Red White and Blue Vintage Finds Decor

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Red White Blue Glass

Red, White and Blue Glass from BetsyVintageHome, $5

Red White blue Print by Whisker Prints

Whisker Prints of Etsy makes Prints on Old Books, what a great statement $8.99 here

Red, White and Blue 

For the 4th we’ve highlighted some of the best Red, White and Blue items we could find in vintage fashion and style!  Bing, bang, boom, celebrate the holidays having fun with the family but when you get home snatch up some of these great items to redo your decor!

Red Chairs 3HeartsStyleStudio

Repurposed Hand Painted Burlap Chairs 3HeartsStyleStudio  $375 Made in Colorado

Nothing like adding a little vintage to your life. Not only is vintage decorating a great way to repurpose the old but you are doing your part in recycling and being more eco friendly.

Betsy Vintage Home has this great tumbler for $5


Red is vibrant and bold, be a little gutsy and set off your room with a boom!  We love these hand painted chairs and red furniture adornments. Add some style with simplistic adornments or pottery that says a lot!  BetsyVintageHome out of Los Angeles California has a lot of vintage pottery and cool finds.

Trixie Belden Book BetsyVintageHome

Trixie Belden Book, 1960’s makes for cute focal display. Find it here at Betsy Vintage Home.

Rooster Napkin Set BetsyVintageHome

Rooster Napkin Set BetsyVintageHome on Etsy $45


White is simplistic and artful.  Find old milk glass and use it for picnics, or set an artful sculpture around your home.  Elegant design stands alone in these artful discoveries.

Porcelain Glove Molds on Etsy

RetroChalet has glove molds $32

Shabby Curio at HuckleberryVntg

White Shabby Jewelry Box Curio at HuckleberryVntg on Etsy , $145


Deviled Egg Platter on Etsy

Betsy Vintage Home Milk Glass Deviled Egg Tray Great for Picnics $10

Bacon Square Farm on Etsy

Bacon Square Farm old box w real iron forged handles $95 here


Blue skies and oceans of vacation. After the fireworks use these finds to create a calm statement in your home.

Vintage 50s Dress on Etsy

Dance around in this $89 vintage aqua blue 50’s dress from DethRoseVintage

Whisker Prints

Whisker Prints on Etsy has this whimsical print for $8.99

Books make for interesting decor, not just stacking them but displaying them. Whisker Prints on Etsy makes it real by using old book pages, upcycling them into frameable art prints. The prints are all one of a kind, handmade and so cool since you never get teh same page twice!

Blue Books on Etsy

Blue Books on Etsy $57 at The Whole Book 

Shawnee Pottery Vase  on Etsy

Shawnee Pottery Vase on Etsy $16 here at Betsy Vintage Home on Etsy 

upcycled furniture on Etsy

Reloved by Danielle on Etsy, upcycled repurposed cabinet now in blue $275

Cobalt Milk Bottle on Etsy

Cobalt Milk Bottle here on Etsy $15 at BetsyVintageHome

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Cha Cha Louise

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Cha Cha Louise

Purple Flower Girl Tutu Dress with Lace Collar sizing starts at $95 here

At ChaCha Louise, bridesmaid dresses are made couture for the little bridesmaid at your wedding.  Handmade in the studio in Lincoln, Rhode Island they offer a full line of girls shabby chic dresses.  These dresses have a country flair yet are whimsical and romantic. Age appropriate will have your little girl looking as pretty as possible. Above, the purple flower girl tutu dress shines with purple satin lining and has a lace collar.

ChaChaLouise Dresses on Etsy


Burnt Orange Flower Girl Tutu Dress With Lace Collar Fall Weddings at Cha Cha Louise

The shop has a full line of girls dresses. Above the burnt orange tulle gown with cream overlay is just perfect for the little flower girls and junior bridesmaids perfect for fall or woodland weddings.

Tween Flower Girl from Cha Cha Louise

Tweens? No problem, they design and create for them too!  Simply stunning simplicity makes for beautiful little bridesmaid and flower girls!   The shop is inspired by little Charlotte (cha cha) who loves to be dressed in such adorable fashions.  You can even visit the studio in Rhode Island, if you call first for an appointment!

Blog / Website 

Shop Now on Etsy 

Follow them on Instagram


phone: (401) 375-9380

Prone to Wander LA Phone Cases

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iPhone or Galaxy Case at Prone to Wander LA

Gel case for your phone $16.99 find it here.


Milcah Cruz is owner and curator of Etsy shop  ProneToWanderLA and it in you will find the best transparent phone cases one could every hope for. The cases are crafted out of their home studio made of quality TPU. The cases undergo a special process that permanently embeds ink into soft silicone rubber gel material — ink does NOT come off! Cases are available for iPhone5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6plus and Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 among others.

Prone to Wander LA on Etsy Phone Case

Love is Patient Love Is Kind right here $16.99

This shop also offers inspirational printables as well as phone cases.  When asked why she creates, Milcah says  “Why we create? To inspire lives through the little things we create.” The printables are below, for $5, you can print your own inspirational decor to frame and hang on your wall.  These are digital downloads and come in several variations.

Prone to Wander LA digital downloads only $5

Digital Download Art $5

Find out more at PronetoWanderLA

Wine Barrel Furniture and Accessories

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Wine Barrel Clock

Wine barrel clock, $155 find it here. 

Now you can decorate with great  Wine Barrel Furniture and Accessories .  If you’re wondering how to get the look like the latest designer trends, everything at Wine-Fi is handmade with upcycled love and they have plenty of things to choose from. Whether you want a unique look for your kitchen, foyer, dining room or living room here are just a few ideas  for you to choose from.

Wine Stopper Cork

Lette “U” Bottle Stopper Cut from a Wine Stave $19.99

Using leftover wine barrels, the shop is run in San Jose, California.  They use all parts of the wine barrel including Barrel Heads, Staves, Hoops and sometimes you’ll find recycled Corks too!   Some items like signs, are hand painted via special order.  Our favorite?


Editors Pick: 


Half Barrel Head Wine Bottle Display, $169 here.

Visit them online or here: 
14458 Union Avenue
(In the Cambrian Park Plaza at Camden & Union Ave.)
San Jose, Ca 95124
Phone (408) 377-6096
Store Hours: Mon – Fri 10am to 6pm / Thurs 10am to 7pm
Sat 10am to 5pm / Sun 11am to 4pm



Tundrada Arctic Gifts Reindeer Antlers Moss Baskets

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Tundrada Natural tree Moss Basket on Etsy

Tundrada Natural Tree Moss Basket on Etsy, here .

If you are looking for a different decor realm, why not try something from Finland’s arctic? We’re talking about Tundrada, the eclectic Etsy shop where shopkeeper  Eline Niemi collects items from local forests in Enontekiö, Finland .  This area encompasses the outermost tip of Finland and is home to only 1900 residents.  The local industry is known for tourism and reindeer. (Yes, we said reindeer.)

Reindeer Horns

Reindeer Antlers make a Great Coat Rack, find them here. 

These items are both eco friendly and green; leaving a smaller footprint comes handmade manufacturing using leftovers from nature.    Ir’s true Eline spends time in the local forest foraging for leftovers. Antlers, moss and natural leaves are just some components she turns into decor for your life with useful and practical items.

Reindeer Antlers

Reindeer Coat Rack

Shipping to the US is no problem, check the store out here.  TUNDRADA