Candle Lanterns Wedding Ideas

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Candle Lantern CollectionLook what we’ve found at the Candle Lantern Collection! What a great wedding decoration!  Stunning is the word for this show-stopping oversized lantern! Lush medallion cutout design gets modern appeal from glossy snow-white finish; simply gorgeous as a candle glows from within.   You can see this style white oversized lantern here.

Not only do they look vintage and retro, but we’ve seen them on the “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” at Lisa Vanderpump’s vow renewal ceremony!  (See them on Season Three Right Here)!

We just love them. Can you imagine them hanging in the background filled with flowers for a romantic effect?  See this design and more for your wedding or everyday needs here at Candle Lantern Collection.

Swaggy Hair Clip Organizers from Two Sparrows Studio

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two sparrows studios

Two Sparrows Studio on Etsy, $25 for this cute hair clip holder!

Look what we found, this fashionista must have is this super swaggy hair clip organizer, handmade by Two Sparrows Studio on Etsy. Several makes and models are available for around $25 each.  Not only are they lovely for organizing your accessories, but they stand up picture frame style holding your bows and hair clips.  We simply love the designs and you will too.  What a great gift idea!

hair bow holder

Two Sparrows Studio on Etsy offers these in many colors and designs. 

Two Sparrows Studio is on Etsy and offers other adornments as well such as hair clips, bows and accessories.  The shop is run by Nora, from Roswell, Georgia who loves creating with lace, ribbon and paper.  You can stop by her shop here, or like her Facebook.

two sparrows studio on etsy


Keeping It Country with Michael Palmer

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Michael Palmer

Recently artist Ira Mency aka Cindy Fahenstock-Schafer  shared these great vintage looking pictures with us.  A few weeks ago she took country music performer Michael Palmer  (Martinsburg, WV) down to the Shenandoah Valley and spent a day trying to get the best shots for his portfolio.  She said, “He was a performer at my husband’s Hogging Up fundraiser event, and he wanted some pictures for his portfolio. He’s pure country, so I wanted to find the perfect setting for him to feel comfortable with.”  Schafer settled on the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds in Woodstock Virginia that has buidings still standing over 100+ years old.  The photos above and below were shot at the old Smokey-the-Bear Forest Fire building that stands on the midway.

Michael Palmer

Schafer explains that Palmer is a local performing artist in the Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia area doing country covers and originals. “He does a lot for the community and charity organizations as in benefits, so I wanted him to have some great photos for his new website,  The day we shot the photos, it was already 80 degrees at ten am.  It took us a few hours to get the perfect shots and for him to feel camera comfortable. ”  Schafer says ironically, the best shots were in the barn, which smelled of animal feces, but she didn’t want to jeopardize the shots so she hung in…

Michael Palmer

When asked what her best photo was, Schafer says, “The one (below) where he didn’t know I was shooting, it shows the shine of his Yamaha and his tattoo which he got for Autism Awareness. He’s deep in thought about what chords to play. I think sometimes you can’t force it and it has to be what comes natural. Sometimes, you can’t take the country out of the boy.”  Schafer says on the way home they passed an old Masesy-Ferguson tractor and took more shots. See them here.

Michael Palmer

Schafer says Palmer lives in Martinsburg with his wife Heather and three lovely kids and mainly plays local bars and events. He can be hired via his Facebook page and according to Schafer, gives a jam-packed energy charged performance.  “We’ve used him for several events, and told everyone we know about him.”


Michael Palmer

Schafer said filming some portfolio videos was a bit more of a challenge, as Palmer isn’t used to all the attention. “He’s a private kind of guy and sticking a camera in his face all day in a barn ful of sh_t is a little intimidating.  However, I managed to get this golden gem….”

Find out more:

Michael Palmer Website

Michael Palmer Youtube

Michael Palmer Tumblr

Michael Palmer Facebook <— for booking

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Little Gems by Luisa Fashionable Necklaces

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Dress up your summer outfit in style with Little Gems by Luisa. Here’s some of our top picks to make even the most boring outfit stand out!

Orange Statement Necklace Little Gems by Luisa on Etsy

 First u we have the Coral and Orange Agate Necklace, whose bead varation and styles make for a fashionable statement necklace.  A multi stranded coral and orange necklace with crystals and orange agate perfect for formal or casual ! Approximately 18 inches long.  $33.06 USD

Little Gems by Luisa

Next up we have his crochet necklace which Luisa made with shell, agate, pearls, moss agate, onyx, crystals, and glass beads.   At approximately 21 inches long it is perfect to dress up a boring tee!  This one sells for $37.78 USD.

This Etsy shop is out of Canada, and sells everything from earrings to necklaces, but we love these for summertime outfits!

Visit Little Gems by Luisa now.

Little Orange Reindeer by Jubel Handmade

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Jubel Handmade on Etsy Now your little loved one can play with something eco friendly and in good design . This little crocheted reindeer (and many other animals) can be found in Etsy shop Jubel Handmade. Stuffed with renewable materials such as bamboo cotton blend yarns, fiber filling,  or real wool….materials that you can feel good purchasing. You can shop knowing you’re doing something good for the environment.

Design Worthy Eco Friendly Reindeer

Two girls, Karina & Hannah have only just started making crochet toys. “We are based in Australia and we love making treasures for people to enjoy. Made with care and made to last with eco friendly materials. We aim to start making accessories in the near future..”   For now, they are making crocheted toys and pets “hip again.”  Find everything from butterflies to elephants in their shop, and custom animals can be done as well.

Find them here:  jubelhandmade

Little Elephant