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Five Vintage Posts You’ll Love To Read

5 Vintage Posts You Must read

Check out these super design-swaggy Vintage 2017 posts found on blogs.  

Soon it will be 2018 but we reflect back on some five great top vintage posts we think you will love.

  1.  Post about old books……………why do we love them, and what makes them so comforting? See the latest trends in decorating here:  Vintage Chalet : Romancing Old Books
  2.  Post about vintage melmac and melamine dinnerware from 1962…… to get the look in your home, for great decorating ideas and some nifty cool retro information from Melmac Central, read the post about 1962 Melmac here.
  3. Post about Mother and Daughter Vintage Bathing Suits check out this old retro ephemera…from Vintage Vixen here.
  4.  From the great blog Vintage Make Up Guide, read some lovely lipstick tips. How to apply Max Factor lipstick tricks of long past here, written from a blogger in Ireland!  Max Factor the Art of 1950’s Lipstick
  5.  Fall in love with Chanel, she did, in the spring at 

Have a safe and happy New Year!