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Downloadable Wall Art by PRINTABLELOVEArt

Downloadable Wall Art by @PRINTABLELOVEArt on Etsy.

Printable Wall Art : Instant Decor 

Want a designer look to your wall for a fraction of the price? Then look no further, we have found downloadable wall art that you can buy, print and frame from Etsy shop PRINTABLELOVEArt . All creations are hand made by Ilanit Shamia. She’s a Tel Aviv based artist who loves prints and paper product.  Above: A collection for the wall only $13.91 for the printable set. Below, a lovely black leaf print print alone runs only $5.01. Once you pay the work is instantly downloaded to your console, for easy printing thanks to the Etsy interface.

Printable Wall Art from Etsy Shop

This great leaf print is only $5.01 and would look great in any room!

Her work is whimsical and some has a simplistic minimalist Mid Century Modern flair.  She started her career by studying Art at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design . Serving three years as a journalist at the Haaretz newspaper, she came up with her own style column.  Her art has been featured in shows including the Amos Schoken art collection.  You can clearly see her  love for drawing and painting in these works.  The inspiration stems from early experiences with her mother sketching still-life compositions together.

Mid Century Modern Wall Art

Mid Century Modern Combination only $8.90

Our favorite designs are the ones that are modernistic, and would look great in a retro home.   The ones above are modern enough for today’s decor, but reminiscent of the 1950’s or 1960’s.    Ilanit finds Etsy’s download system works well for her designs. What a wonderful idea to think she may be enjoying her coffee in Tel Aviv while working on her laptop, creating new designs for anyone anywhere in the world!  New creations are added often,  and prices are so affordable.  The shop has many good reviews and customers are happy with her work!

Mod Flowers Printable Wall Art on etsy

This mod looking flower art is available for instant download from PrintableArtLove on Etsy!

We know this shop will do well, and it’s one of Etsy’s best kept secrets.  See more great offerings and read more about Ilanit Shamia and  her creative processes here:


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Kate Spade Designer iPhone 6 Cases Tech

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kate spade iphone cases

Left: web exclusive is $40 , Right: $45 w Bling Crystals on

When we think of Kate Spade New York,  we often think of le Pavilion polka dots and chic designer handbags. After all, Kate started selling her handbags first in 1993 prior to any actual storefront (which came three years later).  It’s no secret over the years (Kate & Andy) have designed plenty of clothing and fashion jewelry, even later adding a home section (our favorite is the le Pavillion signature dot insulated cups).  Yet little thought is given to the tiny tech savvy designs of the iPhone cases, namely found in the tech department of the website.  iPhone cases for the 6 and 6 Plus are featured, and are made of resin and are imported.  They are also super cute, especially the signature dots.

iPhone Case by Kate Spade

Le Pavillion iPhone 6 Plus $45 at

Kate Spade (nee Brosnahan)  has always been known for cool chic purses and organizers.  We’re glad to see Kate Spade is into the tech craze, even if it’s only a small part of the flagship website.  More styles are sold at major department stores like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor of course.  Did we mention they have cases for your iPad too?

Kate Spade iPad Case

Kate Spade iPad Case : Eat Cake for Breakfast $85

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Romance Your Interior with Silk Floral Arrangements

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Fake Floral Arrangement at Fine Orchid Creations

Romance Your Interior!  This Lavender Rose & Hydrangea in Vase ready to go for $110

Are you longing for the appearance of romance in your home or cottage? We’ve got the answers for you.  Fresh flowers seem to be seasonal anymore, based on weather patterns and insects, and often leave us frustrated when trying to make a focal point in our room. Now you can rest assured with faux floral arrangements that look just like the real deal! What’s better, no water or special care required at Fine Orchid Creations on Etsy!

English Rose Faux Arrangement

We love this, English Rose in Water, on sale for $75, see it here

Each assortment is lovingly crafted using silk flowers (that’s right, they are fake) and special resins to create the appearance of “water” in the bottom of a vase.  They create a great shabby chic looking setting for your home, or cottage. They are also great photo props, if you have an online store, you can use them in your background.   If you don’t like the “water look” then you can opt for something just in a vase….might we suggest this one below?

Fake Floral Arrangement with Vase at Fine Orchid Creations

Stunning for any interior, owl and English Roses $55

Find out more here, on Etsy at Fine Orchid Creations.  The shop is run by Yvonne, from Kendall, Florida.  She says, ” love helping people decorate and add beauty to their homes. My passion became my hobby, which then quickly became my career. I am so blessed to have my own business and to be able to share my creations with the world.”

Find out more:




Swaggy Hair Clip Organizers from Two Sparrows Studio

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two sparrows studios

Two Sparrows Studio on Etsy, $25 for this cute hair clip holder!

Look what we found, this fashionista must have is this super swaggy hair clip organizer, handmade by Two Sparrows Studio on Etsy. Several makes and models are available for around $25 each.  Not only are they lovely for organizing your accessories, but they stand up picture frame style holding your bows and hair clips.  We simply love the designs and you will too.  What a great gift idea!

hair bow holder

Two Sparrows Studio on Etsy offers these in many colors and designs. 

Two Sparrows Studio is on Etsy and offers other adornments as well such as hair clips, bows and accessories.  The shop is run by Nora, from Roswell, Georgia who loves creating with lace, ribbon and paper.  You can stop by her shop here, or like her Facebook.

two sparrows studio on etsy


Nature’s Stunning Design in Fluorite Jewelry Designers DIY Treasure

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fluorite design from UngarImpex on Etsy Pic: Ungar Impex on Etsy , Natural Fluorite

Today’s find, purple fluorite. More jewelry designers are using natural rocks and semi-precious gemstones in their work.  People are getting too accustomed to perfection and items that look identical to the next.  Jewelry designers are stating that customers want something bizarre and unique. Nature’s own doing makes this fluorite stone in tri-color stunning. One could not ask for a better stone to fashion a pendant.  Only $12 in Ungar Impex on Etsy.

Design Swag Features etsy Shop Ungar Impex

Different shapes and sizes give designers choices, Pic:  Ungar Impex

Ungar Impex says, “We primarily serve the high-end jeweler by providing hand selected supplies with a keen eye for the unique, the interesting, and the exceptional value.
Shipping is always free & returns are simple & guaranteed. If you don’t like it, can’t use it, or simply change your mind – return it for a refund. Absolutely no problem.”  If you are an international customer, they often run free shipping specials.


  • Wire wrap these fluorite stones into a pendant.
  • Wire wrap them into a cuff bracelet.
  • Cord wrap them with knots for a unique suncatcher for your car.
  • Use them as paperweights around the home.

Fluorite is a coloful mineral, comprised of calcium and may be seen in many colors from yellow to green.  Find out more at UngarImpex.