Grilling For Dummies

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Grilling For Dummies

We always thought grilling takes some form of fashion, from red hot heels to bright red grill, now you can be in style with your fashionista chic little cow cutting board. This board is inspired by news of a recent “Grilling Museum and Factory Tour” being given to barbecue gurus by Big Fat Daddy’s Pitmaster Wayne Schafer. Now you can send your loved one to a tour of the Pitmaster’s Playground, and obtain a small mini educational tour on the history of meats, meat packing, dry rubs and more. Not bad for something to do, huh.  When of course, you’re not shopping.

You can read more on the tours on Etsy shop, Big Fat Daddy’s, or click here:

Grilling Museum

Sunshine Printables Designer Invitations & Announcements

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Sunshine Printables on Etsy Designer Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements and Kid’s Birthday Party Invites

Here’s looking at you, kid.  Sunshine Printables shop on Etsy specializes in all sorts of announcements and invitations that implement some form of DIY fun!   We think they are high design for low prices and super design-swaggy. Take for instance these adorable onsie baby announcements above, for only $15.00. You choose a design, customize them ,  work with the shop, and they are DIY printable!  It’s that easy, one, two, three!

Designer Adult Birthday Party Invites

Adult Birthday Parties and Anniversaries

Finding the best design worthy adult birthday party or anniversary invite was never easier, Sunshine Printables has a huge array of different looks, themes and some with vintage classic appeal. From boot scooting’ country themes to the shabby cottage hydrangea’s above, you can easily choose something worthy of your special day!  Above – the gorgeous blue hydrangea birthday milestone invitations are inspired by seed packets, and retail for $15, but you can customize to any color for $18.

Wedding Thank You Notes at Sunshine Printables

Wedding Thank You’s and Bridal Invites

Finding the best bridal shower invite, wedding invitation, or thank you (like the super swaggy wedding photo thank you card above) was never easier. Sunshine Printables has a huge selection of pick your own, and in our opinion there is nothing better than using your professional photo to say thank you to all your family members! Give them the gift they will remember, above, for $15.

Holiday Printables at Sunshine Printables

Holiday, Party, Wall Art and More

You can print just about everything at Sunshine Printables.  Above we love the holiday cards $15, which feature your custom photo.  There’s also party /cookout / event invitations and wall art.

Just about everything you can imagine can be customized.  If you don’t know how to print them out, no worries, you can buy an optional print service where they can take care of everything for you.

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Romance Your Interior with Silk Floral Arrangements

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Fake Floral Arrangement at Fine Orchid Creations

Romance Your Interior!  This Lavender Rose & Hydrangea in Vase ready to go for $110

Are you longing for the appearance of romance in your home or cottage? We’ve got the answers for you.  Fresh flowers seem to be seasonal anymore, based on weather patterns and insects, and often leave us frustrated when trying to make a focal point in our room. Now you can rest assured with faux floral arrangements that look just like the real deal! What’s better, no water or special care required at Fine Orchid Creations on Etsy!

English Rose Faux Arrangement

We love this, English Rose in Water, on sale for $75, see it here

Each assortment is lovingly crafted using silk flowers (that’s right, they are fake) and special resins to create the appearance of “water” in the bottom of a vase.  They create a great shabby chic looking setting for your home, or cottage. They are also great photo props, if you have an online store, you can use them in your background.   If you don’t like the “water look” then you can opt for something just in a vase….might we suggest this one below?

Fake Floral Arrangement with Vase at Fine Orchid Creations

Stunning for any interior, owl and English Roses $55

Find out more here, on Etsy at Fine Orchid Creations.  The shop is run by Yvonne, from Kendall, Florida.  She says, ” love helping people decorate and add beauty to their homes. My passion became my hobby, which then quickly became my career. I am so blessed to have my own business and to be able to share my creations with the world.”

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Vintage Industrial Furniture Online at Socktail

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Vintage Furniture Socktail

The Attic Vintage 12 Drawer Chest, Socktail Price: Rs 21,840, as of this posting date, about $356 USD***

Today we’re dying for some of this super cool furniture, found, to spruce up any living space.  With design in mind, Socktail website incorporates the trendiest Vintage Industrial Furniture Online, mixing modern flair with high quality craftsmanship.  Our favorites include selections with reclaimed wood, or vintage flair!

Vintage Sideboard Cabinet Socktail

The Attic Vintage 2 Door Sideboard Socktail Price: Rs 14,200 about $231 USD ***


These design worthy finds sure do make decorating interiors more interesting.  In case you are wondering, the prices are in rupees!  The website connects buyers with shippers, and offers everything from desk sets to living room furniture, all with high scale design in mind.  All prices on Socktail come with savings off the regular retail price, and additional coupon codes, so the prices may even be cheaper that what we’ve listed here. As well, ***denotes current conversion rates at the time of this article, though this will fluctuate.

Socktail Vintage FurnitureWe just love this selection of chests!


Our favorites:    Industrial Retro Vintage Furniture at Socktail

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Leola Revives Exquisite Antique Jewelry

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Antique Signet Rings

Antique Jewelry!

Found on Etsy, we found vintage jewelry with a neoclassical art deco twirl. These designs are exquisite and would make anyone’s hand, wrist or neck look like something out of a vintage movie. Perhaps the reason they are so unique is they are found by the seller K, curator, designer, model and photographer of Leola Revives, who lives in Budapest Hungary. Finding vintage designs in her neck of the woods makes for interesting listings on Etsy.

Antique Signet Rings from Leola Revives

Above, we have the couples rings who are signet rings and handmade in Germany for someone, but who? Makes you wonder if someone prominent used to sign their wax seals…now they can adorn your hand!  The set is $285 here on Etsy.

Antique Bracelet from Leola Revives

You will find necklaces, rings, earrings, custom made designs and bracelets in this shop. Here we have a very art deco looking belt bracelet for only $55, available here.

The shop is run by K,  who says, “I have been a lifelong collector of vintage and antique jewellery, above all I love fine jewellery from the Victorian through to the Art Deco eras.  ”

She loves finding interesting pieces to share with you, and often asks herself the stories behind them!

See more:  Leola Revives

Instagram: leolarevives