Crochet Bikini Dress CrochetBaeUSA

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Crochet Bikini Dress

Crochet Bae USA on Etsy, this dress $200 here .

Bikini Dresses Crocheted with Love……..

Winter is hitting the East Coast with a surge in winter temps.  Vacations to warmer places, or life in Florida or California may sound fine.  Imagine laying out by the pool in this crochet bikini dress. That’s right, I said crocheted.   Crochet isn’t just for scarves, toys or blanket anymore, but for stylish beachwear. These deisgns are crafted with love by Crochet Bae USA in San Diego, California.

Crochet Beach Wear Cover Purple and White from CrochetBaeUSA, Etsy.

Crochet Purple Dress from CrochetBaeUSA

Most dresses will “stretch” to accommodate but different sizes are available.  What lovely gifts for the special gal on your list.  What I seem to like the most, is the fact they are making crochet hip and trendy again.

great knit bikini dress Crochet Bae on Etsy

Grey and White Crocheted Swimwear Dress 

 Find this and more at CrochetBaeUSA.

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Scarf up Vintage Scarves

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Mens Tuxedo Scarf on Etsy

$6 gets you this men’s tuxedo scarf, a great accent for the modern man or diva!  Circa 1960.

What would the fashion police say? Perhaps, to Scarf up on Vintage Scarves!  This collection circa 1960’s to 1970’s we just adore.  Scarves make a great statement wrapped around your neck, hair, arm, or attached as a focal point into a pocket!

Paoli Scarf

Paoli Scarf on Sale $6 circa 1970.

We found these all on Etsy at shop 2goodponiesvintage . This shop is based out of Johnson City, Tennessee and run by Karyn and Jay . It features all kinds of eclectic items from books to vintage kitchen items and today we just adore all the old scarves!  Most of these are on sale for only $6 at the time of this post, and could be used as adorable accents to your fashion wardrobe!

Oleg Cassini Scarf

Oleg Cassini Scarf, this one $12 Rainbow 🙂 

Get them all before their gone at 2goodponiesvintage

Red White and Blue Vintage Finds Decor

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Red White Blue Glass

Red, White and Blue Glass from BetsyVintageHome, $5

Red White blue Print by Whisker Prints

Whisker Prints of Etsy makes Prints on Old Books, what a great statement $8.99 here

Red, White and Blue 

For the 4th we’ve highlighted some of the best Red, White and Blue items we could find in vintage fashion and style!  Bing, bang, boom, celebrate the holidays having fun with the family but when you get home snatch up some of these great items to redo your decor!

Red Chairs 3HeartsStyleStudio

Repurposed Hand Painted Burlap Chairs 3HeartsStyleStudio  $375 Made in Colorado

Nothing like adding a little vintage to your life. Not only is vintage decorating a great way to repurpose the old but you are doing your part in recycling and being more eco friendly.

Betsy Vintage Home has this great tumbler for $5


Red is vibrant and bold, be a little gutsy and set off your room with a boom!  We love these hand painted chairs and red furniture adornments. Add some style with simplistic adornments or pottery that says a lot!  BetsyVintageHome out of Los Angeles California has a lot of vintage pottery and cool finds.

Trixie Belden Book BetsyVintageHome

Trixie Belden Book, 1960’s makes for cute focal display. Find it here at Betsy Vintage Home.

Rooster Napkin Set BetsyVintageHome

Rooster Napkin Set BetsyVintageHome on Etsy $45


White is simplistic and artful.  Find old milk glass and use it for picnics, or set an artful sculpture around your home.  Elegant design stands alone in these artful discoveries.

Porcelain Glove Molds on Etsy

RetroChalet has glove molds $32

Shabby Curio at HuckleberryVntg

White Shabby Jewelry Box Curio at HuckleberryVntg on Etsy , $145


Deviled Egg Platter on Etsy

Betsy Vintage Home Milk Glass Deviled Egg Tray Great for Picnics $10

Bacon Square Farm on Etsy

Bacon Square Farm old box w real iron forged handles $95 here


Blue skies and oceans of vacation. After the fireworks use these finds to create a calm statement in your home.

