Pic: Ungar Impex on Etsy , Natural Fluorite Today’s find, purple fluorite. More jewelry designers are using natural rocks and semi-precious gemstones in their work.  People are getting too accustomed to perfection and items that look identical to the next.  Jewelry designers are stating that customers want something bizarre andRead More →

Hello, what’s this design worthy item? Today we find this:  eLMNOP a swaying hammer lamp , from Etsy.  (Yes, that’s right, like the letters in the alphabet).  At first glance we thought this was something mid century modern crossed with industrial. Could this be perhaps from IKEA? Instead of swingingRead More →

Youngstown Kitchens (the retro style comprised of steel cabinetry)  was huge in the 40’s and 50’s. Enter 1952, during the peak of the Mullins Manufacturing Company’s sales, door to door salesman and would-be-kitchen designers were taking their suitcase of goodies to every housewife. Unknowing husbands would find themselves arriving homeRead More →