Retro Fashions at LMVintageNC

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LMVintageNC  Wrangler Vest on Etsy

LMVintageNC on Etsy: Wrangler Vest $37.50

Remember Vests? 

LMVintageNChas found the best in vintage country style. This Etsy boutique has design in mind when they use a country outdoor backdrop for model shoots.  They are bringing vests back, in a really sexy way.

LMN Vintage Boho Wear

Southwest Style Outerwear Vest $69.99 on Etsy at LMNVintageNC

Things you couldn’t ever imagine unless you looked, like this one of a kind hippie style outerwear vest.  So random in style,  yet it could be unisex for him or her.  A subtle neutral colortone could easily function as a cute go with or worn as a coat. It’s r a southwestern print, reminiscent of something Native American or Arizona style, yet would function well dressed up or down casual.  We could imagine a hip and trendy girls’ night out with this vest.

unique vest cowgirl coat

Unique to the shop is the fact they seem to find unique OOAK clothing you just don’t see too often.

Make Your Man Into a Modern Day Cowboy

 For him you’ll find a slew of men’s fashions, such as vintage wool or flannel shirts. Who wouldn’t like a nice cowboy look on their

cowboy style

Vintage Men’s Flannel Wool Shirt $35

You can follow them on instagram @LMVintageNC for coupon codes or Facebook at LMVintageNC, or check them out on Etsy here.

Got Beef ? T-Shirt Got Beef Brand Clothing Larger than Life

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got beef dot com


The got beef logo looks a little different (sort of shabby, yet huge)….

Got Beef? Clothing Goes Large…

We like the new design of clothing coming off the got beef? brand.  The brand owners are a husband and wife team, and tell us, back in the day designing got beef items was much easier.  Wayne, a “pit beef” and barbecue guy who has his own little niche in history for Big Fat Daddy’s famous beef dry rub ….

Over the years the got beef? brand has been somewhat of an enigma, for them, first selling clothing and housewares from the old “Big Fat Daddy’s Famous Pit Beef Stand” Wayne had with his brother.  After that he sold them on the road, at fairs, festivals, his websites, and small venues online. Looking back at old designs they appeared to be a bit more simple (and smaller.)

got beef tankHere are some old designs you won’t see anymore. Most items are produced in limited quantities, in a limited run, and when they are gone, they are gone. Over the years they’ve done everything from hoodies to polo shirts and discontinuing styles and types help boost interest.  Some say they even have collectible value, and some early examples are framed at Schafer’s compound.

got beef hoodie

This hoodie is hip and we’d love to have one,  but now discontinued. 

got beef mugs

Old ceramic coffee mugs with got beef? have also been nixed for 2015….but why?

got beef cow

This looks like a fake picture, but he’s actually very real. 

got beef?

And very large. Photo Courtesy of Ralph R,  Pit Beef Blog: Baltimore Beef History photo from 2011

Schafer says he and his brother back in the day used the slogan got beef? on his signs and  paper menus, but it wasn’t until 1999 when then-friend-now-wife Cindy sloppily painted “got beef? ” on the larger than life bull which appeared to be running down it’s side, did it go viral. People started asking for got beef? merchandise.

Schafer says, “Then came Steven Raichlen and City Paper and the darn bull with ‘got beef?’ written on him was being photographed everywhere. I remember he was all over MySpace back then… right before the big internet boom….by 2000 I looked more like a clothing store than a beef shack.  By 2003 I had ceramic mugs for sale and people wanted their coke in them. I couldn’t believe it.   They would come in to order two sandwiches, fries, a got beef? mug, and a got beef? hat.  The bull wasn’t always on the clothing, it was the got beef, mixed with my pit beef that they wanted. It became my thing, my brand, my trademark. ”

got beef? tshirt

This is huge, in fact, most screenprinters won’t go so large…

The bull may have started the trend but he’s not on all the designs, in fact he’s been completely snubbed from the 2015 collection (with an exception of old items that were found in the warehouse).  Schafer still sells on the road and several direct online venues (got , Big Fat Daddy’s websites, and Big Fat Daddy’s Facebook, and some on Etsy.) It still doesn’t answer why are the 2015 designs so big and why have cups stopped being produced this year?

got beef? brand clothing

The Schafers  said “We are the trademark owners on clothing, housewares (and soon to be rubs) and wanted to make sure when people are purchasing authentic got beef? brand, they know the difference between counterfeits and the real brand.  We aren’t doing mugs so we can flush out all the existing product.  As with anything trademarked it takes some time for people to realize they must buy licensing or stop selling it.  Therefore, the 2015 items have a distinctive font, with some aging in places and would be hard to duplicate, this will help us recognize what’s authentic and what’s not.”