Vintage 50s Dress on Etsy

Dance around in this $89 vintage aqua blue 50’s dress from DethRoseVintage

Whisker Prints

Whisker Prints on Etsy has this whimsical print for $8.99

Books make for interesting decor, not just stacking them but displaying them. Whisker Prints on Etsy makes it real by using old book pages, upcycling them into frameable art prints. The prints are all one of a kind, handmade and so cool since you never get teh same page twice!

Blue Books on Etsy

Blue Books on Etsy $57 at The Whole Book 

Shawnee Pottery Vase  on Etsy

Shawnee Pottery Vase on Etsy $16 here at Betsy Vintage Home on Etsy 

upcycled furniture on Etsy

Reloved by Danielle on Etsy, upcycled repurposed cabinet now in blue $275

Cobalt Milk Bottle on Etsy

Cobalt Milk Bottle here on Etsy $15 at BetsyVintageHome

Wedding Dresses for 2015

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Mermaid v-neck on sale now for 2015, only $425.43 in USD custom made for you. Is that crazy? 

Spring has Spring at Least in Wedding Dresses 2015

It’s that time of year when fashion trends walk the catwalk showing off the best wedding styles to expect for 2015.  Many of us can’t even think that far in advance, unless you are a doting bride-to-be or groom-to be.  If so, you already planning your wedding to happen next Spring or Summer and excited as anything!   As of late, soon to be newlyweds are booking places to have their receptions and weddings, lgining up caterers, and selecting everything from the invitation to the trying on of dresses. The last thing brides seem to settle on is the dress. So many choices and so important. 

Wedding Dress 2015

 Couture Fashions at a Fraction of the Price

What’s Trending

Many sites like Milly Bridal are being hit hard with requests from US customers. Although the site is in the UK, they offer worldwide shipping. They are one of the leading fashion bridal sites, even having to put a special button on the top of the page with six available currencies. Why is this?  One wedding planner, Liz Heinreicher has an opinion on the matter. “I think that London and Paris have better fashions available more quickly than the US.  Sites like MB are jumping on the bandwagon and custom tailoring orders.  We attribute this to them having first hand glances at what big fashion houses are making. They are pre-selling when the US is still waiting on the dresses to come in.”

Wedding Dresses 2015

 This price is so low we can’t believe it, $251 for this dress.

The Perfect Fit?

So the issue is how can one try on a dress via mail or fell secure ordering it?    Heinreicher says, ” Case in point, Milly Bridal offer FREE shipping worldwide, and does custom work with high quality fabrics, sequins, beads, and thread. This custom work is couture to your needs, meaning you are getting the equivalent of a “designer fashion house” dress at a fraction of the price.  The fact you communicate on every little measurement ensure there is no room for their dressmakers making you a dress that’s not fitting you perfectly. In the rare example you aren’t happy, there’s a return policy with restock fee. Even if a bride-to-be goes through two or three tries, she’s still spending a quarter of what you would spend for a custom made dress from a large fashion house, or a popular dress at a big box retailer.  The reality is, it’s worth the gamble in more ways than one and the big retail stores are getting hit hard by this.”

Wedding Dress 2015

How can this dress be only $245?

We are amazed at some of the low prices. The question we had is how can a site like Milly Bridal afford to offer such great bargains at these type prices?   It’s simple law of addition. Lower prices, more selection attracts more shoppers. More shoppers at lower prices will reach higher sales volume and overall, more profit. They may have to work harder, but please one bride who tells her friend, and her mother, and her bridesmaids (they have dresses for all of the wedding party) and soon they have the whole wedding cake.  Good for them.

What do you think ? 

Let us know!




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Grilling For Dummies

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Grilling For Dummies

We always thought grilling takes some form of fashion, from red hot heels to bright red grill, now you can be in style with your fashionista chic little cow cutting board. This board is inspired by news of a recent “Grilling Museum and Factory Tour” being given to barbecue gurus by Big Fat Daddy’s Pitmaster Wayne Schafer. Now you can send your loved one to a tour of the Pitmaster’s Playground, and obtain a small mini educational tour on the history of meats, meat packing, dry rubs and more. Not bad for something to do, huh.  When of course, you’re not shopping.

You can read more on the tours on Etsy shop, Big Fat Daddy’s, or click here:

Grilling Museum