some old wood paneling or planking that has gone to waste.  If you are using multiple boards, obviously they will need to be glued together and reinforced from behind ahead of time,  but for this project keep it simple and try to find a nice square to start with.  For sizing, the ArtisticStencils clock faces come in various sizes.  Choose a size and cut your board at least 4″ larger on all sides.  For example, this Paris Clock below starts at 10×10 but also goes to 20×20.  If you choose the 10×10 you will need at least a 14×14 board to center the clock on.   Note : Attaching optional hanger to the back later is up to you . This clock is meant to lean up against something, like a mantle.

Parisian Clock Stencil from ArtisticStencils

Parisian Clock from Artistic Stencils

2.  After the wood is cut and ready for primer take some sandpaper and knock off any rough edges left from the saw cuts or any chipping paint that may be difficult to paint over. .  If you feel the surface is too rough you can sand it lightly, but the more shabby the look the better.

3. For now it’s time to paint the background of the board for the clock.  You will most likely want two coats unless you are using a good chalk paint like Annie Sloan, whose coverage seems to be pretty good.    Go swiftly with brush strokes and make it look shabby as you go.    After the first coat dries, you may wish to apply an offset strokes of highlights for a shabby effect. For this clock pictures above, the hues are white, grey shabby highlights and a black clock face.

4. After all that is dry you can gently hold your stencil in place and painting it with black to make the clock face.

5. After dry drill a hole in center and apply the clock mechanism with hands.

6. Add a battery to the clock and you should be ticking away.


This clock can lean up against something. You can always apply a chain or hanger to the back for hanging on the wall.

Alternatively, this would be the stencil as shown in the photograph above: 

Clock Face

Artistic Stencils Clock Face


Mauro Merlino Spiderman in Piazza Sordello Style Trend

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Mauro Merlino SpiderMan

Mauro Merlino dressed as Spider-Man

Spider-Man Costumes Make Smiles and Laughs for Children in Piazza Sordello

Many of us equate Spider-man costume with Comic Book Conventions and Cosplay events. These seem to give superhero lovers another reason to dress up in addition to Halloween.  In Italy, something else is happening. Spider-Man has become the best superhero in the country.

Mauro merlino Spiderman

Recently, in Lombardy, Italy, a small town we call Mantua (Italians call this Mantova) Italian Activist Mauro Merlino dresses as Spider-Man or “L’Uomo Rango” .  He is featured on a television documentary on MantovaTV that shows his day, arrival in Piazza Sordello.

The video shows how he’s stopped to greet the children and bring smiles to their faces.   Then he climbs the city. Mauro Merlino spent the day conveying the messages of love, and solidarity . Mainly this was in relation to the Italian Earthquake crisis caused by the Earthquakes in Central Italy in 2016. Merlino’s message is “Do not fear Children, Spider-Man is with you.”   He had said in his interview that it’s time to stop the bureaucracy and start acting on getting assistance to the victims. Many Italians are upset as most are displaced in temporary housing, their homes and businesses still in piles of rubble.

Get the Look:

Tiny Spiderman Costume from Etsy

Spiderman Costume From Etsy for Children, Gifts for Kids $50

For children, handmade costumes on Etsy make for the best tiny Spider-man in your life.  For adults, you can make your own costume by buying a pattern from the same site, as featured below.  If you are crafty and can sew, this pattern is for you!

Spiderman Pattern for Custome from Planet US on Etsy

Digital Pattern Costume from PlanetUS $30, Digital Download and make your own!

Cosplay Costume from etsy for adults from Cosplay Cheif

Cosplay Chief on etsy offers this great handmade costume for $149

Printable Love Art Wall Art Instant Download Decorate

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Downloadable Wall Art by PRINTABLELOVEArt

Downloadable Wall Art by @PRINTABLELOVEArt on Etsy.

Printable Wall Art : Instant Decor 

Want a designer look to your wall for a fraction of the price? Then look no further, we have found downloadable wall art that you can buy, print and frame from Etsy shop PRINTABLELOVEArt . All creations are hand made by Ilanit Shamia. She’s a Tel Aviv based artist who loves prints and paper product.  Above: A collection for the wall only $13.91 for the printable set. Below, a lovely black leaf print print alone runs only $5.01. Once you pay the work is instantly downloaded to your console, for easy printing thanks to the Etsy interface.

Printable Wall Art from Etsy Shop

This great leaf print is only $5.01 and would look great in any room!

Her work is whimsical and some has a simplistic minimalist Mid Century Modern flair.  She started her career by studying Art at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design . Serving three years as a journalist at the Haaretz newspaper, she came up with her own style column.  Her art has been featured in shows including the Amos Schoken art collection.  You can clearly see her  love for drawing and painting in these works.  The inspiration stems from early experiences with her mother sketching still-life compositions together.

Mid Century Modern Wall Art

Mid Century Modern Combination only $8.90

Our favorite designs are the ones that are modernistic, and would look great in a retro home.   The ones above are modern enough for today’s decor, but reminiscent of the 1950’s or 1960’s.    Ilanit finds Etsy’s download system works well for her designs. What a wonderful idea to think she may be enjoying her coffee in Tel Aviv while working on her laptop, creating new designs for anyone anywhere in the world!  New creations are added often,  and prices are so affordable.  The shop has many good reviews and customers are happy with her work!

Mod Flowers Printable Wall Art on etsy

This mod looking flower art is available for instant download from PrintableArtLove on Etsy!

We know this shop will do well, and it’s one of Etsy’s best kept secrets.  See more great offerings and read more about Ilanit Shamia and  her creative processes here:


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