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Tea Party 101 : MadinWonderland has all you need for a oversized lavish affair!

Let’s have a party. These wonderful party ideas will keep your guests wondering just where you found these awesome decorations. We found them on Etsy!  Who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland? Whether you want to throw a party for a tiny tot, or that Sweet Sixteen, (or adults who want to have a fun time), we adore these creations!

Mad Hatter tea Party favors on Etsy

No one knows how to throw a Mad hatter Tea Party like MadinWonderland.

Three Steps to a Mad Hatter Tea Party: 

MadinWonderland on Etsy $50

  1. Crazy china centerpieces stacked teacups and teapots, handmade with love ! This set $50 would make a great table decoration at Mad in Wonderland.

Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Bottle $15

2. Oversize everything ; this large “Drink Me Bottle” is only $15 (some as little as $6) at Mad In Wonderland. For adults, fill with fine wine. For kids, a little lime kool aid would be the life of the party!

Alice in Wonderland Decorations

3.  Magical flowers with faces, these “singing flowers” are simply adorable for $20 a batch, decorate them around your party to keep your guests wondering……found here. 

The creations above come from owner Jamie of MadinWonderland, an Etsy shop based out of Las Vegas, NV, with a huge imagination and a love for all things Alice.  This stems from trying to create the perfect birthday party for her daughter – and she did. Now sharing these creations the world has become quite trendy and popular!

Pink Pinwheel decorating ideas party posh soiree on Etsy

Pink Pinwheel from Posh Soiree is $49 here

Pink and Pretty Party Decorating

Pink….. the theme for many weddings, birthday parties or Sweet Sixteen’s.  Posh Soiree has these great Party Favors with handmade love. Made in the USA straight out of Baytown, Texas Maninder Kaur  who sought alternatives to mass produced items to decorate her daughter’s nursery and the seed started there.  If you want to  wham up your wedding, or posh up your child’s birthday party, Posh Soiree  has you covered. We have chosen a pink theme to show you just how cool they are.

Pink Tassel Bunting from Posh Soiree on Etsy

Pink Tassel Bunting $19.99  at Posh Soiree

Pink and pretty , how can you go wrong? Affordable prices from cupcake toppers to confetti you will find it here. As well many people feel strange about mixing up pinks, but we couldn’t agree LESS. Feel free to mix up deep pinks with light pinks and throw in some peachy pink, for the ultimate contrast!

Pink Balloon Centerpiece : Posh Soiree

Pink Balloon Centerpiece : Posh Soiree $49

See all colors here at

Kids Birthday Awesomeness Australia Only : 

Rabbit Toys CastleRabbit Toys Party Castle Starter Set – From the Land Down Under 

We found this adorable Rabbit Toys party castle which would be great for a child’s birthday,  to keep kids occupied for hours, but we found that it was by Rabbit Toys, and made in Australia shipping to AUSSIE designations only…..$339.00

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