Metal Wall Art Coffee Java Kitchen Interior Decor

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Kitchen Design Decor

Pic: INSPIREMETals on Etsy, Coffee Cup!

Nothing says welcome to the kitchen for a nice cup of coffee than a nice cup of java! We’re talking about a metal one of course. This lovely handmade laser cut cup of java is made from a lightweight sheet of aluminum and hand ground for the effect of depth and dimension. This piece comes in various sizes , starting at $60 for an 11×14″ to $95 for a 20×24″.  This item is equipped with stud mounts for secure hanging, and finished with a shiny protective clear coat.

Cup of Joe Interior Decor by InspireMetals on Etsy

Pic:  Silver cup of Joe goes great on the wall!

If you are not feeling the love with silver aluminum, you can ask for a bronze or black finish. The shop is run by  Brandi Kettlewell in Riverside, California . She says, “I create because I love art, inspiring others, giving to charities all while working next to the love of my life and making a comfortable living at it.”

Connect with Brandi
INSPIREMEtals on Etsy

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Nature’s Stunning Design in Fluorite Jewelry Designers DIY Treasure

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fluorite design from UngarImpex on Etsy Pic: Ungar Impex on Etsy , Natural Fluorite

Today’s find, purple fluorite. More jewelry designers are using natural rocks and semi-precious gemstones in their work.  People are getting too accustomed to perfection and items that look identical to the next.  Jewelry designers are stating that customers want something bizarre and unique. Nature’s own doing makes this fluorite stone in tri-color stunning. One could not ask for a better stone to fashion a pendant.  Only $12 in Ungar Impex on Etsy.

Design Swag Features etsy Shop Ungar Impex

Different shapes and sizes give designers choices, Pic:  Ungar Impex

Ungar Impex says, “We primarily serve the high-end jeweler by providing hand selected supplies with a keen eye for the unique, the interesting, and the exceptional value.
Shipping is always free & returns are simple & guaranteed. If you don’t like it, can’t use it, or simply change your mind – return it for a refund. Absolutely no problem.”  If you are an international customer, they often run free shipping specials.


  • Wire wrap these fluorite stones into a pendant.
  • Wire wrap them into a cuff bracelet.
  • Cord wrap them with knots for a unique suncatcher for your car.
  • Use them as paperweights around the home.

Fluorite is a coloful mineral, comprised of calcium and may be seen in many colors from yellow to green.  Find out more at UngarImpex.

Steezyworkz Tie Die Fashions

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Steezyworkz Pink Fashionista Tie Die

Pink and Black Tie Die Tank $28

Etsy shop Steezyworkz has some unique tie dies!  We adore the pink tie die tanks.  Pretty enough for the diva fashionista, yet cool enough for the man who is not afraid to express himself, these comfy cotton unisex tanks are simply stunning in design.  This trendy design is retro styling mixed with eco conscious production methods in modern styles. Join this fashion movement, worn by skateboarders, longboarders, and retro fashionistas.  Steezyworkz tie dies come from Elizabeth, NJ.

 Black and Purple Tie Die Tank $28

The shop also has t-shirts and hats and is still brand new so make sure you say you heard about them here, first.  They opened just recently by an artist who spends his leisure time longboarding.  Surely liberating thought by unique designs and freedom of expression are all a part of what “SteezyWorkz” brings to the table.  Steezy, whoever you are, is surely going places

Tie Dies TShirtsPic: Steezyworkz used with permission. Find it here.

Find their hip and trendy fashions here:

Designer Paper Quilled Birthday Cards

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Rita Bose Of Things Pretty

Designer Rita Bose knows what is pretty!

Leave it to an Etsian to come up with the best designed greeting cards ever, each unique and handmade with colorful paper designs. The paper is rolled and quilled together to make these 3-D cards. Affordable and unique, these will have your betrothed’s eyes popping out. Nothing like giving a fancy design but paying a dime.  The art of paper quilling goes back some time to the 16th and 17th century.   Popular in France and Italy, one may forget just how lovely these designs can be. The art is also often called paper scrolling, rolling, or filigree mosaic. More often than not, simply just “quilling.” 

Rita Bose paper quilled cards on Etsy

 The Art of Paper Quilling according to Rita Bose

These are the works of Rita Bose, an artist from India.  Average price range about $8 and her shop has everything from Bridal to Christmas. You can even have custom work done. Find her at OfThingsPretty on Etsy.   Her work is also here,

Pick of the Month of April:   Easter Card:

Etsy shop designer Rita Bose OF THINGS PRETTY paper quilled flowers

 Find this Easter card set here $24/3.






Eye See You Mirror Katy Halford

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Katy Halford Mirror

Katy Halford Mirror in Green, Eye Catcing Sublime Found on Etsy!

From Etsy, Katy Halford uses her keen green illustrations to make the best eyeball mirror. For the upmost fashionista this compact mirror would be perfect for the diva who is always checking her makeup.  Cost is only $5.04 USD.  Katy is an artist living in the UK. Among other items she has include other variations in compact mirrors, cute stationary and wedding momentos.

Find it at Katy Halford Designs on Etsy