Glove Molds in Basket by RetroChalet

Set of 6 metal wheels/sprockets from etsy shop PhloxRiverStudio $99 Why We Love Industrial Relics and You Should Too….. Industrial relics are not only items once forgotten from industrial times, but are also easy on the eyes…they can be used as a small vignette display in the home, or re-purposed intoRead More → houses Warren Lynn’s works of art   Warren Lynn is an artist and engineer from the Los Angeles area. He is working to create unique abstract works of art that are inspired by the world around him .  These works are stunningly visual images creating wonder to the eyeRead More →

TransylvanyArt Etsy shop TransylvanyArt  : Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes From Romania Artists Zsuzsanna and Istvan Bondi,  from Banffyhunyad, Romaniia have opened an Etsy shop that caters to handcrafted wooden jewelry boxes in old world traditions!   Their town is  actually part of Transylvania (Dracula’s country!)  What’s better than a lovely wooden treasure boxRead More →