Invites 2 Adore Printable Invitations Halloween Spotlight

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Best Halloween Invitations

Double Sided Printable Invitations $12.00 here.

Invites2Adore  has the best printable Halloween invitations! These are inexpensive and a quick and easy downloadable item. Simply pay, click and print out this year’s Halloween party invites! This shop is loaded with super cool and adorable designs just waiting to be had.  Run by stay-at-home-mom, Monique, from Austin, Texas.

Downloadable Halloween Invites

The shop is full of cool designs!

Scary Printable Invitations comprise just a small section of this shop!  Monique says her customers bring her happiness. She strives to create new designs to please them!  The shop also features birthday party invitations, shower invitations, party invites, and more. Our favorite of course is the Halloween ones, just in time for this spooky holiday!

Printable Party Invites

Printable Party Invites $12.00, Bat Spooktacular, Find them here.

For the party hostess with the mostess, make sure to download the wine labels too, to spook up your favorite party beverage!

Only $6.00 and you can be decorating your wine, find them here.

We hope you have enjoyed these designs and will find out more visiting Monique:

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All Sewn Up And More Minky Blankets Baby Design

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All Sewn Up and More on Etsy

All Sewn Up and More on Etsy has the best color combinations and fabric combos for your baby!

Mary Lynn Hall is the sewing wizard behind the adorable baby shop on Etsy, All Sewn Up and More.  Her creations pick bold artsy colors and snugly soft fabrics and mixed together look adorable for the new baby in your life. These make great gifts and combined with colors that “pop” they will last for a very long time thanks to her attention and experience with sewing. They are the hip and trendy fresh style combined with the softness that you need for your special little guy or girl. This is the place to go for minky blankets — but that’s not all that’s in her shop.  All her items from burp clothes to aprons and gift sets are simply perfect for that special someone.

Baby Gift Set all sewn up and more on Etsy

Gift Sets and More are available in All Sewn Up and More

I wanted to ask Mary more about how her shop came to be, and she was more than willing to answer some questions. So, here you go, my exclusive interview with Mary Lynn Hall of Corpus Christi, TX, who has been sewing for five decades.

When did you start sewing?

I started sewing at age 8, now I am 58. My mother taught me to sew first by hand making barbie dolls dresses and then at age 9, I started using a sewing machine. I am the second of five girls in my family and I have no brothers. All my sisters and mom are avid seamstresses and even some of our daughters love to sew. I use to sew to make my own clothes and I would sew items for my friends.

When did you happen on Etsy, and how did you start making these adorable creations?

I started my new business with Etsy a little over a  year ago. At that time I was still working a full time job as an accountant. I retired last August and now I dedicate all my time to my business. At first I started making quillows (pillow blankets) but it was not creative enough for me so I started making women’s aprons. Aprons are on the come back but, if you look in most stores the quality and selection is extremely poor and the sizes are very limited.

I wanted to make a quality apron that would last for years and years. With the styles I have chosen I can be very creative using different fabrics, trims, and buttons. I then added matching daughter aprons and reversible aprons. Many of my friends are grandparents and requested I add baby blankets and burps to my line. It was a great idea and I flew with it. I do a lot of custom orders and love working with a client to achieve and deliver to them exactly what they are looking for. I am now learning to embroidery and free motion quilt. Both are very creative and fun.

Minky Blanket on Etsy

Photo: Mary’s Etsy Shop, her colorful combinations and choices of fabric make this upscale design for the little guys or gals.

What is the secret of your colorful combinations ?

Many of my friends and people at craft shows love my fabric combination and ask how I came up with my ideas. I have always been interested in art and in my younger years loved to paint. I believe because of that I have an eye for color and ways to combine different prints and colors of fabrics.

What are your favorite items to make?

Currently my favorite items to make are my new childrens line of clothing and also the panel quilts with minky trim.

What brought you to Etsy?

I started doing Etsy when another Etsy shop owner saw me at a craft show told me about Etsy and suggested I give it a try. I had purchased items via Etsy but never sold anything. At first it was very slow, but as time grew so have my clientele and my sales.
All Sewn Up and More Baby Items

Photo :  AllSewnUpAndMore  Notice how Mary’s great color and fabric combinations are fab, right down tot her own labels!

What else would you want people to know?

The main thing I would like people to know is that I take great pride and care in my craft. I only use high quality fabrics and supplies to make my products. I want anyone who purchases from me to love their purchase and be completely satisfied.  Oh, and I LOVE TO SEW! It is truly my creative outlet of using fabric and my imagination to create unique and useful items for years to come.

And it shows, thanks so much Mary!

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