Printable Love Art Wall Art Instant Download Decorate

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Downloadable Wall Art by PRINTABLELOVEArt

Downloadable Wall Art by @PRINTABLELOVEArt on Etsy.

Printable Wall Art : Instant Decor 

Want a designer look to your wall for a fraction of the price? Then look no further, we have found downloadable wall art that you can buy, print and frame from Etsy shop PRINTABLELOVEArt . All creations are hand made by Ilanit Shamia. She’s a Tel Aviv based artist who loves prints and paper product.  Above: A collection for the wall only $13.91 for the printable set. Below, a lovely black leaf print print alone runs only $5.01. Once you pay the work is instantly downloaded to your console, for easy printing thanks to the Etsy interface.

Printable Wall Art from Etsy Shop

This great leaf print is only $5.01 and would look great in any room!

Her work is whimsical and some has a simplistic minimalist Mid Century Modern flair.  She started her career by studying Art at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design . Serving three years as a journalist at the Haaretz newspaper, she came up with her own style column.  Her art has been featured in shows including the Amos Schoken art collection.  You can clearly see her  love for drawing and painting in these works.  The inspiration stems from early experiences with her mother sketching still-life compositions together.

Mid Century Modern Wall Art

Mid Century Modern Combination only $8.90

Our favorite designs are the ones that are modernistic, and would look great in a retro home.   The ones above are modern enough for today’s decor, but reminiscent of the 1950’s or 1960’s.    Ilanit finds Etsy’s download system works well for her designs. What a wonderful idea to think she may be enjoying her coffee in Tel Aviv while working on her laptop, creating new designs for anyone anywhere in the world!  New creations are added often,  and prices are so affordable.  The shop has many good reviews and customers are happy with her work!

Mod Flowers Printable Wall Art on etsy

This mod looking flower art is available for instant download from PrintableArtLove on Etsy!

We know this shop will do well, and it’s one of Etsy’s best kept secrets.  See more great offerings and read more about Ilanit Shamia and  her creative processes here:


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Stella Divina Coasters Beer Citrus Labels Decor

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Stella Divina Beer Coaster

Stella Divina Ale Coaster $14.99

Bottoms Up….

Here’s something cute, functional and a gift idea. Etsy shop “Stella Divina” (find her under AStellaDivina) uses discarded kitchen and bathroom tiles and an artistic process to transform them into usable coasters.  Above:   Reycled Tile Coaster Dia De Los Muertos – Immortal Beloved  Most depict labels of beer on them, but labels vary and some have old citrus or produce labels.


Stella Divinia Beer Coaster


$14.99 makes these a great price range

 These are real labels, and users are even encouraged on her website to drink beer , remove the labels and send them in.  Twenty Five labels gets you a free coaster. You can read more about that on her website   

Stella Divina Art Coaster

Veggie Label Makes for Adorable Coaster $14.99

 The labels and artistic process make them look design worthy.  As some labels are vintage, and some are upcycled from beer bottles–it shouldn’t be hard to find something unique for the special person on your gift list.   Prices range around $14.99 which make them effective little gifts for someone you love.  The best part?  They are heat resistant up to 200 degrees making them great for a hot cup of cocoa sitting on top.  Also waterproof so when you sit your beer on ’em they don’t get all messed up.  Gotta love ’em. The price is right and they are  handmade in the United States of America and no two are alike. This is a great eco way to keep tiles out of the landfill and encourage pieces of history embedded into your decor 🙂

Check out AStellaDivina on Etsy 

Or the website




Shower Hooks with Attitude Bathroom Decor

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Octopus Shower Curtain from Etsy

Octopus Shower Curtain from Etsy Shop InkandRags $69

Shower Power Bathroom Sparkle!

Decorating a  bathroom can be exciting and adventurous.  Often making a huge impact statement with tiny adornments can give you a clean design bathroom and living space.  Above, enjoy a unusual shower curtain that will have people swimming in awe.

Hooks with Attitude

Shower Hooks Polymer Clay

Shiny Hooks are super strong and tarnish proof metal.

Mandala Shower Hooks

Mandala Shower Hooks! Find them here Hooks With Attitude

Katya has recently opened an Etsy store for shower curtain hooks. They are 100% handmade and she is n artisan in Toronto, Canada. Made of polymer clay and non tarnish aluminum wire.  Prices average $42-$45 USD.  Since she enjoys metallic colors , many of her designs are made in silver or gold. The shop is appropriately titled,  HooksWithAttitude.

Purple Shower Hooks

Stunning Shower Hooks in Purple but many colors are available!

Go Crazy with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint will add some color and depth to your focal points in your bathroom.  Artist Ira Mency used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint to distress an old cabinet, changing out the knobs.

See complete bathroom chalk paint makeover here. 

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Made in USA

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PillsNMoreThings on Etsy

This Slipcover fits a 16×16 pillow, only $20 here  on Etsy

Pillows, Pillows and More Pillows…… This great Etsy shop called Pillowsnmorethings features decorative throw pillow covers featuring African fabric, as well as children and teen decor items. All items are Made in USA by Fatou, shop owner from Bellevue, Washington.

For Fatou, it’s a family affair.  Her teenage daughter, Alyssia is her Etsy photographer!

Polka Dot Pillow

Only $15 for this slipcover!

Learning to sew at age 11, Fatou  had many adventures in sewing for friends and family members. This included designing children’s clothes or making gifts.

Having grown up in West Africa, surrounded by colors and textures gave her the inspiration for her wonderful pillow covers. Authentic West African fabrics are used on some of the pillows.  These are vibrant and rich fabrics that will make your room burst with color.

These would look absolutely wonderful making a dull sofa “pop” and spice up any lonely chair!  Use on a kid’s bed or chaise lounge!

Fatou says she loves all things colorful and textured.  She explains, “It’s so much fun to turn a beautiful textured and/or colorful fabric into a live home décor piece that will make someone happy. ”

Some of our favorite selections are highlighted in this post. You can go to her Etsy shop and find them all at PillowsNMoreThings.

Colorful Pillow Covers on Etsy

This pillow cover is $25 buy it here , and our favorite, with a mid century modern flair .


Kids Room Decor Wall Stickers

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Kids Wall Sticker Growth Chart

Green Tree Animals Growth Chart $46.50

Transform any baby room or kids’ room for under $50 with these great wall stickers.  Order them online from anywhere in the world, you can pay in Euros, Pounds or US Dollars. Simply peel and stick them onto your  wall to give a whole different look. Cheaper than paint, brushes and labor, you can do them yourself.

wall sticker growth chart


They are easy and removable when you are tired of the look and need something new!  Switch them often for great decorating tips.   Find them here at  Enjoy some of our favorite designs below! All orders ship within 48 hours.

Cartoon Decals

 Cartoon Decals with Animals  on Sale for  $38.40 at the time of this post 

Cartoon Giraffe Growth Chart

Giraffe Growth Chart $36.40