To the Schafer’s it’s personal. It’s not about how much clothing or housewares they sell and they won’t currently offer licensing. It’s about a brand they built, the care taken to design each item, and the mom and pop process that goes into it.  See more old designs here….


Guest Post by Andrea M Litton. All photos used with permission.





Oodles Decals Birth Year T-Shirts Birthday

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Oodles Decals

Awesome Shirt, wear it proud, only  $14.00

Hey, nothing like wearing a rollback birth year on your t-shirt and rockin’ it proud.   Make mom, sister, or yourself feel cool and hip with a “year you were born” t-shirt.  These come from OodlesDecals on Etsy  who has tons of great designs!   We think this is the best gift idea ever–spend your money on a shirt that your recipient can wear for years to come!

Birthday Shirt from Etsy Oodles Decals

Oodles Decals $14 Birthday Shirt for Him….

Dad, brother, uncle can also boast their birth year in a comfy tshirt. These unique shirts are great gift ideas at affordable pricing. This shop is run by Krystina , a stay at home mom who creates from Central Point, Oregon.  Perhaps the cool pricing and saavy design is the reason why she’s sold thousands of items on Etsy.

Vintage Birthday Shirt 1982 from Etsy

Our favorite: Ringer T for $17 screams “retro”

This shop is full of unique custom designed shirts and items for the entire family and for every occasion!  You will also find car decals and personalized items in her shop!  Many children’s garments too!

Check it out  Oodles Decals

Connect on Facebook : kustomdesignz4u



Nose Rings Jewelry Glow Miley Cyrus

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nose rings on Etsy

 Nose rings don’t have to be painful says JewelryGlow on Etsy.

Fashion models and celebrities are still donning nose rings, even though we thought much like the belly ring this design trend would fade like an old pair of neon jeans. Truth be told, this has but not the case, it seems to be very much in style.  The age old tradition of nose rings dates back centuries in India and the Middle East.  This trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.



Fake Nose Ring on Etsy

Nose Rings are Adorable and Inexpensive on Etsy, shop JewelryGlow

One Etsy shop has come up with fake rings for the nose! Although it appears to be piercing the nose, it’s not, so in this case, it’s perfectly design-worthy when looks can be deceiving. You can switch these out with your outfits and be hip and trendy, just like Miley.They are called Faux septum rings and come in a variety of styles and colors. the one above is sterling silver and opal, no pieceing required. For only $5.60 USD, it’s a steal. “No piercing needed for this septum ring. Easily adjusts for a tighter fit, looks like real piercing without the pain!” says shop Jewelry Glow, from Israel.   Miley’s nose rings seem to be the talk of the web, in fact, there’s a crazy twitter account just dedicated to Miley’s nose ring. Crazy but true.

14K gold filled faux nose ring

Don’t like silver? Go for the gold. This adorable gold colored ring is $5.60 as well, and is authentic 14K gold filled.   So, essentially first you will select if you want gold or silver, then decide what color beads you’d like. Our favorite? Below, black and silver beads make for a go-with-anything ring!

Nose Ring from Etsy

Favorite Black and Silver Nose Ring, find it here. 





Jewelry Designs of Michael Alari

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Alari Design

These “mothers rings” come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These on Etsy.

Found….the wonderfully colorful and design worthy jewelry at Alari Design. This is metalsmithing at it’s best. Michael Alari’s handmade items are simplistic  yet carry the beautiful look anyone can enjoy.  Stacking together or wearing alone, one can see the beauty in his work. When asked to summarize his line he says, “It’s simple often organic in nature and includes found objects such as natural gemstones, silver, copper, and more. Jewelry, its history and its quality creation is my passion.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Alari Design

We love this electroformed ring with sea glass, only $39 in his Etsy shop.

He explains how his lines are split into three. “My Alchemy line is dedicated to unique electroformed jewelry in copper, silver and gold. I use wire crochet and metalsmithed elements in may of the alchemy items as well. “

hammered copper rings

Hammered Rings on Etsy, at Alari Design, stack ‘em up

“My metalsmithed line I call Fusion  wherein I use Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Copper, and Gold to create jewelry in my organic hammered and fused style. I also will mix in some wire crochet into this line as well. “

Gorgeous Ammonite Ring Alari Design

From Etsy, $47, Ammonite Fossil Ring here

Last but not least, he explains his final design line. “My Simplicity Line is a comfortable easy to wear everyday line consisting of Swarovski crystals, gemstones, and allergy safe materials.”   

Mike works near the Bakersfield area , his studio in the Tehachapi Mountains. He says, “Adornment is one of mans earliest forms of personal expression, There are beads that predate cave paintings by 30000 years. I have joined this long line of craftsmen to provide my customers with extensions of their personalities which include Fashion,  Loves ,Personal values … my  Jewelry does this and more.”

Connect with him:

Etsy Shop 

See his local markets coming up here.